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I know he's not in the House anymore as of January, but do you guys have data on Beto O'Rourke? I've heard talk that he's to some degree involved with oil money, I'd like to have some facts about that as well as anything else you might know about him.

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I want to ask Mr. Barrett about your views on AG Barr's credibility in light of his role in the pardons after the Iran-Contra Affair. What was the mood of Lawrence Walsh's team after President Bush issued those pardons? To what extent do you feel like Barr played a significant role in those pardons and to what extent did you find his motivations nefarious? Finally, to what extent should we the general public be willing to trust Barr's summary of principle conclusions of the Mueller Report?

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I'm the son of a Catholic mother who takes her faith as seriously as you seem to. I do not practice Catholicism anymore and I likely never will again. My mother believes I'm going to heaven because she believes I'm living my truest and most authentic life. She recognizes that while I don't share her beliefs, my spiritual engagement with the world is appropriate and meaningful for me, and that's more than good enough for her.

I guess I would think about Mary, who couldn't possibly have understood what her son's mission was. Even though she knew he was the son of God, she likely still couldn't comprehend what drove him to walk directly into his own execution. I can't imagine what she must have been going through as she watched her only son suffer and die on the cross. I think being a parent is about letting your children walk their own path even when you can't understand it, even when for all you know they're just walking straight into self-destruction. Mary surely found a way to accept her son's path despite all that.

I don't know your son, what kind of man he was, what kind of life he led. But I think the best we can do for one another is love each other, accept each other, forgive each other, and if you believe in God, as the Bishop said, let Him take care of the rest.