We both do voices on the bad-assest animated series that ever was: Archer.

And we’re both ensemble members at Dad’s Garage Theatre, which is a place you should totally check out if you’re ever in Atlanta.

In fact we’re currently doing a kickstarter to support Dad’s Garage’s efforts to buy a forever home. There are tons of perks available, including some Archer themed ones, and it’s all in the name of fart humor and dick jokes, so you know it’s a worthy cause. You can check out the kickstarter here or here or here but not here.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s a PSA we did about Dad’s Garage. You might recognize a face or two… just probably not ours because we’re voice actors. Burn! Take that, us!

Here is proof from Lucky and here is proof from Amber.

EDIT: okay guys, we're going to take a little break and come back to answer more questions later. This has been a total blast, thanks!

EDIT: Hiya guys! I'm back to answer a few more questions for about an hour! Let's do it.

EDIT: Thanks for the good times guys and all the great questions seriously some really good ones this go round. And super big thanks to those of you that donated, it means the world to us, $5 or $500 we love you just the same. See you on the flip side.

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weird_harold452 karma

What's the best thing about Dad's Garage?

All kidding aside...

Amber, will you have sex with me tonight?

Lucky, same question.

ambercnash428 karma

I'm sorry but I can not have sex with you tonight but I would be more than happy to drive Lucky to your place and pick him up when it's done.

TwinkleTwinkie76 karma

We should totally Kickstart this indie sexual venture!

ambercnash86 karma

This is the best idea we've ever had!

Obles922237 karma

Lucky; what is your favorite aspect about Voicing everyone's favorite clone of Hitler?

Amber: Which version of Pam do you prefer? The cocaine addicted, thin Pam from the recent season, or the heavier Pam from seasons 1-4?

ambercnash375 karma

Big Ol' Pammy!! But skinny Pam was sups hot.

radams5000210 karma

Do you guys ever find yourself talking like Pam or Krieger when you are out in the real world (like the grocery store)? I find myself saying "holy shit snacks" quite often. It can't be good for my kids.

ambercnash235 karma

It's probably great for your kids!

Zephyr_67183 karma

Yates, why is it that Krieger never had a spot on the opening credits until last season. I felt your character was a huge part of the show very early on

Amber, if Pam could fight any historical figure in time who would it be?

Thank you guys so much for doing this ama. Love the show and couldn't imagine it without you two.

Martinlutherqueens153 karma

What should we look forward to most for the upcoming season of Archer?

ambercnash403 karma

I'm super stoked that there is an episode where we go back to Poovey Farms for Pam's sister Edie's wedding, they hate each other and it's hilarious and Edie is played by Allison Tolman from Fargo!

travelling_anth144 karma

What is a talent that you have that goes unnoticed due to your voice acting careers?

Lucky_Yates422 karma

My face acting.

ambercnash493 karma

My butt acting.

ambercnash381 karma

Gamecock83138 karma

You two are the voices of my two favorite characters from this show!

Question- there's no way you can let the extremists win by relinquishing the ISIS name, right?

ambercnash555 karma

Well, Jon Benjamin had a great suggestion of calling it A.I.D.S. instead. The American Intelligence Defense System.

WILLx7HEx7HRILL136 karma

What is your favorite memory y'all have while working with the Archer cast and crew?

Lucky_Yates398 karma

Probably wrestling with a drunk Aisha Tyler at the Emmys after-party in a fancy pants restaurant. This was like, a month and a half ago.

ambercnash374 karma

I barfed on my borrowed dress that night!

ambercnash261 karma

When I first met Chris Parnell I was so excited and it was my first event and we were getting ushered around and I was all confused and looked at Chris and said in panic "I don't know what's going on" and he looked at me and said "Don't worry Amber, no one does" that has served me well ever since.

jdjrokr133 karma

How have both of your lives changed as archer has become more and more popular?

ambercnash416 karma

The great part about being a voice actor is that my life hasn't changed all that much except in good ways like I have health insurance and my incidents of eating crackers for dinner have greatly diminished. I still get to live in Atlanta and do shows at Dad's Garage every weekend!

tatersalad911118 karma

Do you think it would be possible to have an Archer Video Game? (Preferably by TellTale)

ambercnash148 karma

Yes please! But unfortunately I don't know how to make video games. So get on it why don't you?

sousedbergin98 karma

In an Archer cast drinking competition what would the final rankings look like?

ambercnash174 karma

Um for sure Pam would annihilate the competition!

ambercnash289 karma

Oh the cast! I would annihilate the competition!

swgolde85 karma

Hi, Lucky and Amber. Steve here, the guy who showed up at a ton of your shows and is totally not your stalker at all.

Can you two talk about why everyone else should be cool like me, and donate money to Dad's Garage so America's Favorite Improv Troupe (TM) can defile an old church? I feel like the atheists will totally be on board with this.

TwinkleTwinkie57 karma

Yes please tell us why Dad's Garage is the shiznit and how everyone can help keep one of the best parts of Atlanta alive and preaching the Improv Gospel!

ambercnash88 karma

Well, Dad's has been making the funny in Atlanta for 19 years now, started by a bunch of young punks. We make theatre accessible and fun, with buckets of beer and cheap tickets. It's where a lot of the city's best talent goes to incubate (and make dick jokes). There's just nothing else like it here: improv, celebrity guests, original plays and musicals (about comic conventions and zombies and junk). We got kicked out of our home of 18 years due to neighborhood development, and have been crashing on another theatre's couch for a year. We found a place we want to buy, and we hope people will help so that we can make fart jokes and weird puns forever. That's the pitch, I guess.

MickeyG4280 karma

Amber, if I bought my wife a dolphin puppet could I send it to you to get it signed?? She would die. She tells me Pam is her spirit animal.

Edit: holy shit I am in Atlanta on military training. I'm coming Friday!

ambercnash111 karma

A signed dolphin is actually one of the Kickstarter perks! Go check it ouuuuuttt. Also, thanks for your service- hope you have fun on Friday!

lolajayne80 karma

Thank you both for doing Archer. Pam and Kreiger are the best characters on the best show. Have there ever been any pranks between the cast members? I know there are sometimes on set, and it seems like a really good group for that kind of thing.

Lucky_Yates120 karma

No, we love each other too much. Also, we only get together for fancy pants events.

ambercnash148 karma

But we're all always pretty drunk.

kira8272 karma

Amber & Lucky - just wanted to say you are both FANTASTIC. I've been going to Dad's Garage for more than 10 years, and I'm so glad it's about to get a permanent home! (It WILL happen!)

PS - Amber, if I was still at my last job, that perk for $2k is AMAZING. Are you plotting how you might tell off someone's boss and co-workers?

ambercnash66 karma

Hooray! We are super stoked too! I am working on great office appropriate insults!

beernerd67 karma

What were your initial reactions to the whole Archer Vice rewrite?

ambercnash120 karma

I loved it. I think it's important to take risks to keep things fresh and that's what we did. I thought it was super fun but I am glad we are going back to basics this season.

badfantasyadvice59 karma

Amber, what was your inspiration for the role of "Hooker" on Frisky Dingo? Also, could you ever see yourself with a man of the like of Old Spice?

Finally, BOOSH.

ambercnash62 karma

I think it was just a voice, I just imagined what a gum chewing hooker might sound like and that's what came out. And yes but I'm married so...

drzoidburger50 karma

Urgent question! What's your favorite breakfast cereal?? Also, which cast member is the most like their character?

ambercnash88 karma

Ohhhh good one, honestly I really like Kashi Good Friends and I think it's hilarious to call a cereal that.

goodgod-lemon49 karma

What's one arc or guest star you'd love to see that hasn't happened yet? Archer is absolutely hysterical!!!

ambercnash176 karma

I really want Pam to start an online dating profile and go on a bunch of weird dates and then have to break a suckas heart.

-Mumbles-42 karma

Have either of you ever been recognised just from your voices?

ambercnash88 karma

Someone that came to Dad's for a show said that they recognized my voice and then imdb'd me at intermission!

ConradBHart4240 karma

Lucky: Do you relate closer to Krieger, or Ray? If you can't decide, what are the traits for both that you identify with?

Amber: Are you getting any fan backlash from all the Coked-out-Pam hate? Did you prefer playing her in previous seasons, or was season 5 just business as usual for you?

ambercnash50 karma

I think Pam is awesome in all her incarnations. And no, no backlash at least that I've heard.

Besticandois20bucks38 karma

Amber Nash is doing an AMA, sploosh! But seriously what was your favorite episode to record?

ambercnash129 karma

My favorite was the episode where Pam is humping a gyro. Because they weren't getting the sounds they wanted out of me, so my boss, EP Matt Thompson just said follow me and I watch through the window of the booth as he humped around the studio and I provided the sound track and that is what they used. It really is the best job in the world.

b1kerguy36 karma

Archer is such a great show, is it what you expected when you signed on?

What is you favorite thing to do in your down time?

ambercnash56 karma

It is so much more than I ever expected! I'm the luckiest gal around! I mean Lisa Simpson as Pam!?!

vvedecci34 karma

What are your favorite Halloween stories or costumes you've done?

ambercnash125 karma

One year, I dressed as a wrestler named Half Nelson, I was half myself and half Nelson Mandela. I later made it a character in a Dad's Garage show.

NeverNix29 karma

Hey guys! First of all, thanks Lucky for tolerating and answering me on twitter all the time. The bf is mad jealous ;) I love getting to know celebs as actual people, so I have a couple random questions:

  • What is your favorite way to unwind?

  • Favorite guilty pleasure movie?

ambercnash66 karma

Vodka sodas at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club! And I love the 1985 classic Clue!

underdasea2127 karma


ambercnash74 karma

I actually bough Lucky a bowtie for Christmas.

You can make your HR lady as cool as Pam, by getting her kidnapped, drugged, fed tons of pork and tangled up with the Yakuza.

karmanaut26 karma

Do either of you use Reddit outside of doing AMAs? If so, what subreddits are your favorites?

ambercnash58 karma

My husband always sends me cute pictures from /r/aww and it's my favorite!

Mikeaz12323 karma

How was it working with Burt Reynolds?

ambercnash34 karma

I wish I knew! We didn't actually get to work with him. But Matt and Adam did drive down to Florida to record him.

HoserUSC22 karma

Seriously, who HASN'T Pam boned at this point??

ambercnash43 karma

I'm pretty sure she has boned everyone! And that is how I like it!

parrothead8921 karma

Did you and Lucky know each other before Archer/Dad's Garage?

I wish y'all had fan pages like Aisha Tyler so I could stalk you better love you more follow you.

ambercnash41 karma

I need to make a fan page, I'll do it someday.

I met Lucky at Dad's and I hated him the first time I met him. I was a young dumb 19 year old backstage during my first show and I was futzing with a puppet and Lucky walked in was like "hey, put that down" and then he left and I picked it up again and he came back in and caught me again and yelled at me.

WJSidis20 karma

What's the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you?

ambercnash68 karma

During my first AMA a dude asked me to take a picture of the inside of my arm, like the crease of my elbow, for I'm guessing masturbatory purposes. Is that guy you?

JonStrickland19 karma

Are there any characters you've created for improv shows you wish could pop up in an Archer episode? I keep hoping for a certain crazed homeless lady named Dorothy to have a cameo. . .

ambercnash29 karma

Yes!!! Well, I did a character named Simone for Frisky Dingo that is a crack whore and very much like Dorothy and she makes an appearance in this coming season!

kellaorion19 karma

I have a question for you both!

What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

ambercnash40 karma

No matter what, I make coffee, if anyone tries to get in my way, it is bad news! Then I start cleaning my house. I'm a real weirdo that way.

Bruffin15 karma

Hi guys! Big fan, especially of Krieger and Pam. As the voice actors who play two of the most out-there characters on the whole show, do you feel that you relate to any of the quirks that either of the characters have? Is there anything about the characters that you really don't like?

ambercnash51 karma

I love being Pam, I constantly wish I was more actually like Pam than I am. Whenever I need extra special powers, I channel Pam. I have a truckers mouth much like Pam and I like giving people shit.

parrothead8915 karma

Hi guys, how are you doing?

I am actually near Atlanta, so I'll check it out. So can I have a better run down of what Dad's Garage is and why it's awesome and everyone should go?

It looks like your kickstarter is doing pretty good! I'm glad for that. You two keep on being awesome by the way.

ambercnash27 karma

Hey, I blurbed a pitch a few questions up. The TLDR= funny. beer. cheap tickets. unique. homeless as a mug. farts.

And you keep on being awesome! DO IT.

turtlesweater14 karma

Hi Amber and Lucky!

What is your favorite type of sandwich?

ambercnash36 karma

I would say a grilled cheese with tomato, followed closely by a knuckle sandwich.


HoserUSC12 karma

If the cast of Archer put on a musical, which would it be, who would be the one to ruin it and HOW?

ambercnash24 karma

I seriously have the worst singing voice, so it would be me. We would probably do Starlight Express.

TwinkleTwinkie8 karma

Huge fan of both of your works especially at Dad's Garage! What were your favorite productions you've done at Dad's Garage? Lucky, what is it like working with Alton Brown?

My personal favorite was when you guys did a Parody of "The Clash of the Titans" with puppets. I still enjoy telling people about Zues "Golden Shower".

ambercnash18 karma

My hands down favorite was the first year we did Invasion: Christmas Carol, I got to play Scrooge and the reviewer said I was "delightfully bitchy" as Scrooge! So fun.

Scott Warren who played Zeus showed us his actual wiener one night during dance call!

-Mumbles-5 karma

Are we done with phrasing?

ambercnash9 karma


hrivnak3 karma

What do you miss most about the old Dad's Garage theater? The lack of parking or the cockroaches?

ambercnash6 karma

The lack of parking for cockroaches.

Damonstration2 karma

Hey guys! I love going to Dad's. I've never had a less-than-awesome time there. What is your favorite improv game to play?

ambercnash3 karma

Ooh! Good question! I would say Mexican Soap Opera.

trendkill33881 karma

So will ISIS be getting a rebranding in the next season?

Also, what is something from Krieger or Pam's backstory that we aren't likely to see in the show?

Edit: I dun mixed up the actress' name with the character's... It's fixed now.

ambercnash3 karma

We'll probably never see Pam working as a bouncer at the strip club Crammer's, which if you follow @pamsgossiptrain she talks about a lot.

_BUR_1 karma

Hi guys! First off, love y'all and Dad's Garage. My son just completed Level 4 Improv Class at Dad's and had an amazing, transformative experience. Dad's Garage rocks! Now question time. I know that Dad's Garage is available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and swinger parties. Have you ever actually been hired for a swinger party?

ambercnash2 karma

Not for a swinger party, per se, but we have done shows at Frolicon. That place is for grownups.