Okay, uh, yeah, wow.

I'm Jon Benjamin. I play Sterling Archer on ARCHER, Bob from Bob's Burgers.

As the letter says, I'm here for you to ask me anything.

Season six of ARCHER is airing now on FX on Thursdays at 10 PM Eastern / Pacific.



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Lucky_Yates4569 karma

Hey Jon, Lucky Yates here. I work on one of those shows you do. What's it like working with me? Am I too much? I'm too much, aren't I?

ArcherHJonBenjamin4182 karma

you're just enough

Ironsmith773643 karma

I saw you in Chicago O'Hare last June. You came into the Chilis and sat down at the table next to me and I was like "Is that? It is! It totally is! What do I do? What do I do?". I sat there for no shit, 45 minutes poking at my food arguing with myself to work up the courage to turn and say "Hey! I'm a big fan." But I was like "The man is just trying to have a meal and catch his plane. Don't be that asshole. But then I'm never gonna see him again. And really he made the decision to be famous, he's gotta just expect people to interrupt him all the time right?" I finished my meal, got the check and was like "Ok, now or never!" I got up, looked over at you, gave you some really awkward dude nod and walked away. And that's my H. Jon Benjamin story. FFS.

ArcherHJonBenjamin3191 karma

that's the best O'Hare story i have ever heard!

IsItAlwaysOr942120 karma

What is your favorite running joke on Archer?

ArcherHJonBenjamin3972 karma

i would have to say the messages on his voicemail.

seismicor2023 karma

How many more seasons do you see for Archer?

ArcherHJonBenjamin3897 karma

over 70

jonemillard1685 karma

What Archer line made you laugh the most?

ArcherHJonBenjamin3531 karma

i think i laughed really hard when i read the meowshwitz joke, but i am sucker for holocaust jokes

boromirsbeard1598 karma

John you might have the most unusual voice to face match I've ever seen, you look nothing like the way you speak if that makes sense. Either way Archer is my favourite show and I love you, anywayyyy... My question is: What is your favourite Sterling Archer quote?

ArcherHJonBenjamin2390 karma

i think based on my looks, most people would expect just squeaking sounds

ArcherHJonBenjamin1477 karma

Hey everyone, I'm going to stop typing now. Hopefully, i can do this again sometime soon. Keep up the good work. Be careful out there!

IsItAlwaysOr941425 karma

Which Belcher child is your personal favorite? And which do you think is Bob's favorite?

ArcherHJonBenjamin2333 karma

i really like louise, but i think bob likes Tina best. She's the most reasonable

Rico_Rizzo1222 karma

What would you say is the reason for your success in the voice acting industry? You seem to be very high in demand (BB, Archer, Family Guy, etc). Do you prefer voice acting over being in front of the camera?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1445 karma

i like both. obviously i have had more opportunities doing voice work, but i certainly like doing on camera. voice acting has a lot of upsides in that it takes very little time and effort. on camera acting for me is a bit more pressure

Guernica27647 karma

You did a splendid job in A New York Minute.

ArcherHJonBenjamin965 karma

that deserves a sequel

burnthills1159 karma

I really miss Home Movies. Was Walter & Perry the influence for Ollie & Pesto on Bob's Burgers?

I want pills that make me go "meow"

ArcherHJonBenjamin1110 karma

i think so. Loren Bouchard definitely has an affinity for weird falsetto, strangely homoerotic siblings, although i'm not sure walter and perry were related

blkells1127 karma

Do you ever quote any of the characters you voice in conversation (intentionally or unintentionally)?

ArcherHJonBenjamin2963 karma

there was a woman who worked at starbucks near me whose name was Lana and I did say 'Lana, Lana, Lana' to her once but never yelled

Beselod1083 karma

What's your biggest similarity with Sterling? Biggest difference?

ArcherHJonBenjamin2436 karma

i definitely share archer's penchant for annoying everyone around him and his juvenile sense of humor, and biggest difference, my chest is significantly more pillowy

Warlizard902 karma

God DAMN I love that show.

Ok, fuck, marry, kill, eat?

Lana, Cheryl / Carol, Your Mother, Pam.

EDIT: Dammit, I just realized I was at a party with you and didn't know it. Comic Con, 2013, Maxim party.

Proof, for the terminally skeptical: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/wpyns/at_comicon_went_to_the_resident_evil_6_party/

ArcherHJonBenjamin1594 karma

i would FMKE (fuck marry kill eat) Pam

marsbars440743 karma

If I were to make another bottle of Glengoolie Blue, would you be willing to chug it in front of Aisha Tyler while holding your finger up in her face?

ArcherHJonBenjamin946 karma

I'm half way through the first one and i'll chug the rest now


Will you marry me?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1833 karma

is it for love or citizenship?

seismicor645 karma

What does the H in your name stands for?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1478 karma


Thestigsfatcousin641 karma

Mr. Benjamin, If I see you walking around in public and you aren't "busy", what's the best way to approach you? Is there anything in particular that you dislike fans doing?

Second question, do you like Archer as a person?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1633 karma

run up and punch me in the dick. that way i'll know it's you!

IsItAlwaysOr94556 karma

Do you think changing Tina to a girl after the original pilot helped the show?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1007 karma

i actually do and i think loren does as well. That was a note from the network, but I do think if dan played a boy, it would have also resonated with awkward male adolescents in the same way Tina has become an icon for awkward teen girls

FlaccidTits539 karma

I want you to know that you are my celebrity that I can cheat on my boyfriend with and it wouldn't count. How do you feel about girls who don't shave?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1098 karma

i like a gal with a pronounced treasure trail

PuggyPie519 karma

HJB! I’m so excited to be here on time. I set an alarm on my phone and everything!

So you obviously have a distinctive voice and most of your characters seem to simply have your voice rather than a distinct characterization.

My friends and I always argue about the voices of Bob and Archer. I feel like there are subtleties in the line reading that make them noticeably different. If Bob and Archer spoke the same sentence I feel like I could tell the difference.

Is this something you do intentionally in voicing these two or is this a placebo effect and I’m only imagining they’re voiced differently because they’re coming from different characters?

Also is there anything you’re really excited about in the upcoming season of Archer?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1100 karma

i hope they are a bit different. i think archer is bit lower register and certainly louder and more assertive. bob is a lot less confident, probably due to hirsuteness

IsItAlwaysOr94500 karma

You have to create a spinoff series based on a minor character from Bob's Burgers or Archer. Which do you pick, and what is it called?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1213 karma

i know people have talked about Pam getting a spin-off. I'm pretty sure it was called The Poovey Files and she was like Magnum PI

ihatecats18470 karma

Does Christian Slater return your phone calls anymore?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1046 karma

he left his baseball hat at the photo shoot so i have something personal that he wants. that's the best way to get a man!

_Wi11414 karma

Hey Jon, thanks for doing this. What's wrong with Romania?

ArcherHJonBenjamin853 karma

is she sick?

turini412 karma

Looking forward to seeing you next Friday in San Francisco. What will you guys be doing? I would really like to shake your hand.

ArcherHJonBenjamin1312 karma

i mostly fist bump or kiss on the mouth

skwibby353 karma


ArcherHJonBenjamin653 karma

i am just getting into cooking. i have been using this delivery service called Blue Apron which delivers you the ingredients and provides you specific recipes. it's surprisingly great. it has gotten me exponentially better at cooking very quickly. as far as the most expensive meal, i think it would be masa in nyc

sockmonkey16271 karma

Do you have any fond memories of Worcester? Is that even possible?

ArcherHJonBenjamin528 karma

I do. i actually like growing up there believe it or not. Coming from a place where the presiding narrative is 'how do i get out of here?' is often positive. it compels you to strive for better things. Worcester is powerful like that. Just getting to Providence was a victory, even just for a day

seismicor242 karma

Would you be interested in voice acting for videogames? They matured a lot lately. Also what's your favourite videogame?

ArcherHJonBenjamin738 karma

the last game i played on a regular basis was call of duty black ops, the zombie game within the game. that took me down a very dark rabbit hole for several months

MexicanFP240 karma

Any plans to work with Nathan Fielder again in the near future? I love both of you to pieces.

ArcherHJonBenjamin342 karma

i hope so. we did have a idea for a sci-fi show, but nathan is busy on his show currently

dontbesuchajerk217 karma

Favorite sandwich?

ArcherHJonBenjamin599 karma

probably a traditional banh mi or a chicken parm

hornet54193 karma

What's it like working on Bob's Burgers? Did you ever experience a mom like Linda?

ArcherHJonBenjamin401 karma

I've met John Robert's actual Mom and she's pretty damn close. She had a disturbing interest in the show Blue Bloods from what I remember. She overshares and is very sweet just like Linda

andhelostthem172 karma

Hey Jon,

I saw you at a comedy festival in Los Angeles when you presented the pilot for "H. Jon Benjamin has a Van" (that Staples bit was amazing).

At the end a deranged homeless person snuck in rather stealthily and sat down in the front row then started talking crazy and interrupting the Q&A. I shouted to give him the money you collected back from the audience and that didn't work either and you wrapped up the Q&A. Question is was that homeless guy hired for the bit or just a crazy coincidence?

If it was staged that was genius. He seemed to wrap up the show nicely, saved you guys from a long Q&A and give everyone something to talk about after.

ArcherHJonBenjamin276 karma

He was for real, not part of the bit

solardrone142 karma

Halloo. Archer and Jon Benjamin Has a Van are brilliant, but my favorite of your work is Ep#1 of Aisha Tyler's girl on guy podcast where you talk about crapping your pants, and when you voiced HAL for 2001:A Space Odyssey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0cqV3h-aDA). Any chance you'd say/remember who the celebrity coming through the lobby of the hotel was from your pants adventure, and any chance of you doing more random voice-overs? And, you know, thanks for everything.

ArcherHJonBenjamin155 karma

i've since recalled (but not certain) that it was Jackie Earle Haley, but to be sure, not certain. i was in a diarrhea haze

parispants112 karma

Hey Jon, what are you wearing?

ArcherHJonBenjamin535 karma

Just like a camo-print penis pouch, strapless on one side

barnaby2112109 karma

Hi Benjamin. Can you please tell everyone about the time you and Sam Seder got a deal to write a sitcom and then had Sam's elderly uncle write it? Do I have that right?

ArcherHJonBenjamin347 karma

sort of. it was actually my brother in law's father and sam and i went to florida to research a show about a young guy who went to live in a retirement community. When we were there, he was showing us scripts he wrote for his community's annual play- like vaudeville-esque stuff. Without Sam's consent, I offered him the chance to write the script and he did and Sam and I submitted that to the network. It was like 70 pages and had a 7 page scene of viagra jokes pulled from a joke book. The network was not amused.

Angels_of_Debt94 karma

Will you please tell me a fond little memory about Jon Glaser?

ArcherHJonBenjamin268 karma

i fondly remember how we came up with the fuggedabuddies. we were driving to hoboken to open for yo la ten go and we couldn't find a parking space, so whenever we approached what we thought was a space, but ended up being a hydrant or a driveway, jon would yell 'fuggedaboutit' (because we were in NJ) and then we ended up somehow on us being a duo that said fuggedaboutit called the fuggedabuddies who were somehow from san diego and were jewish

paul6802287 karma

How much fun did you and David Cross have with the "Jew them Up" sketch?

ArcherHJonBenjamin133 karma

That was really fun. i could have done that for a year. to this day, i will occasionally insist on giving someone double the money they ask for

Captain_Jake_K86 karma

What shows are you watching right now? Are you a Community fan?

ArcherHJonBenjamin238 karma

I haven't watched it yet, but I have been meaning to start. that and arrested development I have yet to see so those are mandatory viewing soon.

SonofMalice82 karma

Greeting Sir! Have to say that my gf and I love your sultry voice and had to ask, what would your codename be if you were a secret agent? Assuming you aren't one, which is a large assumption I grant.

ArcherHJonBenjamin182 karma

Codename 'Dumpling'?

frontierindex60 karma

Hi Jon. I've been a fan of yours since "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist." Do you have a favorite episode? Do you still keep in contact with Jonathan Katz?

ArcherHJonBenjamin110 karma

I do. I just spoke to him today coincidentally enough. They are doing a 20 yr anniversary Dr. katz show in san fran next week and I have reprise my Ben role.

TurboSexophonic53 karma

Hi Jon. Big admirer of your work. Just wanted to let you know that Archer and Bobs burgers are two of the family's favourite programs. My 9year old daughter loves BB. Would you kindly say hello to Sydney (daughter) for me? It would be a big deal for her. Cheers mate.

ArcherHJonBenjamin167 karma

Hi sydney. Happy 10th birthday! (read this when you turn 10)

noahinla48 karma

Favorite Lionel Richie song?

ArcherHJonBenjamin106 karma

Definitely 'Hello'. I hate 'Dancing on the ceiling'

sippysippy1336 karma

Who is the funniest person working in comedy right now that we've never heard of, ya jew?

ArcherHJonBenjamin122 karma

ya jew is really funny