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At haunted house in San Diego I was accidentally touched with a running chainsaw. Obviously it had no chain on it and being in construction I knew that before hand and have had some pretty serious injuries anyways so wasn't worried about the contact but for some reason they turned on all the lights, the music stopped and I had to sign a legal form that I wouldn't hold them responsible for any harm and damages, ect.

They made this huge deal out of it and I told them their BS legal forms ruined Halloween and I wanted my money back.

Do you have these forms or have a company policy like that?

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How quickly if you had too could you start up your airplane and get airborne? Assuming like zombie apocalypse was happening, your fueled and not waiting for clearance or taxi instructions.

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We have a lot of Red Dye deliverd to our job site and I am always amazed at how clean the trucks are. Do you polish your tank and rims yourself? Seems to me it would take a crew hours to do tank.

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He was right to be worried, his family would be ashamed for sure.

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How involved are The Amish in dog breeding and also Mexico?