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PandoraBlackBox129 karma

Are you generally a positive person?

PandoraBlackBox35 karma

Actor, and producer! Which hat do u prefer to wear?

With whom do u wanna work soemday?

Future plans?

PandoraBlackBox9 karma

Told with so many conviction ....i told generally,most of the time, not specially when i am asking foolish questions (my mistake) XD! Lol Thanks positive man ;-)

PandoraBlackBox5 karma

Favorite musicians? Any favorite kind of music?

Desceibe urself in three words mister Alan Paul ...

PandoraBlackBox5 karma

What was the character u liked to play the most in ur career?

What s the best advice u ve ever been given in life? By whom?

Any pet? Any tattoo?

Do u have phobias?

Do you speak french?

For the episod where u were looking for eric, did u really go to morocco or it was an american shooting there?