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The pundits often predict with pretty good reliability how each justice is going to go in cases like this, before the case is even presented to the court. Do you feel like most of the justices had already made their decision before the case even starts?

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Kids are easier to make, but much harder to control.

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Ok, I was hoping for cash, but I'll accept the high five as compensation.

My comic was a crudely drawn brontosaurus-like dinosaur eating stick figures. The stick figures would usually represent some group of the day that needed lampooning. It was a surprisingly popular and controversial comic. Some people get really upset when you depict an obvious herbivore eating live people.

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In college in the early 90's I wrote and drew a comic for our college newspaper. The comic was called "Dinosaur Comics". I've always felt like you owe me some royalties or something. When will you pay up?

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I am surprised to see that Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater and The Pit People are all rated Teen by ESRB. From what I've seen, they all look suitable for younger players. Do you agree or disagree with the ESRB's rating? As developers, do you take the ESRB ratings into consideration when developing and releasing a game?