I've been streaming the inside of my house for over a year using raspberry pi based robots. People can talk to me using TTS (text to speech) or move around the house at any time.

My proof: you can control the robots live here and talk to me now: Pippy Bot: http://robotstreamer.com/robot/100 Trump Bot: http://robotstreamer.com/robot/106

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BfreakingD2537 karma

why the fuck would you want to do that? isn't that kinda 0 privacy and 0 sleep?

megamanreddit11817 karma

Robots in bathroom for privacy and robots in bathroom for sleep

modf1087 karma

Sounds like living with toddlers, minus the sleep part.

megamanreddit1951 karma

Yeah pretty much, real kids would probably be a lot easier

starship-unicorn580 karma

real kids would probably be a lot easier

Best laugh I've had today

megamanreddit1170 karma

Thumbs up

Bytonia463 karma

You have developed a mandatory training program for a breeding license.

megamanreddit1226 karma

Hm? looking to get a robot?

Bytonia130 karma

For fleshbots.

megamanreddit1176 karma


Slatersaurus92 karma

Kids are easier to make, but much harder to control.

megamanreddit1211 karma

These robots don't respond to command at all, and can't be trained, and really can't be punished, as the minds are just constantly replaced

dj__jg83 karma

What if you want privacy in the bathroom?

megamanreddit1206 karma

Can have privacy in bathroom or in main room, it's just a matter of moving the robot to the place where I am not... as necessary

The_Grubby_One108 karma

What if users figure out how to get past your bathroom door?

megamanreddit1270 karma

It happens

KvothetheBloodless201008 karma

So I just drove one of the robots. What kind of system is in place to decide who gets priority to be in control if multiple people try driving the same robot?

megamanreddit1990 karma

It works like this: First come first serve at the time of button press for a fraction of a second. Then it's first come first serve again, for another fraction of a second.

noobto958 karma

Twitch Plays MegamanReddit1.

megamanreddit1314 karma


Bytonia130 karma

Just in case: 'Twitch plays pokemon'

megamanreddit190 karma

What about it?

udderspacecow95185 karma

are you the guy that while you were gone everyone teamed up controling the robots and they caused minor mayhem before you got back

megamanreddit1195 karma

Yeah that's me, I'm rick

2Krunch749 karma

What made you want to do that?

Does it not drive you a bit mad?

megamanreddit1342 karma

Little bit

Chuyito701 karma

I just drove into your computer chair and stared at your foot.

Thank you.

megamanreddit1382 karma

Cheers bro, glad to spead the joy

SexClown560 karma

Are there any chores we can do for you around your house or yard via the robots? I’ve always found pulling weeds to be very relaxing and mind clearing. Make me a weeding robot and I’ll get started.

megamanreddit1452 karma

Funny thing is I've considered doing that, just didn't have time to really work on it

pvaa379 karma

Yeah, honestly the amount of world building games we've all played, we'd plant acres of crops for you if you built the robots!

megamanreddit1286 karma

Good point, gamification

AustinDizzy91 karma

Dish cleaning robot

Trash collector robot

Vacuum robot

Lawn mower robot

....on second thought it probably isn't the best to let internet people do these chores lol

megamanreddit1168 karma

Lawn mower would be the most horror movie-ish

Let_Me_Touch_Myself373 karma

I just joined up and was using robot for a bit.. I have so many questions


Is this your creation or is there a community of some sort?

What do the fun bits do? Piano??

Um, what is the weirdest thing that someone has ever texted you?

Do you ever turn them off for long periods of time?

Do you have a girl friend? Lol

Are the robots like companions to you and do they make you feel connected with people?

This is so weird, simple but so cool dude.

P. S I hope I didn't wake you up by saying "wake up and clean your house!" Haha I really didn't think anything was going to work

megamanreddit1339 karma

(1) I posted something on reddit long time ago and it got a good response so just kept rolling with it. (2) Both, it's my creation and there's a community https://discord.gg/syRQN7B or https://www.reddit.com/r/robotstreamer/ (3) "Snuggle" (4) Rarely, but did turn them off a while when I was in India (5) Girl friend situation is shaky at best and robots do mess things up (6) The robots are actually people teleconferencing after all, have met people in real life by meeting them first on robots (7) No prob :)

notmyrealnameatleast290 karma

Do peoole trash your house?

megamanreddit1489 karma

Yes constantly, however, it's sorta messy even without the robots. They just displace things randomly more than I do.

notmyrealnameatleast358 karma

Are you the guy on youtube where the robots are messing up your house when youre not home and constantly sayin fuck (your name)?

megamanreddit1311 karma

Yes that's me

notmyrealnameatleast212 karma

Oh. Thats fun. Fuck you! Love your idea man!

megamanreddit1150 karma


ManojAbhiram007278 karma

How did you make one of those? And how much did it cost? How long did it take?

megamanreddit1386 karma

Used a Raspberry Pi, Adafruit motocontroller, giant power bank called a maxoak (had to hack it internally somewhat), cable box organizer for a case, last cut plastic for the bottom, pipe clamps to hold motors on, and the motors are 37D type from pololu. Cost to me was about $400. Pretty quick build for the robot.

ManojAbhiram007118 karma

If I were to make one of those, with no prior knowledge, how hard would it have been?

megamanreddit1223 karma

Probably the main skill you need is soldering if you make one just like it. You also need basic linux skills to get the software running. Check out robotstreamer on github. But if you just want to buy one, you can buy one at store.robotstreamer.com

swoo1457 karma

What did you write the software in?

megamanreddit1112 karma

There's a robotstreamer project on github, it's written in python

AutomatonVigor175 karma

Why? I'm not judging or anything I find it interesting, but what was the deciding factor in this massive life changing decision? Do you make alot of money from it? Are you mentally stable? Are you happy?

megamanreddit1230 karma

Interesting question. Nah really just running with it because it's interesting. I don't make a lot of money from it. I'm probably mentally stable though perhaps not very normal. And, happiness seems to vary, and it's not set that high by default, but it's been like that all my life.

SanityZetpe66154 karma

Were their first words "Hello world" ? Cause you had to begin somewhere

megamanreddit1124 karma

:) Their words are whatever people type on them, chat goes to TTS

SanityZetpe6664 karma

Then, which was the first profanity you heard?

megamanreddit1182 karma

oh typically starts with "penis" and then f words, n words, robot naughty talk, etc.

magicaldumpsterfire207 karma

What's it like living with Tourette's robots?

megamanreddit1497 karma

totally prepared to have a mentally challenged child at this point

randombits342 karma

Yes, but were your parents?

megamanreddit1267 karma

good one

Mufaasah128 karma

Were you the guy I saw the video of the internet trash your house?

megamanreddit1167 karma

Yeah that's me, where they knock down the drawers. Victor (Ice Poseidon's camera man) saw that video and that's how we ended up making the robot for Ice.

Mufaasah77 karma

I watched just a day or two ago and had a good laugh. Was enjoying trying to pilot the robots. They seem to be stuck in bathroom and under your couch I think? Sorry the internets full of jerks. It's really cool what you've got going though. Keep it up C:

megamanreddit159 karma

Cheers man appreciate it

aijhaiuahuabuhawSda122 karma

how do you masturbate?

megamanreddit1237 karma

Either I'm in the bathroom or the bots are in the bathroom at some times.

Let_Me_Touch_Myself237 karma

(👁 ͜ʖ👁)

megamanreddit1144 karma

Nice user name

Let_Me_Touch_Myself79 karma

My user name for your robot is let_me_touch_u. The whole situation is creepy!

megamanreddit184 karma

touch me don't touch me

aijhaiuahuabuhawSda48 karma

So you don’t just turn them off? This is cursed knowledge.

megamanreddit192 karma

Turning them off tends to kill the interaction and it takes a while to recover so better to just leave them on in most cases.

aijhaiuahuabuhawSda95 karma

LMAO. Daddy needs to fap let me put you in the bathroom. Do you have this thing on 24/7?

megamanreddit185 karma

uh, yeah pretty much 24/7

neutralcountry37 karma

So you've become a prisoner in your own home, by choice.

megamanreddit172 karma

Nah, can control everything as I want, just fun to interact

WaffleCorp100 karma

What kind of robot will you be when you transfer your consciousness from your dying body into that of a mechanical one? Will you run for robot president?

megamanreddit1131 karma

I'm actually signed up for cryonics institute, I mean right now seems like freezing and picking up later is best option that we have

ludmi80091 karma

Aren't you afraid that some pshyco will try to set your house on fire?

megamanreddit1248 karma

The robots try to do that all the time. But it's actually not that easy to do. Heater only gets so hot..

ProStrats89 karma

Do you feel like you have quality social interaction with the robots? It almost seems like they fill that need in some way.

Do you ever have that feeling of, " I wonder where the robots are, they are too quiet!"

megamanreddit1125 karma

Yeah they are pretty good for providing like a base line interaction that's just always there. Don't know if it's good or bad. Maybe this has filled the social void in a very stupid way, rather than filling it by just going out and stuff.

ProStrats40 karma

Very interesting. It's almost like a preliminary version of VR communication (as I expect it will be in the future). Just randomly VRing into people's houses for social interactions. The interaction, while in this situation is different from normal, it seems like it could probably provide a lot of people a positive and beneficial experience to combat loneliness and depression.

megamanreddit144 karma

Yeah I agree, it really makes it easy to interact. It's nontransactional so you don't have to make an effort to start and stop conversations. And there are infinite people to interact with, so no pressure. Could be really useful in many cases. Both for physically disabled or those with social issues, or normal people who just like more exposure to cool people all over the world... and trolls also.

zuneman83 karma

Do you find the robots spend most of the time near each other? Or they usually on opposite sides of your place?

megamanreddit1207 karma

The tendency, in many cases, is for two robots to interact with each other. If there's only one, more likely it will focus just on me. I suppose children act similarly.

genuinely__curious79 karma

Do you think this affects your health? Mental health aside. For example I just watched someone obviously fucking with your push up routine. Might you have done more pushups without that robot going for your crotch?

megamanreddit1131 karma

Yeah perhaps they did mess up that routine, but I mean, I could put them in bathroom if needed.. and not sure I would have done those pushups without the robots to watch


That reminds me, I need to go do some pushups and kettlebell swings.

megamanreddit157 karma

get swole

AudibleToots74 karma

How many times do you hear the N word out of these robots daily?

megamanreddit1121 karma

All just depends, it's a little on the spammy side right now due to so reddit traffic. But this is just the nature of the internet really. They tend to use that word, maybe because they feel that it's forbidden.

alphabetakoopa70 karma

Where do you go for privacy?

megamanreddit193 karma

This one is easy, the bathroom

alphabetakoopa63 karma

What about when you’ve got a girl over?

megamanreddit1312 karma

Not even gonna happen

intent8539 karma

What about when you have a guy over?

megamanreddit179 karma

Anybody I have over would have questions. It's a love it or hate it kind of thing.

megamanreddit121 karma

It's the only other room in the place

Alpha199870 karma

So is this the like just having pets roving around? I really like the idea actually!!

Please put some pants on...

megamanreddit1111 karma

It's like having pets that are mentally unstable. But also there are actually real people that I meet and have become friends with over time. So it's beyond just pets.

Alpha199828 karma

So how many people are usually trying to drive? I assume your ama has flooded you with traffic.

megamanreddit196 karma

Usually there's like 7. But there's like 53 right now. When somebody famous like Ice Poseidon streams, thousands.

franticcat58 karma

Is this a schizophrenia simulation? How have you not been driven completely mad?

megamanreddit191 karma

It's possible that I have gone mad. But only in a minor way. I mean, I still have a job, so arguable I'm high functioning. A good job at that. But yeah..

Fordyce_Poons53 karma

hahahahahahaha what the fuck?

I just witnessed robots spamming A in TTS attacking your hairy legs.

megamanreddit167 karma

Were you aroused?

cwilbur2251 karma

This is absolutely fascinating! Not from like a voyeur perspective, I mean just the human/robot interface in such simple terms and in such a simple space.

How do you know who's controlling a bot? You said you've actually met some of the users in real life. How do you know you're taking to someone you know and not just some random person?

megamanreddit136 karma

Just meet though the site, usually recognize the login name after a while, do conversations in discord, etc. We actually have robotstreamer meetups and stuff

franticcat45 karma

why is it called "Trump Bot"?

megamanreddit180 karma

Long time ago people were spamming Trump on the internet, like before first election, so I gave them a physical object, a Trump of sorts to play with

DeathGorgon42 karma

Just popped in for a second to check out how bad it possibly was. Is there a priority on the TTS function similar to the controls or do the robots just spout everything typed in eventually?

megamanreddit150 karma

Pretty much just say whatever with a small queue to help keep them from overlapping

DeathGorgon38 karma

I applaud you for dealing with what I saw going in. That was extraordinarily odd.

megamanreddit130 karma

Cheers, appreciate it

SuperPineapple12340 karma

Man, reading you post amazes me greatly. This is so awesome! Think of the folks that could benefit from this? Camps, nursing homes, family members, folks with social anxiety issues, disabled people.... You could go down in the history books man. With the right application. Good work man, Good work!

megamanreddit129 karma

Appreciate the kinds words, yeah we should push it to one of those applications one day for sure. Just need funding really.

Signod39 karma

Haved you considered having like one robot that only activates when there are a large number of people and charging a premium for like 20 seconds of exclusive control?

I really like that this is a thing that has happened by the way, it gives me joy and i don't know why

megamanreddit137 karma

I have considered such things. And it's a pretty good idea. Although, right now, you can also just use the xcontrol option to take over any robot for an amount of time.

thebeesknee1138 karma

Can you not view via mobile? I’m on the site but it’s just grey.

megamanreddit133 karma

Should work if you find the place where there's a list of robots and select Pippy, might have to drop it down or something

mikeblas36 karma

Are you gettingnpaid or compensated for this? If so, how much? If not, why put up with the hassle and inconvenience?

megamanreddit146 karma

It's actually a low latency live streaming project and this is just one type of content if that makes sense

mcw101234 karma

What's the craziest thing the robots have done?

megamanreddit186 karma

shot ping pong balls at Heidi's ass (video is on pornhub somewhere)

kurdt-balordo34 karma

Only one question: WHY?

megamanreddit157 karma

I posted a robot on reddit a long time ago and people seemed to like it, so just kept going with the idea, ye

notreallyalextrebek33 karma

Any plans on how you’re gonna end it? Like let them loose in to the wild and watch them simultaneously navigate while saying the n word to anyone passing until they’re destroyed or batterys run out?

megamanreddit141 karma

Death would be swift. I'm in the tenderloin of SF

franticcat32 karma

Why do you let people spam racial slurs at you?

megamanreddit156 karma

I really just don't pay much attention to the appropriateness of comments. Just let the robot do its thing. It takes a lot of effort to moderate, and not really worth it.

ivnwng25 karma

Can you solve captcha?

megamanreddit126 karma

I can

Psychore022 karma

This is officially the weirdest thing I've seen on Reddit. Do you put faces on the robots?

megamanreddit143 karma

Trump used to have trump face but it broke off :/

lavahot20 karma

Ever had a second date?

megamanreddit128 karma


The___Great19 karma

Wow, your bot's chatter is insane. Are you able to kick people out of it? I gotta say, I was disappointed to see how much negativity was in there. Good job on the pushups, man. Do your healthy thing :)

megamanreddit123 karma

It's the nature of the internet, but yeah it will get more chill after this post dies down.

Deribus17 karma

How and when do you charge them?

megamanreddit131 karma

I made the robot to last 24 hours and I have swappable battery, maxoak brand. This makes it pretty easy to keep running all the time.

jimmycarr117 karma

Can you train the robots to change each others' batteries?

megamanreddit131 karma

Theoretically possible but would be quite a project

57a717 karma

Why won't you take trumpbot outside? He wants to see the world!

megamanreddit123 karma

I actually do take pippy out sometimes. Check out robotstreamer network on youtube if you want to see some vids. I'll announce when I go out on discord and twitter. https://discord.gg/syRQN7B https://twitter.com/robotstreamer

UselessDuckCompany15 karma

I did something like this with a banana on twitch and boy did I have a headache with people saying racist stuff. I figured it out though. Did you add a text filter? Update: I listened for a bit. No, there is no filter lol

megamanreddit112 karma

You did the famous banana? That's awesome. I have a custom platform, so I just don't have to worry about censorship though.

MsDankk15 karma

I don’t see anything clicking on the link. What do I do ?

megamanreddit111 karma

gamle_kvitrafn9 karma

What are the legal ramifications if someone from 4chan finds a match in your house, lights it via robot, and actually burns that mother down?

megamanreddit15 karma

Not sure

mdkubit5 karma

It seems like TrumpBot wants to go outside. Have you thought about doing a special event where you take them outside to a small park?

megamanreddit18 karma

Yeah I mean some old videos on robotstreamer network youtube probably show that. I take the robot out sometimes. Will announce on robotstreamer discord and twitter whenever I do.

lefthandedrighty3 karma

Is the site down? I can’t seem to see anything.

megamanreddit13 karma

It's fine, I just restarted my robots

butch813852 karma

How annoying are the 8 year olds that sp the n word, etc? Any plans to add filters or is it only bad right now because you posted on this cesspool (Reddit)?

megamanreddit14 karma

It's way more toxic, when a post is active like this. The other 90% of the time, pretty chill. Users have gotten to know me. A lot of them hang out in the robotstreamer discord, and are my friends.

peridoti1 karma

Do you like mega man? Who is your favorite robot master?

megamanreddit14 karma

luke skywalker

wearer_of_boxers-26 karma

wtf is wrong with you and is there anything you wouldn't do for attention?

megamanreddit18 karma

good question, probably are lots of things I would not do

wannesdebacker-34 karma

Why do you like yourself so much?

Milkpukexmeth17 karma

Why do you hate yourself so much

megamanreddit110 karma

Slightly masochistic, but it's interesting