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Muthafuckaaaaa7171 karma

When you were told from someone off camera that you were in the shot, you looked back at the camera almost in shock lol

Did you move out of the shot or just continue eating your pizza staring into the camera?

hallwaypizzaguy11163 karma

CBS released a full clip that shows my reaction right after: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClJcA5A6x9s

GeekyMeerkat1135 karma

Wait this clip says that the pizza company is now using your likeness in an AD. Did they get your permission, and are they paying you?

hallwaypizzaguy3225 karma

They gave me some instore credit for free pizza. And yes they got my permission

nathanielsaysblah6608 karma

How was that pizza?

hallwaypizzaguy7787 karma

pretty damn good ngl

HighSorcerer2608 karma

Have you gotten any prospective pizza-eating internship offers since your televised debut?

hallwaypizzaguy3826 karma

Not yet. Hit me up congresspeople

ALSX35010 karma

How does it feel to be the next Ken Bone?

hallwaypizzaguy8466 karma

Hey I was just careful to do this on an alt lol

freecain2417 karma

After people figure out who you are, and start digging into your past, what Ken Bone like revelation is going to come up and ruin you for all of us?

hallwaypizzaguy4287 karma

I'm a fan of a terrible basketball team

bob_sacamano_junior1821 karma

The Phoenix Suns?

hallwaypizzaguy3813 karma



Should have known you were a nephew.

hallwaypizzaguy798 karma

damn you boomed me

bobo8884603 karma

What pizzeria did you get your pizza from? Have they offered you free pizza for life yet?

hallwaypizzaguy10036 karma

&pizza, and they reached out and they gave me a bunch of free pizza credit haha

oxidius3803 karma

What was your favorite moment of the hearing?

hallwaypizzaguy7294 karma

The end. Elijah Cummings' closing remarks were thunderous

TurnDownYourRadio3032 karma

Are you and the girl, who was caught on camera chatting you up, engaged yet?

hallwaypizzaguy4484 karma

I hope she's not embarrassed, lol. She's an exchange student going home on Friday (tomorrow) so nothing happened. She seemed cool though

Madclem2264 karma

Pizza aside, what were your thoughts on the hearing? What’s one thing the cameras didn’t capture? (Or you don’t think the cameras captured, as I doubt you watched it on tv as well as in person).

hallwaypizzaguy5263 karma

Hard to say because I haven't watched it back over but the room was really tense. Both sides were rolling their eyes and scoffing whenever the other side said something they don't agree with. Also I don't know if the cameras caught this but members of congress were constantly getting up and walking over to their colleagues to whisper stuff and then head back.

35Rhum1813 karma

How does it feel to have AOC Tweet about your finest moment?


hallwaypizzaguy1945 karma

Weird, definitely weird. Didnt think this is how i'd be noticed.

spaceborat1639 karma

Everyone thought you were a staffer. What are your thoughts on that?

hallwaypizzaguy1857 karma

Makes sense! I wasn't though

Compe71277 karma

Did you shake the Chairman's hand after it was all over? The online video was still going and I swear that was you.

hallwaypizzaguy1099 karma

Yep, that was me!

postcardmap45203 karma

Oh wow! Did you say anything?

hallwaypizzaguy393 karma

I just thanked him for his speech and told him he was an inspiration, which he really is. He said thank you.

Haephestus1235 karma

What are the conversations in the hall like during recesses? What was your general opinion about how people were reacting to how the hearing was going off-camera?

hallwaypizzaguy1866 karma

Pretty much "this is nuts". A lot of disbelief.

Haephestus771 karma

Disbelief like, "I can't believe trump might have done this stuff" or disbelief like, "I can't believe this guy..."?

hallwaypizzaguy1164 karma


billytheuberslayer1204 karma

What kind of pizza were you eating?

hallwaypizzaguy2471 karma

It was an &pizza maverick with banana peppers and spicy tomato sauce. Pretty good

MacacoMonkey1128 karma

How does it feel to become internet famous (though anonymously and maybe unwillingly)? Did you have friends or strangers come up to you and recognize you from the gif?

hallwaypizzaguy2270 karma

Its pretty surreal, not bad though. It'll blow over in a couple days. Everyone gets their 15 minutes

AutoRedditPython696 karma

Hello hallwaypizzaguy, I hope you have a wonderful day!

hallwaypizzaguy783 karma

thank you!! you too

patoente1041 karma

what the heck is the white board behind you in your proof picture about?

hallwaypizzaguy1104 karma

just some to-do stuff and random notes

Ask_me_4_a_story665 karma

Yeah but how does building a house with asbestos lead to healthcare? Im so curious about that top line

hallwaypizzaguy4704 karma

The asbestos stuff is that I compared trying to fix the american healthcare system to trying to fix a house built with asbestos. You can tear the whole thing down and be homeless until you build a new one or fix every little piece of the wall piece by piece, take forever, and probably get cancer along the way

Ask_me_4_a_story337 karma

I could see that. What are your recommendations for the US healthcare system?

hallwaypizzaguy2164 karma

It's really complicated...I need to do more research and understand the system better or I'd be doing people a disservice by giving my recommendation

KvasirsBlod971 karma

Pizza crust: eat it or leave it?

hallwaypizzaguy1841 karma

Depends. I like my pizza crusts doughy. If they're like hard breadsticks I'm gonna leave them

Tough_biscuit955 karma

How have your parents reacted to your newfound fame?

hallwaypizzaguy1431 karma

They think its hilarious

readmore65918 karma

Which reps we're most impressive? Why?

hallwaypizzaguy1854 karma

Elijah Cummings, Katie Hill, AOC, Ro Khanna, Mark Green. All very direct and clear, argued their points well.

free-range-human349 karma

I'm surprised that you mentioned Mark Green. He represents my district (Marsha Blackburn's former district) and he didn't ask any questions.

What did you find so compelling about him?

hallwaypizzaguy1639 karma

The republican angle was basically why should we trust this guy, he's a convicted perjurer. Which, to be honest, isn't that hot of a take. I thought Mark Green did the best job of laying that argument out, and I wanted to include a republican because it was a difficult problem and I wanted to acknowledge that I at least got where they were coming from even if I dont agree.

emilengler776 karma

Ketchup or Mayonnaise?

hallwaypizzaguy2613 karma

mix those bad boys together

bttheolgee696 karma

Are you aware that &Pizza is using your likeness to sell pizza? Have you considered asking them for pay?

hallwaypizzaguy1448 karma

They got permission from me, its all good. I've got no interest in making money off this

WalrusTurkey666 karma

Why no tie?

hallwaypizzaguy1821 karma

I had one in my jacket pocket, I wasn't wearing it because ties are uncomfortable

JamesonG42379 karma

Bow tie or regular?

hallwaypizzaguy2468 karma

Regular, I dont trust people who know how to tie bow ties

phantomjm639 karma

Is pineapple a valid pizza topping?

hallwaypizzaguy3239 karma

if you like it on your pizza its a valid pizza topping

Sweetragnarok489 karma

heya, just saw you in Dailymail.

Were you aware there was a news crew in front f you or were you like F this, Im hungry?

How did you become part of the hearing?

hallwaypizzaguy1502 karma

I was definitely not aware, what you guys don't see is that that hallway was just LINED with cameras, and with reporters. People were walking around with boom mics and film stuff all over the place. So I didn't really pay any attention to the crew in front of me, I didn't realize I was on film until someone tapped me on the arm and told me.

How did you become part of the hearing?

It was open to the general public, so I got up at 5am and was one of the first in line. Couldn't miss it!

Sweetragnarok375 karma

NICE on that open to the public thing. How long did you have to wait and what were the restrictions? Like no camera rule or NDA stuff.

hallwaypizzaguy563 karma

We weren't allowed to take pictures in the hearing room, apart from that no restrictions. I waited in line for about 4-5 hours.

Mr-Greenie166 karma

How do you like living in the area?

hallwaypizzaguy495 karma

I'm a college kid, so my experience isn't the same as someone who works here, but I really like it

Lysdestic484 karma

What was the atmosphere like in the room as the hearing was going on?

Also, I noticed a young guy walk up and shake Michael Cohen's hand at the end, was that you?

hallwaypizzaguy1026 karma

There was some downtime but overall it was pretty tense, the partisan split was very clear. There were a lot of moments where members of congress and/or Cohen were shouting over each other.

That was a friend of mine, I didn't shake Cohen's hand but I went up and shook Cummings' hand after he gave his closing remarks (which were awesome).

PrinceWizdom483 karma

Did you score that summer internship?

hallwaypizzaguy590 karma

Not yet

plaidcouch188 karma

Where do you go to school?

hallwaypizzaguy463 karma

Georgetown University

Mary_Pick_A_Ford430 karma

In this age where young people want to try and become famous through memes, were you one of those who were excited to become viral or a little embarrassed that you were filmed eating during recess?

hallwaypizzaguy584 karma

Nah I'm happy about it. Cool experience.

iambluest429 karma

Having been present at the hearing, what conclusions were you able to draw? Did your opinion change? Where did you get the pizza, and how did it taste?

hallwaypizzaguy1152 karma

It was a tough case because it's true that Cohen could be considered an unreliable witness (he was convicted of lying to congress). But he's already going to prison for three years, so his motivation for lying about this and making himself and his family a target seems very shaky. I think he's telling the truth.

72chevelle2389 karma

Are you getting any royalties for advertising for the pizza place?

hallwaypizzaguy764 karma

Not royalties, but they gave me some pizza gift cards

CarlosAVP353 karma

Any aspirations to work in government or are you going to run screaming in to the night?

hallwaypizzaguy445 karma

Sure, working in government is definitely a possibility

EliteSoldier202325 karma

Did the camera guy/girl say something to you after he/she filmed his/her interview? Was someone upset with you?

hallwaypizzaguy674 karma

The guy that tapped me on the shoulder looked annoyed at first but he was smiling later. I don't think anyone was really upset with me

LordFluffy301 karma

What is your field of study in college?

hallwaypizzaguy629 karma

International Politics & Philosophy

N_B_Weaves124 karma

Favorite philosophical work?

hallwaypizzaguy345 karma

For political philosophy, Max Weber, Politics as a Vocation

For theology, Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica

For ethical philosophy, not sure, I'd have to think about it

DeliriousBlues279 karma

That was funny. What were the toppings on that pizza?

hallwaypizzaguy504 karma

spicy tomato, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, italian sausage, banana peppers, bbq sauce

najing_ftw150 karma

How are you going to monetize this?

hallwaypizzaguy436 karma

I got some pizza gift cards from &pizza. Apart from that I'm not


have you been contacted about any book deals???

hallwaypizzaguy967 karma

I can barely write this essay for tomorrow how am I gonna write a book

KoYsP3R112 karma

How does your 5 minutes of fame feel?

hallwaypizzaguy379 karma


Nitin201595 karma

Were they selling &pizza there? If not, how did you get it?

hallwaypizzaguy191 karma

Yep there's one inside the Rayburn building

bobjohnsonmilw89 karma

Lol, that look on your face is perfect. How did you manage to get in the room?

hallwaypizzaguy181 karma

I got up in 5am and got in line early! It's technically open to the public but only a small number of people got in

BlackYukonSukerPunch65 karma

What were you doing to the pizza before you picked it up to eat?

hallwaypizzaguy145 karma

trying to separate a piece cleanly

i_suckatjavascript39 karma

Why are you attending the hearing for? Is it for a class project?

hallwaypizzaguy128 karma

For fun

CompetitiveCounty9234 karma

What's it like being famous? Are you gonna do like any interviews on TV now?

hallwaypizzaguy69 karma

Idk, maybe. A lot of news stations have reached out. I need to think about it.

Askmeaboutmy_Beergut24 karma

Did you just not see the giant camera and the guy filming his part?

hallwaypizzaguy84 karma

There were giant cameras and reporters standing everywhere, I wasn't paying attention to that film crew specifically

kotkaiser9 karma


hallwaypizzaguy29 karma

No. If you don't chase what you want you'll regret not doing it

C4PSLOCK4 karma

No one seems to have asked why you're standing up and eating pizza?

hallwaypizzaguy10 karma

Nowhere to sit

culingerai3 karma

How did you come to be eating a pizza?

hallwaypizzaguy9 karma

I was hungry and hadn't eaten all day. My friend brought me some so I left the committee room for a sec to much it

Broseph-The-Great2 karma

What does the whiteboard behind you mean regarding asbestos and healthcare?

hallwaypizzaguy6 karma

just some random notes. The asbestos stuff is that I compared trying to fix the american healthcare system to trying to fix a house built with asbestos. You can tear the whole thing down and be homeless until you build a new one or fix every little piece of the wall piece by piece, take forever, and probably get cancer along the way

ranchplease2 karma

what are you studying? I’m a journalism major and would’ve loved to see the hearing in person

hallwaypizzaguy4 karma

International politics!

hypersonic_platypus2 karma

What is your professional opinion of pineapple on pizza?

hallwaypizzaguy8 karma

who am I to judge what people like on their pizza

augustus_gloob2 karma

How did you get the pizza? Was if free? Are you mooching? Did you order it for delivery?

hallwaypizzaguy4 karma

There's an &pizza inside the building we were in and a friend got me some

woobie1781782 karma

Were you star struck by anyone in particular?

hallwaypizzaguy3 karma

Not particularly, but Elijah Cummings definitely impressed me the most

lk053211 karma

Where’d you get the pizza from? Was it from the Rayburn house? I heard there’s an &pizza in there.

hallwaypizzaguy3 karma

My friend got it for me, but yep

mack123abc211 karma

Is water wet?

hallwaypizzaguy8 karma


Zonorf1 karma

Seem like a cool dude, What's your major?

hallwaypizzaguy2 karma

International politics :)

MURKA421 karma

Were you there for extra credit?

hallwaypizzaguy15 karma

Nope, went there because I wanted to

Catdog2008-29 karma

Can a psychologist explain to me why people do this? What’s the point in pretending to be someone else, and then going on reddit to answer a few questions while posing as that person? I seriously see this all the time on here and I’m dying to know what sort of mental illness this is. I mean maybe everyone once in a while It actually is the person, but most of the time it’s just some loser... so can someone explain to me why they do it? Do they just want a little attention? Or is it something deeper than that?

hallwaypizzaguy23 karma


there's proof in the post my dude