Okay guys, sorry if I didn't get to your questions. Hit me up on twitter @luckyyates and you'll learn more than you wanted to. Thanks so much! This has been a blast. And thanks for being the coolest fans of ever. Seriously. Krieger Army Forever!!!

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Huicho42324 karma

Hey Lucky. Permission to enter Fort Kick Ass.

Lucky_Yates2661 karma

Permission granted, soldier.

NotafanofKorn1983 karma

Lucky Yates, dude, Krieger is by far my character in Archer. So so funny. If you could get anyone to guest star on Archer, who would it be? Also, will Krieger perform some crazy experiment to bring Brett back to life next season? Brett getting shot over and over again is one of my recurring jokes, which sounds way creepier when I type it out.

Lucky_Yates2516 karma

Holy shit! Bionic Brett may be the best idea of all time. Brett is played by the Art Director of the show Neal Holman. Let's see if we can make that happen. And my answer to have ANYONE on the show? Willie Fuckin' Nelson, yo.

wabysaby1598 karma

How much of you is in Doctor Krieger? (for the sake of humanity I hope not a lot)

Lucky_Yates3052 karma

The voice, the love of weird science and the inexplicable boners.

tsularesque1475 karma

Do you get to ad-lib many of Krieger's lines? A lot of what I love about the character is all the hesitations and stuff, like

"And so a small power unit goes here on your... spiney... thing, which sends electical impulses to your muscles and ligaments and... stuff, which I will fuse to a vanadium alloy endoskeleton, replacing your current, uh, leg... bones."

Also, you're awesome.

Lucky_Yates1774 karma

Thanks! And not really. The scripts are amazing and tight.

aquatoad1349 karma

Red Kriegtober, or Red Octkrieger?

Lucky_Yates2072 karma

Red Kriegtober all the way.

emergencynumber1265 karma

do you get a massive erection every time you see your name in the opening credits now?

Lucky_Yates1445 karma

I wish!

CRAZYross131198 karma

Which button should I press?

Lucky_Yates1927 karma

The red button. Always the red button.

sarkastik871195 karma

Have you mastered YYZ yet?

Lucky_Yates2236 karma

Neil Pert still stands alone.

pilecrap1165 karma

Which of the Archer cast is actually the biggest drinker?

Lucky_Yates1992 karma

Executive producer Matt Thompson. After that, Amber Nash.

Unleashed2k1045 karma

Have you thought about voice acting in video games?

Lucky_Yates1520 karma

I would LOVE to!

Snowman501008 karma

Which of the Archer cast is most like to tear up a bathroom so bad that it's unusable for the next 2 hours?

Lucky_Yates1946 karma

Hmmmm... a very difficult question. I'm going to go with Amber Nash because she's a vegetarian and those folks can tear up a can.

ChaosOnion946 karma

If you were Krieger for a day, what is the worst thing you would do? What would you have the most fun doing?

Lucky_Yates2435 karma

Worst thing? Kill hobos. Most fun? Making Robo-Hobos.

Accam875 karma

Are you doing the AMA in your van? What's the setup like?

Lucky_Yates1532 karma

Meticulous shag carpeting with knotty pine panelling and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Coltonl21863 karma

Do any of Krieger's mannerisms come from you in real life? Also, to take a break from any Archer questions, do you have any pets?

Lucky_Yates1379 karma

Just "yup yup yup" comes from me. And yes, Abe Jackson is the greatest dog the world has ever known.

camethcameth712 karma

Are we really done with phrasing?

Lucky_Yates1170 karma

We are not.

Thaumat659 karma

Helix or Dome?

Lucky_Yates1306 karma


TheRoyalTenenThom632 karma

Wow! I'm actually on time for this.

Hey Lucky, huge fan of you and the show. Krieger has to be the funniest TV character of all time. What can I do to have my authority recognized in Fort Kickass?

Smoke Bomb

Lucky_Yates787 karma

Follow me and Krieger on twitter @luckyyates and @kriegersignals. Your authority will totally be recognized.

ReptarRedditor618 karma

Thanks for doing this 1st of all, Lucky. I happen to follow you on twitter where you mentioned that Adam Reed added the "yup yup yup!" you always say because he liked it so much. Has he done this for anyone else for the cast of Archer?

Lucky_Yates1231 karma

I'm pretty sure Nooooooope! and Yuuuuuup! came from Aisha. And all of the daring spy stuff H. Jon really performs in real life. He is incredible.

Steffilarueses585 karma

What would you paint on your van?

Lucky_Yates1176 karma

And picture of the van that had a picture of the van on it and so forth. Infinity is awesome.

terrabad1519 karma

Hello Mr. Yates. What is your greatest personal accomplishment in your life?

Lucky_Yates1093 karma

My greatest personal accomplishment is raising the coolest dog on the planet. There was never, nor shall there ever be, a dog as cool as Abe Jackson.

fawltywiring490 karma

What is the first thing you would do if you came face to face with Lucky Yates clones?

Lucky_Yates819 karma

Start plotting our course for world domination, of course!

marshfield00490 karma

Thanks for doing this. Huge fan of you & the show. Other than Archer, what would be your dream job?

Lucky_Yates1121 karma

A tv puppet show. I am not kidding.

RazorThought454 karma

Who's a bigger Rush fan, you or Doctor Krieger?

By the way, awesome job playing Krieger...easily my favorite character on Archer!

Lucky_Yates655 karma

Krieger by a landslide. I'm more of a vidiot than a music nut.

masteractor420 karma

What's your favourite moment in Archer? What's your favourite line of Krieger's?

Lucky_Yates977 karma

Ooooh, rampant use of the letter U. You must be from the UK or Canada. Fav moment? Archer sacrificing his life for the gang when the sea lab was flooded. Fav line? Smoke Bomb!

craddo349 karma

rumours abound of your larger than normal penis, with a special crook in it that massages the G-spot. confirm/deny?

Lucky_Yates665 karma

Oh, Crad, you know it's a resounding confirm.

Hyphnip327 karma

I was thinking of getting a full body tattoo so that I look like you. What advice would you give me so that I would also be as awesome of a person as you?

Lucky_Yates1040 karma

I never got anywhere based on my looks. You may want to rethink this life strategy.

GAbrewdawg27 karma

He's not kidding. His Wikipedia page doesn't even have a picture.

Lucky_Yates112 karma

I have a Wikipedia page?

NeverNix318 karma

  • Favorite type of cheese?

  • Do you ever quote Krieger at people in real life?

  • When you were picked up for Archer, was it because of your work on Good Eats, or just because you kick ass all the way around?

  • Related question: is Alton Brown as amusing in real life as he is on Good Eats?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Lucky_Yates434 karma

Fav cheese- Gorgonzola I don't think I ever quote Krieger. Unless it's a good "Me too!" Because I kick ass I guess. GE had nothing to do with it. He is even more hilarious in real life.

ryanhall7287 karma

boxers or briefs? both for you and krieger

Lucky_Yates548 karma

Well Krieger is OBVIOUSLY briefs. He's in them all the time. Me? Boxer briefs, baby! I like it all.

oshoney279 karma

You do improv in Atlanta and I've been meaning to make a trip to come see you since I live just an hour and a half away. If I come down, what restaurant recommendations do you have around town?

Lucky_Yates488 karma

The Vortex for the best burgers. Bone Lick BBQ and Fox Bros. BBQ if you love smoked meats.

icanarejesus247 karma

Krieger is my favorite character! Glad you finally got your own slot in the opening sequence!

No question, just keep being awesome.

Lucky_Yates220 karma


saintanthony205 karma

If you could have your own clone to do your bidding -- or several clones for that matter-- what nefarious schemes would you use them for?

Lucky_Yates372 karma

I would develop a television show, albeit not as good as Orphan Black, that would start us all. Probably a time travel comedy that included puppets. I would try to get all of my nerd out in one big show.

DarthJamie204 karma

Can I take you out for Mushi?

Lucky_Yates315 karma

I don't know what that is, so...maybe?

RSHowat198 karma

Will Krieger get his own spinoff? (Please say yes...)

Lucky_Yates393 karma

Man, how awesome would that be??? I wish I could say yes. Start a fan campaign.

KatyaKateri175 karma

be honest ... would you bang, marry or kill your character? what about Pam?

Lucky_Yates329 karma

Marry Krieger, bang Pam.

iborche170 karma

Are you sure Krieger isn't a serial killer?

Lucky_Yates145 karma

One can never be 100% on these things.

dayofthedead204167 karma

Hi Lucky,

Iā€™m a big fan ā€“ thanks for doing this ama!

What was your first reaction when you learned that Krieger would have a virtual girlfriend?

And on an unrelated note ā€“ what are some of your favorite movies?

Lucky_Yates315 karma

I thought Krieger's gf was the greatest invention ever. He loves her. Fav movies? Oh boy. Start Wars, Empire Strikes Back, original Planet Of The Apes, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, probably this upcoming Godzilla...

lunchboxg4165 karma

Hi Lucky! I got to meet you a few years ago after a show at Dad's Garage (well before Archer), so very belated, thank you for being cool and sticking around and talking to fans after the show. A question, not about Archer (love the show, though) - I heard on the Alton Browncast that you're a prolific puppet maker, and made the one Alton uses in his Twitter bio pic. How does one get in that field? Where do you even start?

Lucky_Yates222 karma

Atlanta has the Center For Puppetry Arts, so that's where I started. It's an amazing theater/museum/organization. But whatever city you're in, there is probably a puppet slam happening somewhere nearby. Find one, go see a show and then start coming up with ideas. The great thing about puppetry is, there are really no rules.

vegematarium165 karma

Any advice for a young software engineer who aspires to be as unethical as Krieger?

Lucky_Yates363 karma

Keep yourself hidden.

SlashaSlim163 karma

I don't have a good question as I am always caught unawares.

That being said, what are some of your hobbies? Alternatively, what is your go-to drink to unwind?

Lucky_Yates747 karma

Hobbies? My life is basically a big hobby. I quit drinking years ago, but it was bourbon on the rocks. Now I'm a big ol' pot head.

cj1111154 karma

What would be the qualities of your ideal robot girlfriend?

Lucky_Yates372 karma

As anyone in a relationship will tell you, the ability to shut that person's power switch off would certainly come in handy from time to time.

ptrpallen130 karma

Did Krieger ever get more towels?

Lucky_Yates112 karma

No. Poor dude.

Poopmaster19127 karma

Why did it take so long for Krieger to get a title card in the intro?

Lucky_Yates276 karma

Krieger's climb to the top has been a beautifully organic rise. I would not want it to have happened any other way.

castleify121 karma

If you could make one of Krieger's inventions in real life what would you choose?

Lucky_Yates190 karma

Cyborgs, for sure.

captainktainer120 karma

A friend of mine is a legitimate mad scientist, and Krieger is a source of great humor and enjoyment for him. So thank you for that.

My question for you is: if Krieger were to be given free reign in Alton Brown's kitchen, how long do you think it would take before FEMA and/or the CDC showed up and cordoned it off?

Lucky_Yates96 karma

FEMA, the CDC, the DEA and whatever human rights organization has the best army would show up in the first hour.

DoctorSpud116 karma

Mr. Yates, I have to thank you for providing the voice to my favourite character on my favourite animated show. I have a few questions for you:

Krieger seems to get along with Archer a lot better than any other character. What do you imagine their first conversation being about/like? Why do they have such good chemistry?

If any, which other character on the show do you think you would want to portray?

Which episodes have been your favourite to voice and why?

Do you think Krieger is a good man who does some bad things, a bad man who does some good things, or neither? Why?

What does H. Jon Benjamin smell like?

Lucky_Yates256 karma

Whoa man, so many questions. Okay let's see... 1) Their first conversation was probably about girls. They're both kinky bastards. 2) I have always stated that even if I was offered the lead, I wouldn't want to voice anyone but Krieger. He's my most favorite ever. 3) These latest ones with the clones have been my fave because I got to think a little differently for each one. Even if it never comes across on screen, I gave each one their own little personality. 4) I think he's basically a good guy, but he'll screw you over in a second if he can gain anything out of it. So Chaotic Neutral is his alignment. 5) Jon smells like the sunshine after a fresh summer rain.

QuailBuddhaThe2nd109 karma

What is your favourite season of Archer?

Lucky_Yates241 karma

This one. Go vice!

shivan21104 karma

Do you use your Krieger voice in real life? If so, how are people reacting?

Lucky_Yates244 karma

Krieger's voice IS my real voice! I live in Atlanta where the show is made, so people are used to it.

Gilgifax99 karma

Are there any projects that you've regretted taking? How about any projects that you've regretted passing on?

You're amazing as the face of Ray and the voice of Krieger, by the way.

Lucky_Yates94 karma

I love all of the things I've done, good and bad. You learn something from every single experience. And thanks!

nate44596 karma

Hey Lucky,

Is there any particular reason you chose to provide the base model for Ray's likeness but ended up voicing Krieger?

Lucky_Yates149 karma

Wasn't my choice. I was asked to do them by the producers.

TekIII91 karma

Hello sir,

If you had 15 minutes left to live, what would you eat and watch?

Lucky_Yates310 karma

I'd eat a man's heart while I watched the world burn. I guess I AM dark!

RandomTasked91 karma

Thanks for doing this. Krieger's antics make me laugh more than anyone else on the show. It's like, a 100% hit rate. Do you sometimes wish you, err, Krieger had a larger part? Or do you like it how it is right now.

Lucky_Yates179 karma

I love it exactly as it is. A little bit of Krieger goes a looooooong way.

swizz13stix85 karma

Will we see a piggly 4? What was your favorite of all the "animalys"(anamalies?)

Lucky_Yates192 karma

I really want Piggly 3 to stick around. I love that glowing bastard for some reason.

misfitzl75 karma

How goes Krieger's relationship with his waifu?

Lucky_Yates126 karma

Shit, I got off track order-wise. I'm back on now. Krieger has the best relationships out of anyone on that show! So he and the little lady are doing great.

slipperyjim870 karma

How did you survive Detroit?

Lucky_Yates207 karma

Detroit is an amazing city that has unfortunately become a punch line in America. But it's about to become the coolest city in the world and everyone will want to live there. Buy now!

timclodfelter61 karma

In "Elmo in Grouchland," were you a Grouch? If so, which one, if not, what the hell were you so we can freezeframe our DVDs? Either way, how bad do muppets smell after a day of peoples' sweaty hands stuck up their backsides?

Lucky_Yates109 karma

Yeah I was many grouches. I was one of the B Team which meant we puppeteered in all the big group shots. You can actually see ME walking across Sesame Street at the beginning of the movie.

theArnoldFans158 karma

Comic Con panel this year in San Diego?

Lucky_Yates94 karma

Of course!

fantasticmuse49 karma

What line of yours from Archer do you wish was a meme?

Lucky_Yates111 karma

Smoke Bomb!

TypicallyWhite142 karma

Hi Lucky! What is your favorite thing about playing Krieger?

Lucky_Yates78 karma

He's a weirdo scientist. He's everything I wish I was.

wyschnei42 karma

How did you decide on Krieger's voice?

Lucky_Yates98 karma

It's really just my voice, just a hair deeper.

casmith0741 karma

Have we heard the last of Conway Stern? And what is his real name?

Lucky_Yates25 karma

I do not know the answer to either of these questions.

8bit_technobarrel36 karma

Does anyone besides me want a 5min (or more) Krieger mini-series for either online or the off seasons? I'd pay for that Netflix programming

Lucky_Yates43 karma

Yes. Yes they do.

Daerog23 karma

Everything I read in this thread is as brilliantly Krieger-esque in my head as can be.

Lucky, you're the man. As with most everyone else here, Krieger is probably my absolute favorite character of Archer, though it's a close race between him and Babou.

I guess my question is a bit more vague, but how did you land the role for Krieger? Do you have any idea who we might have gotten stuck with if it hadn't been you? Also, on a side note, my friends and I made a guild in WoW that is entirely Krieger based. Fister Roboto is our mascot.

Lucky_Yates35 karma

That WoW Guild is an amazing thing. Thanks for doing that! I worked with Adam and Matt on Frisky Dingo so that lead to Archer. I really have no idea who else would have done it.

baglunchmnsterpuppet11 karma

Who exactly is the King of Mars and what is he here to do?

Lucky_Yates29 karma

The King Of Mars has successfully blended into Earth society and he will reveal his master plan when the time is right. I've said too much!

DrunkenPrayer4 karma

Lucky! Probably been asked but how similar are the rest of the cast to their on screen persona's? Amber said you were quite similar to Krieger so bear that in mind.

Keep being awesome.

Lucky_Yates9 karma

Everybody is pretty similar. Espeically Amber to Pam. In every way.

Accipiter4 karma

Hi Lucky. I saw you guys at the Tabernacle the other night, and (shitty audio issues aside where me and everyone around me couldn't hear much of what anyone on stage was saying) it was great. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and thank you for indulging us Archer fans.

Here's a question I wanted to ask both you and Chris Parnell: Who's more dangerous to humanity... Krieger, or Chris's Dr. Spaceman?

Lucky_Yates6 karma

Sorry about the sound. That's the venue's issue. You should complain to them.

TheDusey3 karma

Hey Lucky, thanks for Krieger and everything from Archer. Many laughs have been had. My question: What can we expect in the future of Krieger?

Lucky_Yates12 karma

I really have no idea. I'm a surprised as anyone else every time we get a script.

GabrielBonilla3 karma

Are you proud of the sacrifices you made in your lifetime?

Lucky_Yates12 karma

I'm not really sure what they are, but sure.

Keswik2 karma

Thanks for taking the time to do this! I'm a huge fan of your work, I absolutely love Krieger. But what is your favorite running joke on the show?

Lucky_Yates4 karma

Phrasing. And this season, Archer's contempt for the lack of phrasing.

resniw2 karma

Lucky Yates, you beautiful man. Krieger is definitely the best Archer character, but which (out of the many) is your favorite Dr. Krieger line?

Lucky_Yates7 karma

Smoke Bomb!

AltairEgos2 karma

Are you a boss ass bitch?

Lucky_Yates8 karma

Bitch? no. A BOSS? Yuuuuuup!

PandoraBlackBox2 karma

Hello lucky Thanks for the ama session

Do u agree with ur first name!?r u lucky? ;-)

What s the most exciting part of ur job?

To which character r u the closest?and which one did u enjoy the most to play?why?

What was the best advice u ve been given in ur entire life and career?by whom?


Lucky_Yates7 karma

I am, in fact, one lucky mutha f'er. Going to big events where we get to meet the fans. Our fans all kick ass. Krieger and Krieger. Best advice- never quit. My dad.

swizz13stix1 karma

Have you done a clone bone in real life and was it mind blowingly magical?

Also huge fan! Love the show

Lucky_Yates5 karma

I haven't. I expect the first one may be at a Con when me and a bunch of Krieger's do one.