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Are there any chores we can do for you around your house or yard via the robots? I’ve always found pulling weeds to be very relaxing and mind clearing. Make me a weeding robot and I’ll get started.

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Have you ever had a totally suave pigeon bring home two birds at once? Perhaps he was named Hugh Heffbird?

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Klu Klux Kans

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Blockchain...so buzzwordy and hot right now. Everyone will be cashing in on this idea with startups and investor fleecing for years to come. For example I'd like to announce my blockchain based mustard distribution network. No more need for grocery stores or old fashioned government backed "cash" to buy your favorite yellow condiment. How does it work? Blockchain...

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  1. All hosted in Docker.. because everyone wants to say their shit is in Docker even if there's no reason for it to be.