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Do controllers feel they are understaffed at small, middle, or major airports? If so, how badly understaffed at each level?

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If a space station had an inner and outer rotating ring providing the equivalent of gravity, what g force would you want each to provide, and how much time would you want to spend in them vs the zero-g part of the station?

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Now that Korea's infection rate has leveled off, how many days or weeks until most of the existing infections are resolved?

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I read some ventilators are "expired" because they're too old, or parts of them are too old. What parts expire, and what's actually likely to happen if they're used anyway?

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So from the first day someone shows symptoms, it likely takes about 7-14 days to become asymptomatic, plus two weeks, plus 9-21 days for the three tests to come back negative? For a total of four to seven weeks?