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BfreakingD2537 karma

why the fuck would you want to do that? isn't that kinda 0 privacy and 0 sleep?

BfreakingD27 karma

it makes me happy to see with what delight and passion you write about cooking, the activity you love. awesome!

BfreakingD1 karma

Which language did you learn and could you please tell the name of the books? i want them.

very cool story by the way, and supercute cat.

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so you are basically killing that fish out of revenge? not hte jedi way i must say, but a very good idea!

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i have been trying this a lot and i love it, but is it possible that if i jump down somewhere in my dream that i jump out of the window in real life or similar things? i mean that you do something dangerous in your dream and then sleep-walk to do it in real life? may sound like a dumb question, i know