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Anything happened after? Were you banned from ever attending again?

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What is your stance on some of the horrible teachers that are in your union? How can you support them and things like the "Rubber Room"

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They might have had to bribe someone because they are press but almost any person can take a tour to the DPRK. You have to realize that VICE is very sensationalistic when it comes to their reporting. I enjoy their work but I keep that in mind while watching.

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Mr. Smith, I am a big fan of your travels to North Korea. I found it to be humorous, sad and informative all at the same time. I have a couple questions that maybe you can answer

  • What did you film the trip to DPRK with? It appears to be one of the Eyeglass cameras.

  • How did you get away with filming? IIRC they check each photo you take to make sure you don't insult the "Great Leader" or any photo that portrays DPRK in a negitive matter.

  • Other than the DMZ, were you surprised about them being relaxed on things that you thought they going to be strict with

  • Due to escalating tensions between the DPRK and the rest of the world, would you go back again?

  • Did you happen to get a peak of the 5th floor in the Hotel you were staying at?

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Do you charge entry fees? If so how to you keep people from sneaking in and how would you track vendors?

I help out with Amateur Radio related flee markets. Usually we charge at the door and the funds are put towards the club. We keep only one set of door opens and try to funnel the crowd but we often end up with vendors and their "helpers" running back and forth. Many people sneak by because of it.