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So, you're officially a pizza lobbyist?

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After people figure out who you are, and start digging into your past, what Ken Bone like revelation is going to come up and ruin you for all of us?

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You say people can leave at anytime, but you're also not allowed to work on the side or gain personal income (outside of the group's "allowance")- so if you are kicked out (or decide to leave) how does someone fund their new life?

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You'd make a good politician. So, there is nothing promised or formal?

Are members permitted to keep external savings when they join? Is anything set aside to teens or kids when they are raised their so they have the choice of staying or leaving once they reach adult hood?

The ability to leave is, in my mind, what separates a "collective" from a "cult." Financial dependence is one way to accomplish this.

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So, in theory you get to keep what you came in with. However, if your assets are "frozen" - this is either done by them trusting you not to spend, or by turning your assets over to them.

Assuming they act on this in good faith, or have a good legal framework to protect your assets - you end up with two problems: People who are in the system for a long time will only have the money the went in with, which could be "enough" to get out 20 years ago, but not today. You're not earning interest, so inflation will eat up your savings.

And that's assuming you came in with money. What if you were raised there? How do you get out then?