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Apparently my wife and I were borderline famous with our Dominos. They were at most a mile from us so we always had hothothot pizza and the deliveries took maybe fifteen minutes from order to received. Well I was in Culinary School while we lived in that apartment so I was constantly cooking and/or baking. You can only eat so much so we would give cookies and pieces of cake to the delivery people (we also tipped a lot because we had a bad habit of ordering when it was snowing). I never considered that an entire restaurant would know us by address but they did.

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I was mildly addicted to Amazon once I got Prime. The UPS guy was at my place two or three times a week. He always got the good stuff (meatball subs, spaghetti, english custard) because he delivered after I got home from my morning classes (and because he brought me my Amazon bullshit that I really didn't need to buy but c'mon man, free shipping!).

After Halloween I gave the drivers handfuls of candy, too. I certainly didn't need that shit adding jiggle to muh belly.

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You do realize you're asking a 14 year old kid about penis?

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One Hour Photo. The entire movie was worth watching for the last five minutes. Fucking spectacular job RW did in that.

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I live in South America now so I'm not quite sure I can afford the shipping charge to have you drive all the way here :(