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Is the Chinese govt news media actively trying to change a culture that thinks pangolin scales and other such endangered animal products are medicinal?

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That's cool. Do they have a super annoying pulsating sound like Paracyrtophyllus robustus?

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Thanks. Would like to hear it. Really I just think they're annoying because last time I was living in Central Texas there was an overabundance of them due to a very mild winter. Made it easy to hunt them and make the chickens happy, and it was a little bit quieter :)

Etymologists must love entomologists!

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I heard the Fijian women do almost all the actual work there; was my source being funny or is there some amount of truth to it?

Speedy recovery for both of you :)

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Would there ever be enough to deploy to each battlegroup in the case of an underway man overboard event?