What's up ding-dongs? It's me: the voice of everybody's favorite sturdy bisexual, Pam Poovey. I'm here to answer your questions while also getting in some quality day drinking. So fire away cuz lord knows I'm already going hard.

Also here's a link to a terrifying Halloween short film that I made with my pals at Dad's Garage, and it features appearances by notable bad-asses like Colin Mochrie, Aisha Tyler, Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR3qF7XlyC8&t=5s Every time you watch it, a pumpkin is born. Every time you share it, an angel splooshes its wings.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/ambercnash/status/1055184288013082624

**THANKS SO MUCH for spending your time with me and all your wonderful and thoughtful questions. I got to a lot but maybe not all. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! xoxoxoxoxo

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Magner31001887 karma

Pam has evolved over time, how much of her evolution has your own personality contributed?

ambercnash3443 karma

I'd like to think a lot but probably just a bit. I think as Adam Reed has gotten to know us all he's started writing the characters for us a bit more, I have a really dirty mouth and have always kinda been one of the guys oh and I LOVE to fart.

ItCameFromSpaaace1228 karma

What would be your dream genre for the next Archer reboot?

ambercnash2861 karma

I'd love a period British something, like Downton Abbey or Poldark or a Viking season, Pam would make a badass Viking Queen.

ambercnash196 karma

I'd love a period British something like Downton Abbey or Poldark or a Viking season. Pam would make a badass Viking Queen!

deathtogamon1231124 karma

I only know you as Pam, and you're excellent! Is she the most fun to voice or do you have a favorite?

ambercnash1499 karma

She is the most fun character and I love her so much. It really has been a gift to play Pam for so many years, she is so incredible and wonderful and can do anything and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks.

roissy_37886 karma

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to work sans pants, what do you enjoy about voice work? Are there particular tricks you use to find a character's voice when you play them? Thanks for some awesome work!

ambercnash1745 karma

I love the challenge of trying to get all the "acting" out through just your voice (my voice is acting so hard right now, is often what I'm thinking in the booth) I usually have one word that helps me click in to a character's sound and for Pam it's "really?"

DeadSet746721 karma

What's it like working with H. Jon Benjamin, is he as dry as he appears on screen? And when will Pam Poovey get her own spin-off series? I desperately need that in my life.

Pam Poovey Spin-off Series petition

ambercnash1071 karma

H. Jon Benjamin is exactly what you'd imagine, he's like having a jackass older brother that gives you no end of shit, but you still just want to hang out in his room and listen to records with him.

Pam spin-off? I desperately need that in my life too, let's start a letter writing campaign!

DeadSet746436 karma

Don't tempt me, I have an account on Change.org, the one that brought back McDonald's Szechuan Sauce. We can make it happen!

ambercnash338 karma


CaptainDrunkBeard665 karma

When you first started voicing Pam, did you know the different directions that the character would end up going? Was it always the plan to make her a coke addicted, Yakuza employed, ass kicking, Beej fiend? I'm curious as to who was most responsible for her character development because she is awesome.

ambercnash1176 karma

I had no idea what Pam would become, I don't think anyone did. Except for beej fiend, we all saw that coming a mile away. In the pilot episode, Pam is introduced as the mousy Director of HR and now look at her. She was originally just there to be the butt of the jokes but then I think Adam was like we need someone that can do blank, have Pam do it and that just happened a bunch until Adam looked up and was like "shit, Pam is awesome"

astarsas07632 karma

Who would you cast as Archer and Pam in a live action? By the way big fan

ambercnash2664 karma

I think Jon Hamm is a safe bet for Archer and John Goodman would make a great Pam!

astarsas07541 karma

And that’s why you are officially my favorite!! 😂😂. Any ideas for the others?

ambercnash921 karma

I think most everyone else could be played by the actual person that plays them except Gillette. Gillette could be played by Jimmi Simpson or Ellen DeGeneres.

quechal553 karma

Is it wrong that I am sexually attracted to cocaine Pam?

ambercnash936 karma

No, I mean it's weird but I get it.

Onepopcornman468 karma

How much improv do you get to do in an episode?

Is there anything that maybe you guys did in the studio that you thought was brilliant but didn't make the cut?

ambercnash693 karma

We don't actually do that much, the scripts are usually pretty tightly written, the improv usually comes in the everybody reacts to something lines.

Mantisbog422 karma

Be honest. Have you ever told a lover in real life that they made you wet enough to drown a toddler in your panties?

ambercnash846 karma

I never have. But maybe I've said, come on you were pushing rope.

Deplete1407 karma

What’re you drinking?

I’m jealous, I have to go to work in a few hours.

ambercnash716 karma

That's still plenty of time to have a few drinks, take a booze snooze and be fresh as a daisy.

BlakAcid348 karma

Is this the same Dad's Garage in Atlanta that, years and years ago, did The Zurich Plays: A brief history of DaDa done in a DaDaist style play?

ambercnash347 karma

Holy Bananos yes, that's the very same.

gladiator0607291 karma

Have you found yourself using any of Pam's sayings in your daily life?

ambercnash934 karma

I haven't, but if I did "shut your dick holster" would be at the top of my list.

good_sandlapper258 karma

Pam's back piece is epic. Do you have any tattoos?

ambercnash341 karma

I have 2 but not nearly as epic. I have a star on my shoulder and and a snowflake on my arm.

dialmformostyn232 karma

What are you drinking?

ambercnash560 karma

Prosecco, I mean it is day drinking after all.

tall_but_funny230 karma

Is Pam's weird-ass backstory something that is constantly evolving or was it developed early on? I love the random Yakuza references!!!

ambercnash390 karma

I think it's constantly evolving, if Adam knew all of that in the beginning I think it might have driven him insane. I really want some more Poovey Farms episodes.

lepidopt-rex217 karma

Do you have any real-life inspiration for Pam’s character and if so, anyone we know?

ambercnash397 karma

Not really, her voice in the beginning when I was first finding it was kind of the voice I do when I'm doing my mom. Otherwise, all the inspiration comes from the writing of the character and just trying to play her to the top of what such an awesome character deserves.

nojokesallowed123169 karma

What will you be doing for Halloween?

ambercnash413 karma

A few friends are coming over and we are handing out Halloween candy to the neighborhood goblins! We are the weird old people that don't have kids but love trick or treaters.

KnightsNG149 karma

Hey, Amber! Love the stuff you do, and not just on Archer! Seeing how Archer's ending next season, what variant of Pam would you say is your personal favorite to voice/act as/watch being awesome?

ambercnash300 karma

I really loved giant Pam from Danger Island. I love it when Archer and Pam are teamed up, it's really fun and it was a nice fun/dumb season!

Sylvers132 karma

If you were given complete creative freedom over Pam (no strings attached), are there any fundamental changes you would make to her personality/writing?

ambercnash238 karma

I don't think so, I really have loved watching her develop in the way that she has and don't think if I had been in charge of it, it would have been so great. I also really like that at the end of the day lots of times Pam is the real heart of the show.

darkblash69108 karma

If Pam could bang any historical figure, who do you think she'd choose?

ambercnash384 karma

Baberaham Lincoln

DruTangClan98 karma

I was going to be Pam for Halloween this year but I feel like I’m not in fight club shape so i wouldnt have been doing it justice. Anyway, do you have a costume this year, and would Pam have a go to costume?

ambercnash288 karma

Well the great thing about Pam is she comes in so many different shapes and sizes, so next time if you aren't feeling fight club Pam have another Pam lined up, Pam lives inside us all.

I don't have a costume, I dressed up a bunch last weekend for shows. I played an old prospector for a burlesque show. I think Pam would love to wear a skimpy American Gladiators costume. Remember that show?

ThEwhitestBlackGuy85 karma

Have u farted while recording ?

ambercnash191 karma

No but I wish I had. I have burped, or tried at least, there have been burps in the script and I always want to try and record them but I think they usually use a canned burp that's better than my meager attempt.

Jon_Pinkerton80 karma

Who's your favorite voice actor to work alongside?

ambercnash226 karma

We actually work in a pretty solitary environment. We just go in and do our own lines and then leave so we rarely get to work with anyone else on the show. I do get to see other people work on occasion, if I get there early sometimes Lucky will still be in the booth or Dave Willis and that's always fun to watch. And I love all the cast members, we see each other for SDCC or other panels and events and we have so much fun together, everyone really is hilarious.

BraveNewRedditor79 karma

For some scenes, to fully capture the more subtle scene noises you're made to incorporate props - like with the bear claw scene.

What are some other scenes where this has happened? Like maybe something from season 5?

ambercnash201 karma

Literally every episode in season 5 I had something in my mouth. Cheese puffs, napkins, water, the engineer's granola bar. It really got ridiculous and kinda gross. It's the ultimate talking with your mouth full, there was food everywhere, the mic, my script!

legomaniac8967 karma

Does your opinion on Bear Claws match Pam's?

ambercnash109 karma

Sadly, no. I've never been a fan or maybe just never had a really good bear claw, I don't like donuts in general. I love sweets but not of the donut variety.

Haydenhumper67 karma

Holy shit snacks, can't believe you are Pam!

Toffee apple or Chocolate apple? Which do you prefer in your dick holster?

ambercnash77 karma

I'd say toffee apple, it's tastier but stickier so it depends on the kind of situation you'd be going for.

GizmoYamamoto59 karma

How much influence do you have over Pam's growth throughout the series? Thanks so much for being such an awesome person! Archer would not be the same without you!

ambercnash117 karma

Thanks! I bet you're awesome too!

I don't have any direct influence but I think that as the seasons went on Adam Reed (the creator and writer) got to know all the actors better and some of their traits started to creep in to the characters. Like calling people dingdongs is one of my favorite things in real life so Pam picked it up. I also think Adam was a little like, I think Amber could pull this off as Pam, let's try it.

bigbigjoel57 karma

Will you please call me something awful?

ambercnash88 karma

Could I get a little bit of information about you?

thebluediablo46 karma

Getting a little serious for a moment - you're a GA resident, is that right? If so, do you have any thoughts on your state being in the spotlight at the moment due to what seems to be pretty troubling levels of voter suppression?

ambercnash81 karma

I am a GA resident, I think it's terrible and scary that this is happening in 2018. I think it's good that it's in the public eye so that hopefully things will change.

Sxty846 karma

Do you ever get recognized on the streets? Is it from people recognizing your voice or face?

Stupid question but we can't just post

"Oh My God! Pam is the Best ever!!"

in these things without preceding it with a question.

ambercnash75 karma

I don't think so, maybe if it's like at SDCC and I'm with Aisha. Mainly if I tell people my name, they'll ask or people in Atlanta recognize me from my stage work. But sometimes, I'll be on stage and people recognize my voice then google me to see what I look like and then realize it's me.

modelaune39 karma

What's up Amber, It was dope doing improv with you at Yellow City Comic Con! Do you have any more cool projects coming up with dad's garage?

ambercnash59 karma

Oh cool, thanks. Always doing improv, pretty much every weekend I'm in town and we just released this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR3qF7XlyC8&t=5s

Spudly231938 karma

Amber! I love your work! If you had advice to start a career in voice over what would you give as advice?

ambercnash90 karma

Record and listen to yourself a lot. Take some classes, get a demo put together, find an agent. It takes a lot of people saying no to you, it is very competitive so be prepared and don't get discouraged. Improv classes are also always a great place to develop character.

tophrman37 karma

What makes you sploosh?

ambercnash118 karma

That's a little personal but in a general makes me exceedingly happy kind of sploosh way... Golden Girls reruns, murder shows and puppies.

LeicaM6guy61 karma

Are you Deadpool?

ambercnash74 karma


anti_pope39 karma

Wow, that's exactly what my wife would say. We're single by the way.

ambercnash65 karma

This seems like a trick.

AngryCod32 karma

What about murder shows featuring puppies as crime-solving investigators?

ambercnash112 karma

What!?! Could they all have cheesecake at the end of their hard days and talk about what a slut Blanche is?

SonOfDadOfSam15 karma

I think this would need to be the over-the-credits sequence every week.

mister_gone27 karma

Ooh. But the dessert changes on special dates. Like pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving episode, or human flesh for Easter.

ambercnash51 karma

Can someone please set us up a meeting at ID we have a million dollar idea on our hands!

LinoleumFulcrum24 karma

I have a Yellow Lab mix (aka "Meth Lab") named Bea Arthur that enjoys supervising the evisceration of stoats and weasels - you are gonna love her.

Please contact my office for a viewing.

ambercnash27 karma

We will be fast friends!

PangPingpong8 karma

So, the Golden Girls murdering puppies would be ideal, then.

ambercnash21 karma

No no no, we can't have puppies getting murdered.

heartshapesANDninjas33 karma

AMBER! I love you so much, huge fan. Thanks for bringing a super awesome presence to all your characters.

My question: as a female comedian, do you feel that the VO community and the comedy in-person scene are harder for you? How can aspiring female VO actors and comics battle the weird environment of the "boys club"?

ambercnash76 karma

I think it's changing. I think comedy can be tough for women but I think now we have so many incredible female comedians in the spotlight that the idea that women aren't funny just can't hold water anymore. I think the more women there are the more supported women feel and that helps a lot. I haven't felt it as much in the vo community but I've only really worked on Archer. I think battling the boys club takes not giving it any power and being strong skinned and just doing your thing no matter if people give you a hard time.

davechamp100032 karma

Hi Amber! Love your work. What was your favorite episode of Archer to work on?

ambercnash119 karma

I loved Southbound and Down, that was the first time we saw Archer and Pam teamed up on a mission and I loved it. They all are so fun though. I loved the quick sand stuff in Danger Island too!

BEEFTANK_Jr28 karma

Is it weird to see your voice coming from the mouth of a character that doesn't at all look like you? Is that a pretty normal reaction in voice acting?

ambercnash72 karma

I've gotten really used to it now. It's fun to see your voice coming out of different things. I don't think my mom likes it though.

blamethepunx27 karma

Holy shit snacks!

Do you want some cocaine?

ambercnash74 karma

No thanks, I'm quitting.

Dourden198524 karma

Are you mainly a beer, hard liquor or mixed drink kind of person?

ambercnash51 karma

I used to be all about the mixed drinks but know I'm more of a wine person.


If you could pick either a shark or dinosaur onesie which one would you choose and why?

ambercnash43 karma

Shark because they are scarier in my opinion.

LosingWeekends16 karma

You were the first famous person I ever met who made me flip out— I saw you at Dad’s Garage ages ago. How did you get from improv to the most awesome character on television?

ambercnash31 karma

Cool! The guys that make Archer knew Dad's Garage and would come see shows, they asked me to audition for something and I was all wrong for it and didn't get it, but they brought me back later for something and I've been working for them ever since.

Tokugawa16 karma

Is/was there any great moment on Archer that you or someone else ad-libbed?

ambercnash36 karma

There for sure have been some, I'm not for sure what they all are but everyone on the show is hilarious and just jackasses around in the booth but mostly it's what's in the script.

8MileAllstars16 karma

Would Pam be offended if she was compared to George on Seinfeld?

ambercnash27 karma

I don't think so...

ghost-weed15 karma

Which episode of Archer is your favourite?

ambercnash31 karma

I love so many. Southbound and Down, The Papal Chase, The Honeymooners are just a few of my favs.

optimushime15 karma

Hello Amber! A little introductory "thank you" - I'm a performer working around Texas now, but as I was moving out of LA a few years ago, I caught Archer Live and briefly met you and Lucky Yates after the show. You complimented my Cyril cosplay very nicely, and I really want to say thank you - the involvement and enthusiasm with which the Archer cast has embraced their community is singular and wonderful. It's inspiring!

Was there any point when you found yourself struggling to grasp a new development for Pam? Every layer that gets peeled off of her personality, there's something deeper and potentially darker - from bum fights to coke habits to whatever the future holds. Was there any particular new quirk that made you think "Wait, what? And you want me to sell that?"

ambercnash32 karma

Awesome, thanks for that, it really has been such a joy to get to meet so many people that love what we do and there really are a lot of great people out there.

I've never struggled with it, I'm more amused than anything, it's kind of that "what's this rascal gonna get up to next?" kinda feeling.

ItsBail12 karma

How much time do you normally spend in the booth per each episode of Archer? How many biscuits have you consumed pretending they were bear claws?

ambercnash37 karma

I'm usually only in the booth 45 minutes to an hour. I recorded 1004 today and it only took 30 minutes, it's a dream job.

I'm pretty sure I at 6 biscuits that day.

ak07712 karma

What's your favorite TV show?

ambercnash39 karma

There are so many!!! I just finished Maniac on Netflix and it was awesome so was Haunting of Hill House and I love Westworld and Preacher.

NvizoN12 karma

Not talking about Archer for a bit:

What is your favorite type of music /favorite bands?

ambercnash41 karma

I like all kinds of music. I've been digging War on Drugs lately. Some classics I love are Radiohead, Band of Horses, Deathcab for Cutie, Built to Spill, TMBG. I also love jazz and bluegrass.

Blackspider111111 karma

Do you have any plans for other shows that you will be on in the future?

ambercnash37 karma

Not yet, but like any actor, I'm always auditioning for roles. The dream is to have my own show.

I've also started making a bunch of stuff, instead of waiting around for people to give me exciting roles. Like our new Halloween video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR3qF7XlyC8&t=5s

Underlipetx10 karma

From Spies in the jungle to undercover dreams, where would you like to see Archer go for a season?

ambercnash25 karma

I'd love a Viking Season, I'd love a season set on Poovey Farms, A Downton Abbey style season

SpontaneousDownvotes10 karma

Thank you for doing the AMA, Amber! Pam is hands down my favorite character on Archer.

In the spirit of Halloween, what‘s the best costume you’ve ever had?

ambercnash25 karma

I went to a party with my college boyfriend as Ricky and Lucy in black and white. It was pretty sweet.

Mortiouss7 karma

Amber, love you and love Pam, you bring so much to Archer. My daughter has always been fascinated with voice acting, how did you get into voice acting?

ambercnash20 karma

Thanks so much! I started in improv and through meeting people through that got some gigs doing radio commercials and then eventually auditioned for Frisky Dingo and got a role on that show and did several characters then those guys went on to make Archer and brought me along.

HighlandUK3 karma

First of all, you are f***ing awesome and Pam is my favourite character by a distance. I'm a guy and sometimes I find myself saying 'splash' in your voice in my head when I see a nice girl 😂😂😂

Couple of questions if that's okay?

Do you watch any adult cartoons yourself (Southpark,Bob's Burgers etc)?

What is some other stuff I can see/hear you in?

P.S Follow up request- Please ask Archer/Bob/ H Jon Benjamin do another episode of Nathan for you- that segment was soo good!

Thanks for answering if you have time!

ambercnash4 karma

"Splash"? That's a whole different ballgame and please don't ever say that or Sploosh out loud to said nice girls.

I'm not a big animated show watcher, I know I'm terrible.

You can see me in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR3qF7XlyC8&t=5s

Or a whole web series at www.hartofamerica.com


nishitd2 karma

I love Pam Poovey, but when the first time I saw you recording for it, I felt cognitive dissonance, because I didn't imagine Pam Poovey looking as cute as you do in the real life. So I just want to say you are amazing.

For the question, how has your journey been in Archer? Do you feel it should have continued?

ambercnash14 karma


I have loved being on Archer and to be honest, I'd do it forever. I love playing Pam. I do like that it has continued for 10 seasons and I know that not everyone agrees but I think genre hopping has helped keep the show fresh for so many seasons, it's more about the characters and their relationships at this point, no matter where they end up and for an actor that's really fun.

Powdercum2 karma

Do you sploosh like Pam?

ambercnash3 karma


Fr0D0ugh2 karma

Is Archer going to wake up?! Would that be a good thing? Like good storytelling? Or do you reckon his story is done.


That was to get your attention!

Thanks for doing this AMA.

ambercnash4 karma

TIDDIES to you my friend.

I don't know, I think he might to eventually wrap it all up, but who know they don't tell me tiddies.

Jelese1111 karma

I just want to say that all of Pam's lines make me snort with laughter.

Are you as funny as Pam in real life?

ambercnash5 karma

I don't know if I'm as funny as Pam. I'd like to think I'm pretty funny but who knows.

Alice_Cern-18 karma

Why did you feel the need to say you’re bisexual in your first full sentence ?

ambercnash7 karma

Pam has been described as a sturdy bisexual since the beginning of the show.

Alice_Cern-17 karma

What is a “sturdy” bisexual ? Sounds offensive

ambercnash7 karma

I think it's more like Pam is a sturdy gal that just happens to also be bisexual.