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Mr. Cranston, have you seen Samuel L Jackson's video where he does your "I am the danger" monologue?

What is it like finishing Breaking Bad? Are you sad to see it go, or excited to move on and do other projects?

Thank you for doing this!

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Mr. Benjamin, If I see you walking around in public and you aren't "busy", what's the best way to approach you? Is there anything in particular that you dislike fans doing?

Second question, do you like Archer as a person?

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Ms. Dormer, you have played both Irene Adler and Moriarty in the most recent television adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary. What was it like to play such iconic characters in a not-so-iconic way? Are there any plans to return to Elementary?

Also, Margaery Tyrell is one of my favorite characters on Game of Thrones, so keep being awesome in that role as well. Thanks!

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That's makes sense about the cooks. I appreciate the reply.