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How have your parents reacted to your newfound fame?

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I just saw a post on twitter and i figured, i might as well get your take on it?

"kink doesn't belong at pride :// " pride is the anniversary of a RIOT get out with this "family friendly" bullshit we're not here to be assimilated by het culture

To me this seems to get close to the idea of a toxic behavior, it takes an event thats supposed to enable those in the lgbt community and makes into something thats still just a protest.

Part of my issue is that there are lgbt families, and beyond that there are lgbt youth who may suddenly feel uncomfortable at an event meant to enable them to feel pride in their sexuality.

But im a straight white dude and i dont want to make an argument that i have no merits in, and that i cant fully relate to the experiences that need to be had for that debate

Thanks for your time in reading this and responding if you choose to

Top level question because the automod deleted this Whats your favorite color?

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A big part of why i asked this question is because well, as i acknowledged, im a straight white guy, i can't relate to the experiences that would lead me to needing an event to reinforce my belief that what i am is okay

That said, i do enjoy being able to support those in the community and that to me means everyone, youth included. So i was partially bothered by how the quote in my original comment. Because it made it sound like you cant be lgbt and be a family, and that being kinky is an inherent part of be lgbt It was a complicated question and before i had a solid response i wanted to be fully informed of the situation i was responding to, even if that meant my initial assumptions were wrong.

And my response to it was basically pride is a family event and that insisting the term family event makes it hetero is insulting to those in the LGBT community who have families and that while some kinks could be expressed, they should not be expressed in an overblown way

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Are the hours as bad as some people make it seem? Or is that just a select few medical facilities giving everyone a bad rep?

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My protest comment stemmed more from the insistence that pride stemmed from a riot.

To me that felt like the op who posted that quote was disregarding the whole "pride" aspect of a pride parade