Members of Congress routinely buy and sell stocks in companies that are impacted by their official actions, yet journalists hardly ever report on these conflicts of interest. Sludge has assembled a comprehensive data set of the financial holdings of every member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and we’re close to having the same for the Senate. It’s a huge data set full of potential conflicts of interest, and Congress doesn’t make it available in bulk because they don’t want their stock sales to be easily searchable and trackable by the public.

Ask us about your representative and we’ll tell you about their financial holdings and some of the conflicts they may present for their work in Congress. We’ll give you a short report so you know more about your rep. Here’s a handy link to look up your U.S. rep by zip code and street address.

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Update, 3-29-19 - we're working our way through reps today (Friday) and over the weekend! This has been a blast. Thank you to everyone for asking questions about conflicts of interest by the people who write federal legislation.

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gurneyhallack109 karma

Thank you for the work you are doing, it is valuable and important. Because the are the wealthiest members of congress and the senate, I am curious. What are the holdings of senator Diane Feinstein and congressman Darrell Issa?.

readsludge69 karma

Issa lost re-election last year, but he was one of the wealthiest members of the House. According to our data analysis, Issa was worth between $104 million and $391 million at the end of 2017. A lot of his money is invested in real estate properties, and some is invested in government bonds. Here's his 2017 report

readsludge52 karma

We're focused on the House today, but here's a story we did about Feinstein and her husband's Facebook investments.

luxtabula94 karma

Can you list Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14)? For the record, of course.

readsludge190 karma

Ocasio-Cortez has no stock investments. She has two Schwab bank accounts and one retirement account. She also has a student loan.

ParanoidFrandroid92 karma

Two questions:

  1. Are you going to make your database public at some point?

  2. Will any of your reporting focus on conflicts on interest related to the tech industry? I was digging a bit last week and noticed some big investments in tech by at least one very powerful member.

readsludge95 karma

We hope to! That's what we would like to do as a stretch goal for our kickstarter. 

Yes! We've already begun looking at some of the Silicon Valley investments. There's a ton. This is something we've reported on a bit in the past. For example, this piece on Sen. Dianne Feinstein's husband's investment in Facebook stock, which she failed to disclose until after she questioned Zuckerberg at a committee hearing last July: 

theLoveGiant82 karma

How does this post not have more views? You'd think people would care about how they are being fucked over and by whom.

readsludge78 karma

Good question! Members' financial investments are vastly underreported, something we're trying to change. Since Chris Collins was indicted on insider trading, people have become more aware of these issues.

lordnoak55 karma

What can you tell me about Bernie Sanders? (VT)

readsludge119 karma

We're focused on the House today, but you can find Sanders' 2017 disclosure here (you have to click a box first)

As of the end of 2017, he and his wife didn't have any direct stock investments. Much of their money is invested in pretty broad mutual funds.

invertedshamrock46 karma

I know he's not in the House anymore as of January, but do you guys have data on Beto O'Rourke? I've heard talk that he's to some degree involved with oil money, I'd like to have some facts about that as well as anything else you might know about him.

drunksquirrel36 karma

Here is what you're looking for regarding Beto's oil & gas money. Beto says he supports a "balanced" approach to renewable energy.

readsludge8 karma

Check out our piece on Beto and oil and gas-linked donations

This story caused Oil Change USA to take him off of its No Fossil Fuel Money pledge.

nabylbm41 karma

What can you tell me about Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader?

readsludge112 karma

Schrader is a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which oversees environmental protection, clean air, climate change, energy policy, and drinking water safety. Currently, Schrader has as much as $170,000 invested in fossil fuels companies, including ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Pioneer Natural Resources. Energy and Commerce also has jurisdiction over tech issues, like net neutrality, and Schrader has as much as $15,000 invested in Comcast stock.

ObsessiveDelusion35 karma

What can you tell me about Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05)?

readsludge77 karma

Gottheimer is a member of the Financial Services Committee, and (surprise!) he has stocks in a bunch of financial services companies.

-Goldman Sachs (up to $15k)

-HSBC (up to $15k

- ICICI Bank Ltd (up to $15k)

-JP Morgan Chase (up to $50k)

-Morgan Stanley (up to $15k)

-Visa (up to $15k)

-Wells Fargo (up to $50k)

-BlackRock Inc. (up to $15k)

...and much more!

luxtabula20 karma

Can you list the much more?

readsludge42 karma

Sure. Here are some more of his current financial services stock holdings:

-Allianz SE (up to $15k)

-Bank of America (up to $45k)

-Citigroup (up to $15k)

-General Electric (GE Capital) (up to $45k)

-Intercontinental Exchange (up to $15k)

andreagassi28 karma

Doesn’t FINRA investigate this?

readsludge44 karma

Not to our knowledge. This kind of stock ownership and trading isn't illegal (unless it's insider trading, like Chris Collins did), but it's just whenever a member owns stock in a company in an industry that her committee, or legislation, impacts.

profbarnhouse15 karma

Why isn't this information available as data elsewhere, though?

readsludge37 karma

It's technically available via the House and Senate sites, but it's often scans of paper reports, sometimes handwritten and many pages long. So it's very inaccessible and there's no way to word search the database. We're changing that!

PersnlRspnsblity207715 karma

The STOCK Act made this information available to the public, until it was modified without dissent, changing the reporting from a website to a department within the Library of Congress. If any of this is incorrect I apologize, I'm going from memory here.

readsludge4 karma


PersnlRspnsblity20772 karma

Very cool. Good luck!

Edit: not sure why they deleted the comment, it was explaining that the reports are scanned into a database that is not searchable and often reports are handwritten making it even more difficult

They also said they are trying to solve these issues

profbarnhouse8 karma

Also: If I were a bad guy corrupt representative I'd definitely create a harmless looking public profile: a house worth a lot but not too much, a few innocent looking index funds, a bit of cash in a money market account. What would I hide and how would I hide it? And how would Sludge go about busting me??!

readsludge9 karma

Of course there are ways that members of Congress can hide financial benefits, but we can't really speculate about that kind of illegal activity. There are lots of legal perks of being a member of Congress that don't necessarily get reflected in these filings. Corporations can donate to members of Congress' nonprofits, or nonprofits where they are board members. Senators and representatives often get big pay day when you retire and become corporate consultants or lobbyists. Their family members can get hired for cozy jobs with lobbying firms or special interest. There are also things like board positions, book deals, and public speaking gigs that members of Congress often receive after they retire. Really, these things that fall outside the normal reporting requirements are what we aim to uncover in our reporting.

DonCarlitos21 karma

What can you tell me about Oregon Representative (2nd district) Greg Walden?

readsludge57 karma

Rep. Greg Walden, a Republican, owns between $1,001 and $15,000 invested in oil exploration company Continental Resources. Walden is the ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which overseas energy issues. We'd call this a conflict of interest.

readsludge28 karma

We included Walden in our story about House members on this committee, which oversees energy and environmental issues, who are personally invested in the fossil fuel industry.

SuzyQ209926 karma

I would think there’d be a few more zeroes in that number if something were actually going on.

readsludge11 karma

Perhaps, but it's difficult to know. This does, though, present a potential conflict.

CleganeForHighSepton7 karma

I presume this isn't Walden's only investment? To be honest, owning potentially as little as $1000 in an oil company among a presumably much larger portfolio does not seem like a serious conflict, especially when compared to Walden's net worth. If anything the way you cherry pick this particular investment reflects badly on Sludge imo.

readsludge17 karma

It's about as direct a conflict of interest as they come. No, it's not a huge amount, but he's the ranking member on a committee that oversees that company's industry. It's absolutely newsworthy, which is why we published a story that includes this finding.

But thanks for asking--just checked out his full report, and it turns out this asset, owned by his spouse, is in fact a "small mining claim in North Dakota," which, given the nature of Continental Resources, is almost certainly a natural gas well. That's a fairly shocking conflict, in our opinion.

labtec9014 karma

Do these figures include investments that are part of a larger bundle?

Say if I owned an index fund, would that show up as me having invested some amount in each company represented in that index fund? Or would I have to invest directly to get that callout.

readsludge6 karma

Typically, no. Some members include their financial statements from various investment firms they use, but that's not required. When we do this kind of research, if we're, say, looking at fossil fuel investments, we'll look up funds that are likely invested in the industry to see the fund's holdings. This is how we had an impact on Rep. Kathy Castor

gaobear17 karma

Joe Kennedy? Thanks!

readsludge37 karma

Joe Kennedy has some major conflicts of interest. As we reported, Kennedy owns between $963,000 and $2,195,000 worth of stock in companies in the oil and gas industry, such as Chevron, Exxon, and NextEra Energy. Most of Kennedy’s stock is contained in inherited family trusts.

“Congressman Kennedy’s family investments play no role in his decision-making in Congress,” Dan Black, Kennedy’s press secretary, told us.

Kennedy files on paper, so we don't have his data in our database yet, but he is clearly very wealthy.

ross4boss16 karma

Brian Babin? TX 36th district

readsludge31 karma

Babin's got conflicts. He's on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which oversees gas pipelines. And he's personally invested in oil and gas companies:

Chevron (between $15,000 and $50,000)

Enbridge (between $1,000 and $15,000)

Energy Transfer LP (between $1,000 and $15,000)

Enterprise Products Partners LP (between $1,000 and $15,000)

Exxon Mobil (between $1,000 and $15,000)

Kinder Morgan (between $1,000 and $15,000)

Prudential Jennison Natural Resources (between $1,000 and $15,000)

Overall, he's worth between $943,000 and $3 million, per our analysis.

expresidentmasks13 karma

What can you tell me about Steve Cohen TN, 9?

readsludge16 karma

Cohen, a top Dem on the powerful Judiciary Committee, owns stocks in lots of major US corporations. Here are some of his largest stock holdings atm:

Berkshire Hathaway - between $115,000 and $300,000

IBM - between $50,000 and $100,000

Microsoft - between $50,000 and $100,000

Raytheon - between $50,000 and $100,000

ExxonMobil - between $50,000 and $100,000

Sony - between $15,000 and $50,000

Chevron - between $15,000 and $50,000

Coca-Cola Company - between $15,000 and $50,000

Sony - between $15,000 and $50,000

Echoenbatbat13 karma

Wouldn't it be pertinent to also investigate the stock and investments of close family members? Especially those that work in the industries which these congresspeople have oversight into.

Regulatory Capture needs to be taught more broadly!

readsludge20 karma

This is definitely important. Members are required to include their spouses' investments in their financial disclosures, but not those of their children, etc.

NonSocialTeen11 karma

Are there any efforts currently to stop insider trading within Congress?

readsludge16 karma

The STOCK Act bans insider trading. But the act was overhauled in 2013, which reversed part of the act that mandated an online, searchable database.

So this maintains the status quo, which makes it really hard to track members' trading reports. That's why we're making a database to do so.

SultanOfSwow11 karma

Hey there. Thanks for doing this. What can you tell me about Cathy McMorris Rogers in Washington state?

readsludge23 karma

Cathy McMorris Rogers does not appear to have any money invested in corporate stocks at the moment. Mot of her money is in about a dozen different mutual funds, with her largest investment between $50k and $100k) being in this one:

haewood10 karma

I'd like the MO 7th district report please?

readsludge22 karma

Rep. Billy Long, a Republican, is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He files his financial reports on paper, so they're not yet in our database. But his 2017 annual report is here

Long's got some conflicts of interest, given his committee assignment. He's personally invested in gas utility Southern Company (likely hundreds of thousands of dollars) and in oil & gas company Chesapeake Energy.

readsludge13 karma

Long also trades stocks rather frequently, including this GE trade in 2019.

n8-iStockphoto9 karma

Should I be worried about Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma?

readsludge12 karma

Mullin is worth as much as $14.8 million, according to our analysis. He doesn't appear to hold any corporate stocks. He has an ownership stake in several family businesses in Oklahoma, primarily Mullin Plumbing ( He also has as much as $250,000 invested in CMS Aggressive Blend, a hedge fund, and smaller amounts in several mutual funds through AIG, Innate Immunotherapeutics, Citigroup, Blackrock, and a few others.

AgonyofAntigone9 karma

Elijah Cummings?

readsludge22 karma

Cummings has an ownership stake worth as much as $500,000 in a D.C. consulting firm called Global Policy Solutions.

They do not appear to lobby. Here's how they describe their services: "We advance social change by providing clients and partners with innovative policy analysis, project management and communications—working with them to design and execute strategies aimed at improving public policy. We work with non-profits, foundations, governmental agencies and socially responsible corporations to create meaningful, measurable and lasting improvements for people and their environments through public policy."

Clients include AARP, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, YWCA, National Academy of Social Insurance and several other organizations.

Cummings did not disclose any stock holdings.

surefirerdiddy8 karma

What about Ohio’s 7th district?

readsludge23 karma

Oh he's holding (Big Oil). Rep. Bob Gibbs (R, OH-07) holds b/w $50k-$100k in Exxon and b/w $1k-$15k in each of Marathon Oil and Marathon Petroleum. He's got a handful of other energy assets listed, and overall, seems to have a lot of stock (~76 disclosures worth b/w $1.087m and $3.105m). As a member of House Cmte. on Transportation, he holds $1-15k stock in Ford. How about that. We'll keep digging!

hschulsinger8 karma

What can you tell me about Grace Flores Napolitano, 32nd District, California?

readsludge14 karma

Napolitano doesn't appear to have any corporate stock investments. She owns two real estate properties. Here's her 2017 annual report:

rainyoranges7 karma

A. How do you think about the chicken and egg problem, where a candidate might be given industry money SO THAT they legislate in favor of that industry, but also candidates might be given money BECAUSE they are (already) friendly to that industry?

B. Any thoughts on Joe Manchin? He's probably clean as a whistle, right?

readsludge13 karma

A. Yes, it's a tricky question. In many cases, both are probably likely--campaign donations can have real sway, but some companies donate money to someone they think is a good bet.

Yes, Manchin has some conflicts of interest. We're focused on the House today, but here's what we reported about Manchin's energy investments (as much as $1.5 million in a family coal company and an energy company), given he's ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Cmte.

ross4boss7 karma

Thanks. Could I get the sources?

readsludge16 karma

Our data comes originally from the House clerk.

cd0519257 karma

Thank you for all this effort! Can you tell me anything about David Schweikert , district 6, here in AZ ?

readsludge11 karma

Schweikert, a Republican, has a large ownership interest (between $1 million and $5 million) in firm Sheridan Equities LLC, which his disclosure says is a real estate company. Bloomberg says it's a financial services company. He is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over taxes, tariffs, and other revenue-raising measures.

Kevin_Wolf7 karma

Got anything on Mark DeSaulnier (CA 11)? I really like the guy, he voted against SESTA/FOSTA, but I'd love to see his financial connections to the tech giants here in the Bay.

readsludge15 karma

DeSaulnier doesn't list any stock investments.

Tonka_Tuff7 karma

Can you provide anything on Tom Malinowski (NJ-7?)

readsludge9 karma

Malinowski is on the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials and he is invested in some companies in the oil and gas pipeline industry that the subcommittee oversees. Those companies include WPX Energy, which Malinowski owns as much as $100,000 of stock in, and Suncor Energy, which he has as much as $50,000 invested in.

Refrigerator22447 karma

What do you got on Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th district?

readsludge3 karma

Freshperson Rep. McAdams disclosed a number of mutual fund holdings for 2017 when he was a House candidate in 2018, in the usual large places: Vanguard, Fidelity, EuroPacific Growth. An item valued b/w $100k-$250k described as "Sugarmont Holdings - Salt Lake rental". Vanguard and Fidelity were two major groups named in our recent Sludge series on charitable donor-advised funds, as lacking in socially-responsible oversight practices that would prevent funding from going to hate groups, as determined by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He does not have any reports currently on the House disclosure portal, because he was not yet in office in 2017.

Cool-Mint7 karma

What can you tell me about Adriano Espaillat?

readsludge12 karma

Espaillat lists only a checking account in his 2017 filings, so as of 12/31/17 he had no stock investments.

In 2016, his first filing listed the account as having between $5 million and $25 million in it, but it was amended. Looks like that was a massive error.

Somebody_Brilliant7 karma

Can you tell me about Texas rep Al Green?

readsludge12 karma

Green didn't report owning any stock investments as of the end of 2017. He owns four rental properties that earn him significant rental income.

SpencerAssiff6 karma

I'm a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire currently doing research on campaign finance and expenditures. Is there a way to get a list of the data , or would I have to manually look up each individual elected official?

readsludge7 karma

For campaign finance data, you can download bulk data from the FEC if you want more than just certain candidates. What are you looking to do, specifically? I can help guide you to the best and easiest way to get the data.

SpencerAssiff6 karma

One of the things I am interested in looking at is the amount of income they get from their "outside ventures", and how the wealth of an elected official impacts their probability of victory (among other variables). I want to use wealth as a variable not correlated with campaign contributions but highly correlated with campaign expenditures. It would be even better if it could be broken into "dirty money: and clean money.

Feel free to message me as well if that is easier for you.

Keep up the great work and thanks for any help/insight you can give.

readsludge3 karma

Cool project, sounds like just the kind of collaborative data analysis that will be easier for everyone, for government transparency and money-in-politics knowledge - if Sludge can help make this data more open and publicly-accessible. That's a stretch goal for our current crowdfunding campaign, ending in a week.

JGC3206 karma

Hi-- I am interested in my PA01 Rep Brian Fitzpatrick, a GOP incumbent on his 2nd term. One of the reasons why I am interested in Rep. Fitzpatrick's financials, is because he was a top recipient of campaign donations from felon/former RNC Finance chair/payer of hush money through the President's fixer Michael Cohen ELLIOTT BROIDY during the 2018 election cycle. Brian Fitzpatrick received the maximum personal donation of $5400 from Broidy, but also enjoyed the benefit of Broidy largess through EB's major, 5-figure donations to the RNC and dark money groups, that worked on behalf of Fitzpatrick. Rep Fitzpatrick clung to his $5400 Broidy money, in spite of constituents calling him out on it. When the press started to report on the connection, that is when Fitzpatrick quietly arranged for the campaign to donate the dirty Broidy money, split between various PA01 charities. I should also mention here, Rep Brian Fitzpatrick is a former FBI agent and Eagle Scout. As an FBI agent, he worked in an anti-corruption unit. As a member of the 115th Congress, Fitzpatrick sat on committees including Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs subcommittee for the Middle East & North Africa, and was a co-chair of the Ukraine Caucus; also, like Broidy, Fitzpatrick was strongly pro-Israel and anti-Iran. What do you see regarding Fitzpatrick's financials, and can you find any personal connection to Elliott Broidy?

readsludge13 karma

Can't quite do a deep dive for you on the Broidy stuff right now, but here's an interesting potential conflict of interest I found...

Fitzpatrick is a member of the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials, but he is also invested in fossil fuel companies that own and manage pipelines that transport oil and gas, including Occidental Petroleum (up to $15k), Phillips 66 (up to $15k), and Spectra Energy (up to $15k). FWIW, he's also a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus.

at_work_safe_acct6 karma

Thanks for your work. What about Pete Olson - TX?

readsludge10 karma

Republican Pete Olson sits on the Energy Subcommittee on the Energy and Commerce Committee, so he has a lot more influence over energy policy matters than most members of Congress. Olson has as much as $100,000 invested in Vanguard Energy Fund. Here are the top stocks held in that fund as of the end of February:

  1. Exxon Mobil Corp.
  2. Chevron Corp.
  4. Royal Dutch Shell plc
  5. BP plc
  6. Diamondback Energy Inc.
  7. Marathon Petroleum Corp.
  8. Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
  9. EOG Resources Inc.
  10. Valero Energy Corp.

odrincrystell5 karma

Can you tell me about Nebraskans Deb Fischer and Benjamin Sasse?

readsludge6 karma

We're focused on the House today, but you can look up their disclosures here

seacappy5 karma

Can you make a list of candidates we can easily click on and find out what they have their funds in?

Maybe there is but I’m on mobile and I can’t find anything like it.

readsludge10 karma

That doesn't exist! We're trying to build something like that. If you want to help, you can support our kickstarter:

readsludge5 karma

Shout-out to Andy Friedman (Twitter: @skinny412) for data journalism work on this project with our reporting team.

bringmepeonies5 karma

What can you all tell me about SC Rep. Tom Rice?

readsludge8 karma

Rep. Rice (R, SC-07) holds quite a bit, assets b/w $4,614,000 and $17,960,000 for 2017. Most of that is three real estate properties worth in the range of $1-5m each, plus a fourth "parkway" valued at up to a million. As a Member of the Subcommittee on Trade, we'd want to dig in to his Wells Fargo IRA: Money Market Fund worth b/w $100k and $250k. Interesting tidbit: his accounts are trading some FedEx Corp. stock, range between $1k-$15k!

grinndel985 karma

Hey Guys,

What about Georgia District 11 Barry Laudermilk?

Give 'em hell.

readsludge3 karma

Rep. Loudermilk (R, GA-11) is pretty minimal in his annual report for 2017. Bit of non-publicly-traded stock in Freedom Flight Center, LLC, in which he's a Minority Partner. Couple thousand from book sales! He's a Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, and of course the Big Bank lobby is pretty much on top of the swamp, as investigative journalists have been documenting since the Financial Crisis and with the skyrocketing practices of corporate lobbying.

fromRonnie5 karma

How about Andy Barr 6th district I believe, of Kentucky?

readsludge10 karma

Seems pretty invested in dirty-energy. Rep. Barr, (R, KY-06) sure doesn't make it easy to get searchable data on his holdings. His 2017 personal financial disclosure is currently available as a blurry .pdf from the House. But as a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, we would look into the $100-250k that he holds in what appears to the the Barr Trust ("family"), as well as three mutual funds—and American Funds (which he holds) is listed in the top 200 owners of coal reserves, according to Fossil Free Funds, a project of As You Sow, a non-profit 501(c)3. American Growth reportedly holds $136 billion in fossil fuel stocks and Rep. Barr holds b/w $1k - $15k in two American Funds. (And really, check out this handwriting towards the later pages. Oooof.)

JohnSacrimoni4 karma

Can you tell me about CA-25, both past (Buck McKeon, Steve Knight) and present (Katie Hill)?

readsludge2 karma

*Pasted from a reply below* Rep. Hill (D, CA-25) released a June 2017 and June 2018 personal report on the House portal, as a candidate before her election to the current Congress. They're handwritten and a bit gnarly to parse into structured data, but the mutual funds listed there are legible—they're on the modest side, and can be cross-checked with Fossil Free Funds resource. We're seeking to make this process more automated and open-data-driven, with our current Kickstarter's stretch goal. Worth keeping an eye on defense contractors too, as she's a Member of the House Committee on Armed Services—the Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Force and the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces.

DaveLanglinais4 karma

Could you please give me the holdings of Rep Clay Higgins, from Louisiana District 3? Thanks in advance!

readsludge9 karma

Higgins is invested in two tech companies, Micron Technology and NVIDIA Corp. (up to $15k in each). Both companies have government contracts, but not with the Homeland Security Dept. (Higgins is a member of the House Homeland Security Committee).

He is a member of the House Budget Committee, which could present a conflict of interest.

Saarlak4 karma

Would you be so kind as to show the information regarding Maxine Waters of California?

readsludge6 karma

As the Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services, Rep. Waters (D, CA-43) holds few investments—the largest is a DWS - CA mutual fund worth between $15,000 - $50,000. She disclosed an Ownership Interest in a joint venture, American Golf, worth $100k - $250,000.

DiscordFish3 karma

Got anything on NY-23rd's Tom Reed?

readsludge3 karma

Rep. Reed holds property called "Mineral Rights Land Tuscarora, NY", which raises an eyebrow, but its worth was disclosed as zero. His assets are relatively on the low side, $252,000 to $630,000, mostly in two ownership interests worth up to a quarter-million apiece. He's a Member, Subcommittee on Health.

bacon_cakes3 karma

How about Denny Heck?

readsludge5 karma

Heck is worth several millions of dollars and owns lots of corporate stock, and he's got a big conflict of interest. Heck sits on the House Financial Services Committee while owning as much as $500,000 worth of stock in Heritage Financial Corporation.

He also owns lot of stock in fossil fuel companies including Chevron, Duke Energy, Enbridge, and Nustar Energy.

nckmcmlln3 karma

Anything on Barbara Lee?

readsludge5 karma

The only stock investment that Lee lists in her 2017 report is up to $15k in real estate investment trust company Healthcare Trust of America, Inc., which owns and operates medical office buildings.

JohnDoe_853 karma

How about Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson?

readsludge6 karma

Rep. Eddie Johnson (D, TX-30) shows, in her 2017 personal report, assets of between half a million and a million in a blind trust, plus a pension and a bond. We would encourage follow-up questions to her blind trust in Texas about divesting from fossil fuel industry holdings, especially as a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

ChicagoTransitPACman3 karma

What’s Jan Schakowsky’s report like?

readsludge6 karma

Unfortunately Schakowsky files her financial reports on paper--by hand!--so we don't have her info in our database yet. But looking at her 2017 annual report, she's mostly invested in pretty broad mutual funds.

eldonhughes3 karma

Thank you for this. What can you tell me about Mike Bost (Illinois) please?

readsludge4 karma

Rep. Bost (R, IL-12) holds between $213,000 and $595,000 in assets, mostly categorized as "other" in the disclosure reports (?)—but seem to be Mutual Funds, e.g. American Funds Growth Fund worth b/w $15k - $50k. He's a member, Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research, so that's an area we'd investigate in his fund holdings.

TinyDKR3 karma

Don Beyer?

readsludge4 karma

Lot of wealth with this rep. Rep. Beyer (D, VA-08) holds $47,920,000 and $234,175,000. Includes ownership interest in his Don Beyer Motors ($5m-$25m), and another auto asset, Gum Springs LLC (same range), three more LLC's in that same range, and more more LLC worth $1m-$5m. As a Member of the Subcommittee on Environment, we'd be interested in whether his many mutual fund holdings are fossil free—a larger one, Clearbridge Special, has some funds rated as "sustainable" by Fossil Free Funds. An LLC called "Smokey's Garage" is worth up to a cool half-mil. Rep. Beyer is also a Member, Subcommittee on Trade.

fiREiRon122 karma

Could you give info on Larry Bucshon, IN-8?

readsludge5 karma

Bucshon doesn't seem to be a stock trader. He has rental property in D.C. worth as much as $500,000, and he has as much as $1 million in a Schwab Roth IRA and as much as $1 million in a Deaconness 401 k plan.

Threstyy2 karma

What holdings do Trent Kelly and Bennie G. Thompson have? Opposite ends of the political spectrum here in Mississippi, and I am curious to see. Thank you for doing this work so that we can hopefully create a more transparent political atmosphere.

readsludge4 karma

Kelly doesn't list any stock investments in his 2017 annual disclosure. He owns a rental property and is invested in a farm.

Thompson also owns some real estate properties. He's has an ownership interest in BLB Enterprises, LLC, which appears to be a machinery co. based in Michigan. He doesn't list any stock investments.

severe_neuropathy2 karma

What can you tell me about Montana senator Steve Daines? Are his finances as messed up as his politics?

readsludge5 karma

We're focused on the House today, but here's a piece on senators' conflicts of interest. Daines is the on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and has up to $50k invested in Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF, a fossil fuel fund.

MsNewKicks2 karma

What about Anna Eshoo (California 18th district)?

readsludge5 karma

Eshoo files her financial disclosures on paper--and handwritten!--so she's not yet in our database. But looking at her 2017 annual report, seems most of her money is invested in mutual funds with no direct stock investments (as of end of 2017).

echidna8820032 karma

What can you tell us about Mark DeSaulnier California District 11?

Also Barbara Lee California District 13 if you have time?


readsludge6 karma

DeSaulnier doesn't list any stock investments.

The only stock investment that Lee lists in her 2017 report is up to $15k in real estate investment trust company Healthcare Trust of America, Inc., which owns and operates medical office buildings.

former_human2 karma

Jimmy Panetta dirt please?

readsludge2 karma

Rep. Panetta (D, CA-20) has disclosed 14 assets worth between $31k - $290k, all mutual funds except for a couple of pensions—e.g., as much as $30k in Capital Income Builder, which generally gets low grades on sustainability from Fossil Free Funds. Up to $30k in Capital World Growth, same. Up to $30k in EuroPacific Growth Fund, same. Up to $30k in Fundamental Investors, same. We'll aim to publish the full confirmed data set on reps' holdings in the months to come as part of our accountability journalism.

readsludge4 karma

He's a member of the House Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research, which would be an interesting area to investigate deeper, how much biotech is in these funds. (Or how much Horticulture!)

Think_Link172 karma

What about TN Rep David Kustoff?

readsludge9 karma

Kustoff is a wealthy fellow, worth as much as $4.7 million as of the end of 2017, according to our analysis. And he's got some conflicts of interest. Kustoff is the House Financial Services Committee, and he owns stock in finance firm BlackRock (up to $50k) and in Berkshire Hathaway (up to $15k), which is invested in the insurance and finance industries.

Kustoff used to have an ownership interest in BankTennessee of up to $100k, but he sold it in 2017.

RealJimBoeheim2 karma

John Katko?

readsludge5 karma

As of the end of 2017, Katko reported having no stock investments.

Randygilesforpres2 karma

Kim Schrier

Dave Reichert (do you have this data?)

readsludge2 karma

For Rep. Schrier (D, WA-08), some assets disclosed for 2017: mostly mutual funds, not large amounts, and some Apple stock, ballpark $5k. She's a Member, Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research.

For former Republican Rep. Reichert, we were focused on current reps with this data set, but his 2017 personal report is also viewable here—plenty of mutual funds to see if they're Fossil Free.

shoguante1 karma

How about Mike Thompson CA - 5th?

readsludge2 karma

Rep. Thompson's latest annual report from 2017 is another hand-written mess. Mix of mutual funds, at least of five of which worth up to $50k range. What jumps out is that he's a Member of the Subcommittee on Health, so if his mutual funds such as American Fund are invested in the health care industry, there's an opportunity for conflict of interest. In the months ahead, we've made plans and seek to manually data-entry more of these illegible forms into structured, machine-readable data for further investigation.

longdistancefax1 karma

Hi! I would like to know more about Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R) CA-23rd. Do you have anything pertaining tho him?

readsludge3 karma

McCarthy doesn't list any direct stock investments. Most of his money is invested in mutual funds.

dmarshall19941 karma

Anything on Larry Hogan?

readsludge2 karma

We're focused on the U.S. House today, but feel free to email us with questions/tips.

b4ss_f4c31 karma

Thank you guys for the great work you are doing!

Could you please provide info on Alan Lowenthal - CA 47th?

readsludge4 karma

Lowenthal is Chair of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, which oversees energy production and mining on federal lands – both onshore and offshore. He has as much as $65,000 currently invested in the stock of Sempra Energy, an energy infrastructure company with a focus on electric and natural gas infrastructure. While he has been a member of Congress Lowenthal has bought and sold stock in other oil and gas companies, including CA Resources Long Beach, Cheniere Energy, Phillips 66, and Royal Dutch Shell.

NonSocialTeen1 karma

How about Rep. John Garamendi and Doris Matsui?

readsludge2 karma

Next after Defazio!

readsludge2 karma

Rep. Garamendi (D, CA-03) holds for 2017 between $2,107,000 and $7,455,000 in assets (not too shabby), most of which is a ranch real-estate property worth between $1-5 million. Some pension assets. As a Member, Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, there are defense contractors and weapons makers to watchdog in his mutual funds holdings (across at least three funds). Here's something interesting: he owns between $1k-$15k of Twitter stock. We'll be continually covering members trading in tech stocks on Sludge this year.

Rep. Matsui (D, CA-06) disclosed assets between $912,000 and $2,130,000 for 2017—lot of Vanguard mutual funds, and between $150k - $250k in the Bank of China NY - CD savings account. As a member of House Committee on Energy and Commerce, same questions about whether the specific funds (e.g. Nuveen Limited Term Municipal Bond Fund, amounts worth $100k-$250k) are fossil free.