Amber Nash

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is an American actress. She currently stars on Archer as Pam Poovey, whom she describes as "a sturdy bisexual". She has also starred in Frisky Dingo. Amber also has extensive experience in theatrical performances

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JK tons

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That is one of my biggest dreams. I really want to see Poovey Farms, I also told Adam that I want to voice all of Pam's family Nutty Professor style.

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My favorite is still when recorded the episode where Pam is humping the gyro and they weren't quite getting what they wanted out of me so our EP was like "Amber watch me and just make the right noises" so he just started humping around the studio and I made humping noises. That was the day that I realized that hands down I had the best job ever.

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My dream would be John Goodman! Or me...somehow!

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Ah shucks, thanks. I actually don't usually use Pam phrases in real life but I do think people should generally start shutting their dick holsters.

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Sure, Aisha is a beautiful and confident woman but I think she is more fun than Lana and Jon is just as much if not more of a smart ass than Archer.

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Hmm, probs Andre the Giant R.I.P.

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Well we'd probably start the night out at Golden Corral and after we decimated the carving station we'd pour the chocolate fountain in our purses and hit Crammers for 2 for 1 lap dance night but then we get kicked out for hitting the stage and destroying the pole with our poons. So there is nothing left to do but hang with some homeless dudes behind the Chevron and pound a few 40s. Then as the sun comes up over the mountain of garbage (cause now we're at the city dump) we look at each other and start singing Wind Beneath my Wings!

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Unfortunately none, I had a problem in 2007.