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Who's a young comic who you have become a big fan of?

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How much improv do you get to do in an episode?

Is there anything that maybe you guys did in the studio that you thought was brilliant but didn't make the cut?

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What protects you from the ride sharing services (Eg Uber and Lyft) from scooping your idea?

Edits Q2: What would you think of Uber/Lyft buying you and integrating their services into their product?

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What do you think makes hate movements so appealing to young people? What is one thing that everyday people can do to make it less appealing?

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There are actually a few theories for why this happens as far as I understand.

  1. THere is an idea called brain plasticity, which says as the Brain rapidly develops in childhood (and some say even through adolescence eg 13-15); the brain is more malleable and the way we connect our brain cells can be changed. Understanding things like speech in Humans with traditional hearing takes complex and emergent processes that most people take for granted because they're subconscious. Alternatively:

  2. Some theorize that intentional exposure (eg how much time are you spending and concentrating on learning) is the biggest factor in building these neural networks. What they suppose is that Children/youth are much better at attended to new stimuli because they have more time do so, as well as weak social networks that given them incentives to interact. We see this in foreign language as well, a young kid can pick up a foreign language after moving to a new area much more easily then an adult. In part because of things like school and peer networks, children are much more likely to interact with native children socially and have attentive learning opportunities in the new language. Adults conversely are much more isolated socially, have less time to spend learning a language as opposed to working on career, and may be more stubborn about exposure to new language experiences.