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Wikipedia says that you're wrong.

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Professional scientist here (not in virology or biology). For those of you who aspire to do science, this is a great example of how not to write scientifically. One should aim for clarity, and refrain from adding words to make it sound fancy.

As an exercise, I will rewrite this word salad for clarity, while trying to keep the same meaning.

We have just started. We have had a few meetings and discussions with both scientists and sponsors. We are trying to find more sponsors, as well, to better fund the scientists. We are taking advice from the scientists as to how we can support their work.

There, bullshit trimmed away. It could use more content, but not grandiose verbiage.

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What's your favorite whiskey, and why is it Lagavulin?

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Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare

Access means jack shit. I have access to a local Ferrari dealership, but it doesn't do anything for me because I'm not rich.

What we need is Medicare for All, so I can go to a doctor or hospital without going bankrupt.

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I'm a big fan of peat as well, so I do enjoy Laphroaig, though it's not quite as smooth as Lagavulin.