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Do you get to ad-lib many of Krieger's lines? A lot of what I love about the character is all the hesitations and stuff, like

"And so a small power unit goes here on your... spiney... thing, which sends electical impulses to your muscles and ligaments and... stuff, which I will fuse to a vanadium alloy endoskeleton, replacing your current, uh, leg... bones."

Also, you're awesome.

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Said Ripley to the android Bishop.

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Your honesty makes me appreciate you even more.

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I'm taking it as lots of shifting around on the bench for other guys to sit down after their shifts. It's a burn, because it implies he didn't get much ice time.

Now I've ruined it.

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I've heard that Ewan Macgregor made lightsaber noises while filming the scenes where he's using that kickass weapon.

Did you, or any of the cast, feel tempted to fill in your own effects or anything similar? I could imagine just being on the set of Star Wars would make it tempting.