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Let_Me_Touch_Myself373 karma

I just joined up and was using robot for a bit.. I have so many questions


Is this your creation or is there a community of some sort?

What do the fun bits do? Piano??

Um, what is the weirdest thing that someone has ever texted you?

Do you ever turn them off for long periods of time?

Do you have a girl friend? Lol

Are the robots like companions to you and do they make you feel connected with people?

This is so weird, simple but so cool dude.

P. S I hope I didn't wake you up by saying "wake up and clean your house!" Haha I really didn't think anything was going to work

Let_Me_Touch_Myself237 karma

(👁 ͜ʖ👁)

Let_Me_Touch_Myself79 karma

My user name for your robot is let_me_touch_u. The whole situation is creepy!