Okay guys, that's it for us! Don't forget to watch the Season 6 series finale tonight at 10pm! What will happen? Who will die? We had fun! xoxoxo Lucky and Amber

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mooj1231004 karma

Lucky Yates! I never knew until this very moment that you were once a Muppeteer. What was that experience like?

Lucky_Yates1329 karma

I puppeteered on Elmo In Grouchland. The original Sesame Street cast was amazing to work with

BeerFarts86769 karma

Thanks for doing this guys. Love the show. Where is Woodhouse? What have you all done with that sweet old man?

Lucky_Yates1051 karma

He runded away!

whitesquare608 karma

Pam - Could you provide a recipe for cocaine cupcakes?

Krieger - Release the gas

Lucky_Yates1424 karma

You're not my supervisor!!!

voidvector8463 karma

Hey guys,

Lucky, I just thought you should know that Krieger is my idol. I'm not sure what that says about me as a person, but if I could pursue any "career" from a TV show it would be his. Fingers crossed once I've finished my chemistry degree!

Amber, Pam is probably the funniest character on the show. I will never forget her dropping a deuce, or at least trying to, in the background whilst Cheryl (aka Carol/Cherlene etc.) and Cyril were intimate.

My question to you both is this. What attributes of your respective Archer characters do you admire?

Thanks for the hours of laughter.

Lucky_Yates616 karma

Krieger and Pam both do what they want when they want and accept the consequences for it. Luckily they're both good people at heart.

Demaikeru448 karma

Huge fan!

Which voice actor/actress is the most similar to their played character?

Lucky_Yates1093 karma

Aisha, no question.

escoldn447 karma

How many people has Krieger secretly made into cyborgs behind everyone's backs?

Lucky_Yates938 karma

Just like how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know...

Brobeens366 karma

Hi Guys, thanks for doing this!
Lucky: What is your favorite operation/invention Krieger has been involved in?
Amber: We all know Pam can kick anyone’s ass, but who would give her the toughest challenge?

Lucky_Yates488 karma

Brown Ray Rifle, dude. It was actually my suggestion to Adam Reed!

bobthedanger313 karma

Lucky any hints on Easter Egg hunt?

Lucky_Yates721 karma

Look up, nobody ever looks up in Easter Egg hunts. And just because somebody has already looked through that bush or shrub, doesn't mean there's nothing there. Remain calm. Is this what we're talking about?

courtiebabe420273 karma

Do you guys think Cherlene will ever come back, and do you miss Outlaw Country??

Lucky_Yates328 karma

I DO! Cherlene was awesome.

operation_hennessey265 karma

Lucky, do you love Rush as much as Krieger?

Lucky_Yates627 karma

Nobody does. Nobody.

brettschneidy251 karma

Hey Amber and Lucky!

My best friend and I have recently go into Archer and it just happens that her favourite character is Pam and mine is Krieger. So a question for each of you!

Amber, considering Archer gets so many girls, Pam's sexual prowess is (almost) yet to be passed, what makes Pam so good?

Also Lucky, where did Krieger get his qualifications? he seems unsure about whether or not he's really a doctor.

We're going to make bear claws and Hitler clones this weekend!

Lucky_Yates465 karma

The internet and historical medical texts are both wonderful places, man.

AMontyPython218 karma

Amber, Pam has got to be the worst HR Rep of all time right?

Lucky, What do you and Krieger have in common?

Lucky_Yates460 karma

A love of science and hot women.

FeltBottoms203 karma

Question for Lucky,

Do they reuse your first "Me too!" recording or do you record a new version every time?

Lucky_Yates344 karma

Record it brand new every single time!

JJest190 karma

This question is for both of you,

You're both wonderful performers and I love you?

Lucky_Yates317 karma


Lovethegames180 karma

If you could be one Top Gun character who would you be?

Lucky_Yates461 karma

Iceman 2, The Icening!

runningdiver13152 karma

Ms. Nash and Mr. Yates, I just wanted to thank you for voicing one of the greatest shows that I have seen. Archer has always been able to make me laugh and smile, even when I have gone through some rough times.
My question for you is what is it like to work on the show and what is your favorite episode?

Lucky_Yates274 karma

It's a dream come true! Happy to help you through the rough times, buddy. Favorite episode? Elevator from Season 6, no question.

budgiebum148 karma

Hi Lucky and Amber! Love you guys. I had an eye out at Baconfest, but I only saw Amber super busy in her bacon suit lol.

I know 2016 is a while away, but how are the preparations to move Dad's Garage Theater into its new home going? I'm so happy you guys found a place. I'm so proud to have you in Atlanta and enriching our community. I am so proud that the two of you and the Floyd county peeps bring joy to the world with Archer and represent Georgia so awesomely.

I'm definitely making my way down to Atlanta to see whatever Dad's Garage is putting on around my anniversary. Think I'd be able to get some autographs?

Keep being amazing. Thank you so much!

Edit- I can't wait to see how season 6 of Archer ends tonight!

Lucky_Yates89 karma


twel5138 karma

Lucky or Amber: If there was something that you'd want snuck into your Wikipedia somewhere, what would it be?

Lucky_Yates256 karma

I have a Wikipedia page?!?! I'm seriously asking.

xOm3ga128 karma

Out of all of the running jokes made on Archer, what is your all-time favorite? I personally enjoy the innuendos pointed out by Archer yelling "Phrasing".

Lucky_Yates277 karma

Selfishly, mine is Krieger's "Me too!"

operation_hennessey125 karma

Yo duddddeeess!!! Welcome back.

Can you tell us something about yourselves that we may find surprising?

Lucky_Yates390 karma

I like flowers. If that is shocking to you, so be it.

lilyxyz116 karma

Hi Amber and Lucky. You guys are awesome! My question is:

Who Would win in a Fight: Cyril Figgis or Woodhouse?

Lucky_Yates298 karma

Woodhouse would get all Junkie Strong and kick Cyril's ass.

operation_hennessey108 karma

Can you tell us a funny behind-the-scenes story?

Lucky_Yates232 karma

Nope. Seriously, we record alone.

Petrol_in_my_eyes99 karma

hey guys!

Lucky: How are you most like Pam?

Amber: How are you most like Krieger?

(Yes, I did it in that order on purpose)


Lucky_Yates263 karma

I sometimes bang inappropriate people.

sweetnikkiclassic92 karma

Hi Amber and Lucky! I have two questions for the both of you:

1) What are some of your favorite things to do in Atlanta?

2) What would be your ultimate fantasy Archer episode?

Lucky_Yates156 karma

Seriously my favorite thing to do in Atlanta is shows at Dad's Garage Theatre. I'm super fortunate to be involved with so many brilliant comedians. Dad's is my forever home.

jonemillard87 karma

What particular scene or line has made you laugh the most in Archer?

Lucky_Yates231 karma

It's usually something Ray has done or said. Adam Reed is a god damned genius.

twel575 karma

Lucky: If you had to be a clone of anyone through history, real or fake, who would it be?

Lucky_Yates156 karma


Alleran69 karma

Who is the better bowler? Krieger or Pam?

Lucky_Yates218 karma

Krieger's a better bowler, Pam is a better bowel-er.

FortuitousExplosion63 karma

My friends and I watch Archer every week together, thank you for making such a fucking awesome show.

I loved the bob's burgers crossover, is there any chance that there could be a Frisky Dingo cameo with Valerie or Xtacle?

As a followup, do either of you ever play Munchkin(a card game)?

Lucky_Yates66 karma

I have played it, yes.

ServantofProcess60 karma

Lucky, my understanding is that you're Krieger's voice but you look like Ray. What would happen if Krieger swapped the bodies?

Lucky_Yates110 karma

The we'd have an animated blonde and impeccably dressed version of me prancing around on the tv screen.

seismicor53 karma

Will you be pushing the envelope in the next season of Archer? Will things get crazier?

Lucky_Yates126 karma

Who knows? Adam is off on his mystical vision quest that he takes every Spring to become inspired for the upcoming season.

shawncohen5651 karma

Amber and/or Lucky, how much of your material on Archer is improvised?

Lucky_Yates125 karma

Zero percent of it. Adam Reed is a genius.

seismicor43 karma

Did you get pranked yesterday on April Fools' day? Can you be more specific?

Lucky_Yates97 karma

Nobody can out-fool the King Of Fools.

El_Juan_Hubbard41 karma

Lucky/Amber. Will we get another Archer Live? Unfortunately I missed the last one and have been kicking myself ever since.

Lucky_Yates47 karma

Maybe? I have no idea.

YepImanEmokid37 karma

Any chance that Pigley returns?

Lucky_Yates131 karma

Pigley 3 is still running around somewhere, glowing his little piggy heart out.

erinhollyfenton37 karma

Hey you guys! What are Pam and Krieger's favorite movies to watch on a day off?

Lucky_Yates182 karma

Home surgery videos from the internet.

killersofsanity37 karma

How does one get into voice acting as opposed to film or stage? Were there any challenges with voice acting that you didn't expect?

Lucky_Yates105 karma

You luck into it. Any actor is super lucky to have any paying job. It's a tough racket. Also some people sound better than they look, amiright? Aww man, I'm one of those people...

dasbeidler25 karma

Hi! How is your day going today? And what are your Easter plans if any? How many deviled eggs do you think Pam could put down?

Lucky_Yates71 karma

I have no idea when Easter even is.

shivan2124 karma

Will Pam and Krieger end up together?

Lucky_Yates68 karma

For adventures, yes.

nfriel22 karma

Lucky Yates: how goes Lucky Yates, Private Eye?

Lucky_Yates39 karma

It's been slow as of late. I need a new case to show up.

crimsonlights20 karma

Hey guys!! Pam and Kreiger are my two favourite characters. I even did a shitty Cokehead-Pam cosplay for Toronto fan expo last year.

Would you guys come to Canada (specifically Toronto) for Fan Expo? I have a growing autograph collection and it won't be complete without your signatures!!

Lucky_Yates30 karma

Yes, but we have to be invited by the Expo!

BlueOwl_Rose20 karma

My question is for Lucky. Is your very handsome companion Abe Jackson a rescue? What type of voice do you give him in your conversations? Low, sarcastic, droll?

(For those who don't know Abe Jackson - https://twitter.com/luckyyates/status/399965623092281344)

Lucky_Yates45 karma

Yes he's a rescue! His voice depends on what he's doing. Mostly he's just a sassy punk.

Florida9220 karma

What is Krieger's favourite Rush album?

Lucky_Yates72 karma

Impossible. That's like asking who his favorite clone is, he loves them ALL!

auzzydawg13 karma

Who is Cheryl/Carol's supervisor?

Lucky_Yates31 karma

Malory Archer

operation_hennessey6 karma

What are your top five favourite movies of all time?

Lucky_Yates9 karma

This is a gross approximation: Star Wars (original) Planet Of The Apes (1968 original) Pee-wee's Big Adventure Scrooge (1970) and I'll say The Big Sleep, but chances are it's tied with a million other things.

shivan215 karma

How long have you guys known each other?

Lucky_Yates14 karma

Long enough for us to know that that is HORRIBLE grammar. Also and 14 years or so.

slamdunkbrunch4 karma

Lucky, if you (hypothetically, of course) has to kill someone, how would you go about it?

Lucky_Yates11 karma

Mind control.

shivan214 karma

What's your favorite episode from the new season?

Lucky_Yates14 karma


verdatum3 karma

Hi Lucky! I read in a previous AMA that you started doing puppetry through the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts. But I'm curious to know what got you interested in doing puppetry and getting involved with them in the first place?

Also, any plans for any future puppetry projects?

Lucky_Yates3 karma

I'm working on puppet show ideas all the time, but need to stick with one or two for more than a week. My mind bounces around a lot.

the_rabid_dwarf1 karma

Hey Lucky and Amber, my entire family and I love Archer, and it's pretty kick ass that you guys are doing this. Now for my question: If the opportunity some how presented for you too to work at ISIS (the company not terrorist organisation), would you guys affiliate with your characters?

Lucky_Yates3 karma

I would ONLY work in Krieger's lab. Seriously.