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When you were killed off on Buffy, did Joss or any of the other creators tell you that you might come back on Angel?

How did they go about setting up Darla's return? Did you have any input on the storyline?

And finally, even though both shows were done by Mutant Enemy, was it different shooting Angel as opposed to Buffy? Was there a different 'energy' on the sets?

Besides Darla, I liked you in Dexter, too. I think I'll have to check out Defiance now. Thanks for doing an AMA!

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So his main reason for bringing Darla back on Angel was probably just the prospect of getting to kill her again? :p

Either way I'm glad she got a second chance in the Buffyverse... Angel is easily Whedon's best TV show, and "Dear Boy" is easily one of my top three episodes of Angel. (If it wasn't for "Untouched", it'd be my #1 favorite.)

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That's pretty awesome. You should post pics in /r/Angel when you get whatever it is. (Maybe it'll be a pair of horns?!)

Lorne was really cool. I liked the denouement they gave him in "Not Fade Away". He'd tried to go start a career in Las Vegas, but that didn't work out quite the way he'd hoped... so it was nice that he finally got his sendoff.

Wesley was my favorite character (closely followed by Illyria). But Lindsey and Darla was probably my favorite pairing. They had a lot of cool scenes together. I liked how he corrected her when she asked him if he didn't feel anything, specifying that it was "Not in my hand."

The show got a lot more light-hearted the longer it ran, I think. Season 2 was my favorite, 3 wasn't terrible... 4 oh my god, that was just creepy. Even the cool end bit with Jasmine wasn't enough to get over the 'ick' factor, and 5 just felt like treading water.

Joss did the same thing with the final season of Buffy. He knew the show was ending, and still wasted so much time, instead of building a big season-long arc again.

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If you get hyopthermia, don't accept treatment as we learned a lot from Nazi experiments.

You said that while losing an argument yesterday. Immediately after saying the exact opposite to start the argument.

You're worse than useless. You're just a sandcastle.

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There's a pretty big push for a $15 minimum wage. I'm not sure if that's the best number to shoot towards, but it seems likely that increases are on the way.

Most places seem to be preparing to replace cashiers with touch-screens. I'm not sure what your franchise's plans are regarding that, but if you could apply your experience to the general idea... Customers may prefer touch-screen ordering (I've seen them at the MTO's fast food snack bar things that some Sheetz have and they work pretty well, especially for building your own sandwiches and stuff). They may improve the customer experience.

But given how big crosstraining is, and how a cashier can slide around and do other things when the line locks up, how an employee assigned somewhere else could be assigned a drawer to take orders when, like the fries are locked up for a minute... all that sort of stuff... do you think eliminating cashiers and having order-fillers act as the floaters the best idea?

If it's not the best idea, if having an order-taker (other than drive thru) is essential in your opinion, where can those extra labor costs come from before restaurants start seeing improvements in sales and satisfaction?

I understand that the profits, overall, can be pretty decent for owners of a fast food joint. But the margins on a lot of things are really small (especially McDonald's, which is sometimes willing to be a loss leader on some items to get those higher margin add-ons).

Other than eliminating employees or cutting their hours, other than raising prices on everything... do you see an option that could increase the base pay at a restaurant like Mickey D's?

Sorry at how long this is, and how much speculation I'm asking you do to. I'm not really trying to put you on the spot and I'm not strongly for or against the wage increases.. I'm trying to see both sides of the issue but it doesn't affect me personally. I appreciate your previous insightful answer, and hope you're willing to indulge me yet again.