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Since the park is so overly-associated with tragedy and just general craziness, can you pick your favorite good memory from the park - whether it be while working there, or otherwise?

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Can't blame you. You're now a published author, your story is a movie, and you're a public speaker - all of these things eventually add up to more money than your cut after trying to sell this shit on the black market.

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Hi Michael - thanks for doing this. As does everyone else here, I love The Jerk.

I know you also wrote several episodes for The Bill Cosby Show. Did his accusations, arrest, and conviction shock you as much as it did for most everyone else?

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I've never seen a single movie or TV show that you have been in, except for 300.

Where would you tell me to start in your filmography if you wanted me to become the world's biggest Dylan Scott Smith fan?