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Where do you go to school?

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Where did you hear this?

If it is true how would that justify Trump's use of charity funds to bribe the Florida attorney general into closing a criminal investigation into a the Trump University fraud scheme?

Is your suggestion that Trump should be allowed to steal because he can point so someone who also stole?

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Edited because I like this question better:

Is Pence corrupt as well?

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Frontotemporal Dementia

I am under the care of a neurologist due to peripheral neuropathy. Long story short, the first brain MRI showed early frontotemporal dementia, the second, brain shrinkage. My father and grandfather died of Alzheimer's. My memory isn't what it used to be, but it is not incapacitating.

Is there any treatment, or hope?

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One bonus point of the shut down is to eliminate as much of the "deep state" as possible. That many of the best employees will move on if they can is not a bug, it's a very intentional feature.

In theory the politics of a hire can't be considered in the hire of new civil servants. In reality it will be, the political appointees will insure that like-minded managers will be in charge of replacment.