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What do you think about Rage Against The Machine's cover of "Renegades of Funk"?

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This is 100% garbage. I fly to Vegas a couple of times a year. On a trip during the summer I picked up 5 or 6 small bottles of water (8 oz.) and put them in a back pack I had with me. I forgot I had them in there and went through security on my way home. No one stopped me. I flew back to Vegas 6 months later no one stopped by going or returning. Finally a year later went back to Vegas and on my way back I got stopped for the bottles. If I could get through security that many times with something like the water bottles, I have no doubt somebody with experience could get virtually anything through.

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Don't think I'm going to let a South Park reference slip by without acknowledging it.

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Which episode of SouthPark is this based off of?

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Thanks! Love your work!