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heya, just saw you in Dailymail.

Were you aware there was a news crew in front f you or were you like F this, Im hungry?

How did you become part of the hearing?

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NICE on that open to the public thing. How long did you have to wait and what were the restrictions? Like no camera rule or NDA stuff.

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As a former receptionist, is your technology aim to replace or aid office assistants in their jobs?

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Have so many questions to ask so I'll make mines count

  • If you had a chance will you consider doing a super hero movie? If yes what DC/Marvel character would you love to direct?

  • What is your favorite horror film?

  • There are a lot of Anime/Japanese and Korean Manga stories that will be great to do as a movie (example: Akira/ Ghost in a Shell). Is this something you would consider doing?

  • If you were to show a friend/fan round who has never been to France or any favorite place in the world, what little known cafe, restraurant or area would you say they should check out?

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This happened to me around a year and half ago. I do annual trips to Asia almost routinely. During one of my flights for the first time I got a ballistic screening by the TSA agent. I didnt know if I set the agent off, I had my laptop on my backpack and didnt hear her say remove it on time and was very very sleepy... but I went through the procedure for having patted down and sent to a corner to get my hands checked. I complied and went on my way.

However on the next TSA checkpoint it happened all over again. I asked the agent and the agent said I had a "code" in my ticket, which was a Delta ticket that says I needed extra security check.

I dont think Im at risk at all. Is this Code being given at random? I dont mind complying but it is kinda embarassing having it done where ppl can see me and a bit of a hassle when you need to catch your gate/flight departure. (Yey LAX/SFO TSA long lines)

Also Im seriously considering now doing TSA Pre to speed up my next check. Lately no matter how early I get to an airport the TSA lines are really getting longer.

However, I hear that having a TSA Pre Check doesnt necessarily sped up your check in. Is this true? I overheard this back in Feb when I was in line at SFO and a person with TSA pre was told to line up still with the rest of the non pre passengers.