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Now that you're the age of your parents from the movie (give or take), what are your thoughts on a sequel?

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Are "Arms" specifically defined or can I buy a nuke? Before I get hit on some sort of semantics, the point I want to make is that we are already restricted to a degree in that there exists Arms which are infringed. Why is the status quo correct as opposed to, say, outlawing automatic weapons high capacity magazines (not my opinion, I just want this cleared in my head)?

Edit: Thanks u/tuxubuntu and u/mischevious_badger_ for pointing out that automatics are already essentially outlawed. Replacing with high-capacity magazines just to keep to my point about whether or not we should move the bar at all. Anyone else reading this should check out tuxubuntu's response. I wish standard news sources were that informative (on either side of the isle).

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I don't know the Tosh line, but seriously - do you shout the curse words you typically use? Like would Ned Flanders shout "darn willikers" or something? Can you get hypnotized into thinking "fluffy kittens" is a curse word? I understand none of this is really the issue. It's the tic not the word. But still curious.

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That makes sense back when the army was made up of local militias and were armed with not much more than citizens. Nowadays, if the gov't decided to fuck it's people, could anyone seriously defend at all? I'm thinking of those guys in Oregon who took over a gov't building and fortified with guns. The feds worked hard to keep them alive - if they were actually viewed as enemies, a drone would have taken them out from miles away. My point here is that an ordinary citizen, even armed to the teeth with automatic grenade launching flame throwers, will not face a soldier's assault rifle. They will face a drone. The only real way to fight gov't oppression is through the other amendment: freedom of press.

agh, that turned into a rant. Sorry. Just want to let you know I appreciate your response.

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This is fantastic, thanks!