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In your title you stated there are 5 of you. In the post you stated there are 6 of you. My question is: which number is more accurate?

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Is this the same Dad's Garage in Atlanta that, years and years ago, did The Zurich Plays: A brief history of DaDa done in a DaDaist style play?

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Can you please tell them to do that play again? That would be amazing! I think I still have the pamphlet thing somewhere.

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Do you think there is any validity in work therapy?

Reading your article it seems like the problem with this particular treatment center is/was the person running it. It seems like a huge mistake to put people in such close proximity to narcotics while they're in recovery. It's also questionable putting them in charge of other people's well-being. I think work therapy can be a valuable tool to help a person in recovery, but this seems like the person in charge didn't care about the people trying to recover.

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I mean, he did kinda say he's not getting paid for this and is living off his savings from a few years of work. It's all right there in the post.