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Pizza aside, what were your thoughts on the hearing? What’s one thing the cameras didn’t capture? (Or you don’t think the cameras captured, as I doubt you watched it on tv as well as in person).

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Last year Rep. Adam Smith, not far from Heck politically or geographically, was challenged from the left by Sandy Smith (obvs unrelated). Her campaign took a nosedive with some truly amateurish mishaps (one I believe was her voting record, specifically lack of voting, but I could be wrong on that). Have you checked your closets and cleared your path so you don’t take such amateurish missteps?

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He got up at 5am to go to a congressional hearing. Doesn’t that itself answer your question??

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Is there any easy way or short cut to summarize how much energy a single turbine produces for us lay folks? Like “one turbine produces enough energy for x homes”?

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I have a Master’s in climate policy from 2011 (and haven’t yet been able to land a job, but that’s another story!) how do you manage to stay optimistic given the circumstances?