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Fluffy might have a different answer, but I’m a fat guy who has lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the years for both superficial and health reasons, and I can say that the fat guy mentality never leaves you.

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I thought Hildi and the chicken feathers was worse. Or perhaps Hildi and the straw. Ooooor Hildi and the records.

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I’ve seen several armchair investigators on social media say there’s nothing wrong with the 737 Max, and that the real reason why the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia happened was because the pilots were not trained and didn’t have cockpit hours - which is not unusual in certain countries.

How do pilot flight time regulations in Ethiopia and Indonesia differ from those in the US? How much training and experience did the pilots of the crashed aircraft have?

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I've been told the best thing to do is to tell them something plausible. For example, if the 90-year-old grew up on a farm, and she's now asking where her mother is, you tell her something like "she's out with the chickens".

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HA! Yes! I watched that episode exactly once. It's been seared into my brain, that's how bad it was. I remember the mom peeling a piece of straw off the wall and chewing it. :-D