Hi, this is Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and you probably recognize me from my stand-up specials or feature film credits including Pixar’s Coco and Magic Mike. I currently star in the hit sitcom Mr. Iglesias and Part 3 just released on Netflix world-wide December 8th. I play a good-natured public high school teacher who works at his alma mater. He takes on teaching gifted but misfit kids to not only save them from being “counseled out” by a bully bureaucrat Assistant Principal, but also to help them unlock their full potential. Mr. Iglesias Part 1, 2 & 3 are currently streaming and I can’t wait for you guys to see Part 3 so Ask Me Anything!

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Roaming_Data2971 karma

I went to your show at the Scope in Norfolk back in 2016 and you went like an hour over your time telling old stories and doing loony toons impressions. My question is do you do that a lot? Go over your time when you’re feeling an audience or having a good time?

(If you don’t remember it was the show where the guy made you the crab soup his dad only makes once a year.)

GabrielIglesias13186 karma

I do it all the time depending on the feelings in the room.

1320Fastback2354 karma

How many VWs do you own now?

What other vehicles do you own other than classic VWs?

What is your daily driver?

GabrielIglesias13427 karma

I own over 30 VW buses. I have a Demon, Hellcat and a Trackhawk along with some other fun rides too. My daily driver is whatever the flavor of the week is :p

Beeronastring2255 karma

Any advice for an aspiring comedian?

GabrielIglesias17987 karma

Pick a different year

JarvisCockerBB1897 karma

Is it true that you turned down the stripper roles in Magic Mike because you didn't want the rest of the cast to feel inadequate?

GabrielIglesias14708 karma

The movie was called Magic Mike not Tragic Mike

Lavanthus1839 karma

When did you realize comedy was your calling, and how early did you start? Were you nervous?

Also thank you for doing the ama. My family Loved getting together and watching your specials.

GabrielIglesias12346 karma

I was hooked at 10 years old. I was nervous but I realized early on that I could do voices and did that for my elementary school talent show. Thank you watching my specials :)

Smail_Mail1721 karma

If you retired today and had to pick another occupation, what would you choose?

GabrielIglesias13036 karma

I would be a Teacher.

frood_not_food1446 karma

Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?

GabrielIglesias11884 karma


GabrielIglesias11433 karma

Thank you everyone for sending in these questions. I had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy Mr. Iglesias Part 3. Lunch Time!

surething2871300 karma

Which stand up special of yours are you most proud of?

GabrielIglesias11651 karma

The Fluffy Movie

Rivai_Heicho1206 karma

HOLY SHIT. Gabriel Iglesias??? I don't have anything to ask, just wanna say big fan

GabrielIglesias1984 karma

Thank you very much for being a big fan!

Fatguy175921 karma

Do you like horror movies?

GabrielIglesias11193 karma

Yes!!! My favorites are Friday the 13th series and IT.

umkaramazov880 karma

Is it true that comedians stereotypically are really sensitive people that laugh to avoid crying? Do you agree with this assessment on comedy?

GabrielIglesias1956 karma

Pretty accurate

bighomiesatan834 karma

Tacos or Burritos?

GabrielIglesias11218 karma


fluffyfanatic830 karma

What do you find the most difficult about your celebrity status? What has been the weirdest fan interaction you’ve ever have had?

GabrielIglesias11605 karma

Being able to do normal day to day activities in public without being noticed. The weirdest one was when a fan followed me across 4 states.

turtleninjaa812 karma

On a scale 1 to grapefruit how plump is your butt?

GabrielIglesias11535 karma


eljefefallen742 karma

Who is your favorite comedian of all time???

GabrielIglesias11073 karma

Eddie Murphy

weebandkoreaboo731 karma

How’s Frankie doing?

GabrielIglesias1899 karma

He's doing very well. Thanks for asking.

GabrielIglesias1728 karma

Hey Guys, I'm on live!

Ask any questions you like as I'll be here for a little while.

huskypuppy1903712 karma

What was the toughest moment of your career?

GabrielIglesias11382 karma

This year, the year of the pandemic.

wxmxanon696 karma

What was the strangest insult/strangest thing you've ever been told? I'm a big fan!! Hello from Brazil!

GabrielIglesias11305 karma

Someone told me I looked like I was about to die and then followed it up with "When is your next comedy special?"

Transmetropolite693 karma

Hey Fluffy

Love what you've been doing with the first we feast guys. Besides the obvious pain of some of the shows, which has been the most fun so far?

GabrielIglesias1651 karma

The Burger Show!

RoboDuck90647 karma

Are you into video games? If so, what are your favorite ones to play?

GabrielIglesias1793 karma

Mortal Combat 11

MonaBlane638 karma

Who would you back in a fight, The Rock the size of Kevin Hart or Kevin Hart the size of The Rock?

GabrielIglesias1945 karma

I would still go with The Rock.

Fletcherdl599 karma

Where is the best Mexican Food you’ve ever had?

GabrielIglesias11705 karma


NSFWdw589 karma

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

GabrielIglesias1906 karma

Yes it is! Yippie Ki Yay

Fun-ghoul435 karma

Hey hope you all are doing well! I'm a Bakersfield native and just wanted to say it's awesome that one of the things we're best known for is hosting your first special!

Where's your favorite city in the US (or the world I guess) for food?

GabrielIglesias1804 karma

San Antonio, Texas...Garcia's Mexican Restaurant

ExactInflation6405 karma

What was it like on the set of Magic Mike? What’s Channing Tatum like?

GabrielIglesias1669 karma

Everybody was naked. Channing is an awesome human being.

Edwardistheman385 karma

What is it like to work with Sherri Sheppard?

GabrielIglesias1483 karma

I've known Sherri for over 20 years. We are homies on the set.

mars7n11358 karma

Are you allowed to have shows on other streaming platforms or does Netflix not like that?

GabrielIglesias1656 karma

Shows yes...but when it comes to stand-up specials I'm exclusive to Netflix.

President_A_Banana336 karma

Who is the most underrated comedian you grew up admiring that doesn't get their due today?

GabrielIglesias1733 karma

For the longest time it was Bill Burr but that is no longer the case.

SeriouslyNotADude304 karma

Are you planning on doing more stand up comedy? Who are some up-and-coming comedians we should check out?

GabrielIglesias1575 karma

I will return to standup when things are back to normal.

Andrew Schulz! Go check out his new special on Netflix.

capness1228289 karma

Who are you going to play in the MCU?

GabrielIglesias1580 karma


dazedan_confused281 karma

What's your advice for making a good joke?

GabrielIglesias1637 karma

Make sure you are not going to get in trouble for doing it.

Freakeh420233 karma

How old were you when you were working on All That? any pleasant or weird memories from your time at All That?

GabrielIglesias1449 karma

I was 20 years old and I signed paperwork stating I couldn't discuss my weird moment.

cocoabiscuits230 karma


GabrielIglesias1242 karma

Over 30 and yes.

Puginalug215 karma

When did you know that you made it in comedy?

GabrielIglesias1490 karma

April 17th, 2015 - Madison Square Garden.

_Killua_Zoldyck_195 karma

Are you sure you weren’t born to be a sicario like in the episode of Narcos that I saw last night?

GabrielIglesias1384 karma

I only kill tacos :P

President_A_Banana192 karma

Is zoom any kind of a replacement for doing live shows? Any advice for comics adapting their acts for an online show?

GabrielIglesias1312 karma

No, not for me but if other comics can pull it off more power to them.

Puzzlehead08160 karma

What's the most important part , when you are telling a joke?

GabrielIglesias1291 karma

Making sure it gets a laugh.

Earshot5098150 karma

What's your favorite venue and why?

GabrielIglesias1255 karma

Staples Center because it is home.

paincorp134 karma

Portillo’s amirite?

GabrielIglesias1155 karma

You right, you right!

mangolimon3132 karma

Do you use your fingers to flip tortillas on the comal?

GabrielIglesias1142 karma

I try

SuckFaze131 karma

Why was Lorenzo not in the last two episodes of Part 3 of Me.Iglesias?

GabrielIglesias1185 karma

He had prior commitments but he is still very much a part of the cast :)

justscottaustin130 karma

Who are your favorite currently-working-standup comedians?

GabrielIglesias1260 karma

Tom Segura, Andrew Shulz and Jim Jeffries

alpacapachakuti129 karma

What are your top five favorite movies?

GabrielIglesias1298 karma

Back to The Future, Coming to America, Rocky, Die Hard and Terminator 2

ThatIowanGuy128 karma

Hey man, I have a second date with this awesome chick on Saturday. I plan on cooking lasagna (pasta and sauce from scratch because I’m cool like that) what else can I do to woo this honey?

GabrielIglesias1369 karma

Don't burn the lasagna

Historical_Rewrite126 karma

How pissed were you for being disqualified from Last Comic Standing for just trying to talk to family?

And what was the reason for the show now allowing you to have a blackberry?

GabrielIglesias1190 karma

At the time I was very disappointed, but it turned out to be for the better.

They didn't want us to have cellphones as they thought we would get jokes from the outside to use on the show.

Tarnix1992120 karma

Hey Gabe! Que Pasa? How many of your lines were improv and how many were scripted?

GabrielIglesias1139 karma

Too many to count.

President_A_Banana108 karma

What makes a comic a Comic's Comic? Who epitomizes that title for you?

GabrielIglesias1170 karma

Some who plays to the back of the room.

IVAN2CRY105 karma

What's your dream build on a dodge challenger base?

GabrielIglesias1122 karma


tvanderson103 karma

How much of your own stand up goes into the show Mr. inglesias?

GabrielIglesias1168 karma

We have writers on the show who provide half of the magic and I provide the other half.

ShrekTwinkie99 karma

Have you ever been booed of stage? And if so how did you take that?

GabrielIglesias1373 karma

I got booed in Cleveland, Ohio. Not well, now I know why Lebron left.

Fluffyfanatic_93 karma

Hey Fluffy!!!

I hope you’re well and that your Thanksgiving was good!

Mr. Iglesias is incredible! Go watch it if you haven’t!

I have two questions:

1) What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received? 😄

2) what are the odds I will get a signed fluffy funko for Christmas? 😛

Happy holidays to you and your family. I hope to see you back out on the road in 2021 😄

GabrielIglesias1243 karma

The best advice I received was to keep it clean so I could perform to a broader audience.

Capital_Stock724088 karma

Is going to be a part 4? I’m a huge fan!

GabrielIglesias1109 karma

Hopefully but it's all up to the fans. Go watch!

Phinfanthatcriesalot79 karma

Is your role modeled after any of your own teachers that had a profound impact on your education?

GabrielIglesias1171 karma

June Garner she was my High School speech teacher.

ReverendDexter75 karma

How does an established comic work new material? Do you still pop in to open mics? Do you just workshop stuff with friends or a team? Some... third option?

GabrielIglesias1137 karma

I've never written anything down and I haven't touched a stage since March.

Maranga_Caricoca75 karma

What was your dream when you were a child?

GabrielIglesias1226 karma

To be a Transformer.

Mistahkg74 karma

Aside from Mr Iglesias, what are some of your other Netflix favorites?

GabrielIglesias1147 karma

Big Mouth, Alien Worlds, and the new Selena series

Codiac7173 karma

Do you still have your bus driver Dave?

GabrielIglesias1129 karma

Yeah and he is currently polishing my other cars right now.

IoSonCalaf69 karma

What’s your favorite sandwich?

GabrielIglesias1116 karma

Peanut butter and jelly

pickle_whop66 karma

What's your least favorite color?

GabrielIglesias186 karma


rwinger362 karma

What has been your biggest struggle?

GabrielIglesias1130 karma

My weight.

Dank_Magician_Girl47 karma

What is your favorite part of Mr.Iglesias?

GabrielIglesias172 karma

The cast and all the people who work on it

President_A_Banana39 karma

How many comedians will leave the business this year? Must be impossible, especially those that have day jobs in the service industry or working at clubs.

GabrielIglesias1129 karma


MidnightMoxxi39 karma

If you could tour with anyone else, band, other comedian, whatever, who would you really want to?

GabrielIglesias178 karma

Willie Nelson

User_Name0839 karma

Oh my god hi.

My question is where is your favorite city to preform in?

GabrielIglesias179 karma

San Antonio


How are you doing man?

GabrielIglesias192 karma

Just waiting for lunch bro

YerAWizrd32 karma

What's the perfect drunk food?

GabrielIglesias1102 karma

Jack in the Box and it is also the perfect sober food.

1Desmadre329 karma

Where is you favorite place to eat in the LBC?

e: Also, have you tried the Oso burrito from Montoyas in Wilmington?

GabrielIglesias149 karma

Parker's Lighthouse and thank for the recommendation.

DoNotChris27 karma

Are you where you want to be in your career, or do you have further goals?

GabrielIglesias181 karma

I am where I want to be and anything else is just icing on the cake.

el_muerte1726 karma

Do you ever feel conflicted between maintaining your identity as "Fluffy" and the body type that goes with it, and the mountains of evidence for just how unhealthy obesity is?

DC101065 karma

Fluffy might have a different answer, but I’m a fat guy who has lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the years for both superficial and health reasons, and I can say that the fat guy mentality never leaves you.

GabrielIglesias166 karma

What he said.

dimitrisqwerty23 karma

Have you ever visited Greece? Would you ever consider doing a show there ?

GabrielIglesias132 karma

I was scheduled to perform in Greece before the pandemic.

rancid145622 karma

What is your favorite restaurant of all time?

GabrielIglesias143 karma

Salt Bae in NYC

matrixzone517 karma

Regular pie or Sicilian?

GabrielIglesias158 karma

Chicago style

DoobyScrew15 karma

If you told your bus driver Trump lost would he kick you off the bus?

GabrielIglesias154 karma

I own the bus.

exwasstalking14 karma

I saw you on the burger show. Which one of those burgers was your favorite?

GabrielIglesias124 karma

The last one with the rib in it!

Dylancoolasbeans13 karma

When did you know that you wanted to pursue stand up? Also, favorite cities to perform at? Love from San Antonio!

GabrielIglesias120 karma

I was hooked at 10 years old while Eddie Murphy "Raw". I love all the cities but my favorite is San Antonio.

LittleOni11 karma

If you could interview any professional wrestler, alive or dead, who would it be and what you ask them?

Personally, I think I’d go with Junkyard Dog. I had his big ass, oversized rubber wrestler toy that weighed a million pounds and could kill Superman, with the plastic chain and I LOVED it. And I had the chance to see him at the last ECW Wrestlepalooza in Atlanta, before he passed. He was just one of the coolest wrestlers to me.

GabrielIglesias127 karma

I'd interview KoKo B Ware and ask why he hasn't sent me t-shirts I paid for.

Bmc0011 karma

Do you think of comebacks for hecklers ahead of time, or just roll with it when that happens?

GabrielIglesias129 karma

I roll with it when it happens

jayman4194 karma

Is Mr. Iglesias any good? Netflix put it at the top of my home page and I almost clicked it. But I figure if I have the chance, I might as well ask the man himself.

Is this some bullshit or are you all in? No judgement, make that money. but still.. Tell me what's up.

GabrielIglesias16 karma

Watch at least 3 episodes and you tell me, and if you don't like it you can go back to Foos Gone Wild.

welchs933 karma

If you were not a comedian would you be a teacher? You just seem so natural on the show.

Big fan btw

GabrielIglesias16 karma

Absolutely and thank you for being a fan.

Scoundrelic2 karma

Fluffy, what are your exit plans?

GabrielIglesias11 karma

I'm still here yo!

CletusVanDamnit2 karma

How many jokes have you stolen in your career, and how many have you had stolen from you?

GabrielIglesias14 karma

Who hurt you?