Hi Reddit, Amber Nash and Colin Mochrie here. We're spreading the word about our new indie film "How To Ruin The Holidays". It's a Christmas comedy with a lot of heart, and even more f-bombs.

Intrigued? We thought you might be!

Click this link right here and all will be revealed!

Our crowdfunding for the film has hit its goal at this point so we're not DESPERATELY BEGGING for your support (which we otherwise would be) but if you want cool perks like early access to the movie or bad-ass credits, all you gotta do is...


Now... bombard us with your questions and we will answer them all! Wanna talk improv and comedy? So do we! Wanna talk about making tv shows? Can do! Wanna talk about our "sex, drugs & rock and roll" lifestyles? Bring it on!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/colinmochrie/status/1389314543357239296

MORE PROOF: https://twitter.com/ambercnash/status/1389986580732026881

EDIT: we're taking a little break for now, will try to get back to more questions later on! Thank you, everyone!

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