Lucky Yates

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Matt "Lucky" Yates, is an American actor, voice actor, and comedian. He is known for his voice-over roles as Dr. Krieger on Archer and Xtacle on Frisky Dingo. He was also a recurring actor on the Food Network series Good Eats. He studied theater at Wayne State University.

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Lucky_Yates4569 karma

Hey Jon, Lucky Yates here. I work on one of those shows you do. What's it like working with me? Am I too much? I'm too much, aren't I?

Lucky_Yates3052 karma

The voice, the love of weird science and the inexplicable boners.

Lucky_Yates2661 karma

Permission granted, soldier.

Lucky_Yates2516 karma

Holy shit! Bionic Brett may be the best idea of all time. Brett is played by the Art Director of the show Neal Holman. Let's see if we can make that happen. And my answer to have ANYONE on the show? Willie Fuckin' Nelson, yo.

Lucky_Yates2435 karma

Worst thing? Kill hobos. Most fun? Making Robo-Hobos.

Lucky_Yates2236 karma

Neil Pert still stands alone.

Lucky_Yates2072 karma

Red Kriegtober all the way.

Lucky_Yates1992 karma

Executive producer Matt Thompson. After that, Amber Nash.

Lucky_Yates1946 karma

Hmmmm... a very difficult question. I'm going to go with Amber Nash because she's a vegetarian and those folks can tear up a can.

Lucky_Yates1927 karma

The red button. Always the red button.