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Lucky: Do you relate closer to Krieger, or Ray? If you can't decide, what are the traits for both that you identify with?

Amber: Are you getting any fan backlash from all the Coked-out-Pam hate? Did you prefer playing her in previous seasons, or was season 5 just business as usual for you?

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Probably the same stuff she needed the $3500 for despite her scholarship providing anything she might need to live comfortably.

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  1. Your conception of the movies that deserve riffing are somewhat known to conflict with some other folks in the troupe. Do you think the kind of movies that you favored for MST3k are still out there, or will you have to broaden your horizons to find movies? ANSWERED ELSEWHERE

  2. There's a lot of speculation about Jim Mallon divesting himself of any MST related holdings. Are you at liberty to expound on the situation, can you set the record straight for us here? Many of the fans demonize him to an extent, which I'm not sure is entirely deserved. Also, make him give up the KTMA tapes.

  3. Is there anyone from MST3k that you'd really love to have on for the reboot, but you don't think they'll come along?

Thanks for reading! I've been a fan since Pod People.

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all of the old bond movies

Now, I appreciate the Moore era for what it was, but by the end of it....I wouldn't call them all amazing.

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I started out Deus Ex with invisible War.

I'm surprised you bothered to pick up another Deus Ex game after that. That might have been one of the first real cases of a PC game being shafted by console limitations.