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There are 2 Kevin’s in this video, one is my husband and the other is Kevin Bacon!

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Hey Guys, Thanks so much I had a super blast. I'm gonna take a break for a while but I will totally come back for a bit later on tonight. 8:00 EST

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I'm back for a little bit to catch stuff I missed earlier, if I can.

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Hazel_0241749 karma

Hi Amber! First, you do an amazing job playing Pam. Holy crap you are hilarious. My question is, do you ever catch yourself saying Pam phrases in real life? For instance, do you often say "holy shitsnacks", or maybe casually tell people to shut their dick holster?

ambercnash2708 karma

Ah shucks, thanks. I actually don't usually use Pam phrases in real life but I do think people should generally start shutting their dick holsters.

pibby_1330 karma

Will we ever see Poovey Farms or meet some of Pam's family?

ambercnash2841 karma

That is one of my biggest dreams. I really want to see Poovey Farms, I also told Adam that I want to voice all of Pam's family Nutty Professor style.

RuggerDuck81127 karma

your line "my panties are so wet I could drown a toddler," is one of the funniest/grossest things I've ever heard.

no questions. Thanks!

ambercnash722 karma


mylefthandkilledme1114 karma

Miss Nash, how often do you try to hook up with Aisha Tyler?

ambercnash1626 karma

As of as I can. You mean in a sexy way, right?

jbrav88771 karma

What was the most fun scene to record?

ambercnash1574 karma

The scene where Pam is humping the gyro. Executive Producer Matt Thompson was at that session and he was outside of the booth making all the humping motions and I was just doing what it would sound like, it was so much fun and so hilarious. I was like "that is my boss doing that"!

goingnoles695 karma

Do you think Pam's coke problem has been harmful or helpful in demonstrating her as a character in Archer Vice? How has she evolved since season one? Thanks for the wonderful voice acting and a lot of laughs!

ambercnash1172 karma

I don't think anything can harm Pam that is what is so great about her. I mean she certainly is by no means a role model. In season 1, Pam was just kind of a punching bag and now she don't take shit from nobody and has evolved in to this real badass.

Kknowsbest662 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

ambercnash1358 karma

Honestly, I'd love to run an antique shop or a bed and breakfast. Before I was an actor I was a counselor for troubled teenagers. So, I would also go back in to Psychology.

pfelon641 karma

We've seen Pam and Archer's relationship change a lot over the run of the series. I thought it was very touching earlier this season when (in a very twisted, Archer sort of way) Archer expressed concern over Pam's cocaine addiction and how she thought everyone hated her before. What are your thoughts on their friendship and where it might be going from here?

ambercnash860 karma

I know, I loved that moment too, it was so sweet. I think that at the end of the day all the characters love each other in a very twisted way and will look out for each other. I hope they start boning again or wouldn't be hilarious is the series ended with a wedding. Pam and Archer.

Jacobaduh604 karma

Who's your favourite cast mate to work with?

ambercnash1046 karma

Oh man, I really love Chris Parnell he is a super duper cool guy, like really one of the nicest guys I've ever met, Judy is great too. Really everyone is awesome. I do wish that we all got to actually work together more often. Doing voice work the way we do is a pretty solitary practice.

ambercnash590 karma

I love them all, Aisha is one of the smartest most hard working people I have ever met, she is amazing to be around.

StonedRonSwanson566 karma

Who came up with HOLY SHIT SNACKS!!!!?

ambercnash878 karma

Adam Reed says that I improvised it in the booth but I don't believe that. I'm pretty sure it was written into a script.

mktesq422 karma

Amber: How many times have you been proposed to since Archer's premier? I know you are married, but are you a fanatic about it? Many of us are not polygamists, but are willing to learn.

p.s. Will you marry me?

ambercnash618 karma

I would say, it's at about 15. My husband would probably be cool with, I'm a lot to deal with.

jmcox419 karma

How would Pam celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

ambercnash955 karma

Paint herself green and streak. Then drink a shit ton of green beer.

Celery0331414 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill. Aisha Tyler, H. Jon Benjamin, Chris Parnell.

ambercnash692 karma

Aisha, Chris, Jon Sorry Jon

smittyp87331 karma

Have any of Pam's traits accidentally taken form in your own life? If you were to voluntarily take on one of these traits which one would it be? On a scale of Holy Shit Snacks to Sploosh, how good looking is Kevin Bacon in person?

ambercnash687 karma

Yeah, I already had a dirty mouth but I think it's gotten a little looser, Pam is always inside of me, sploosh. I would love to be a drift car racer in real life and a graffiti artist. I'd say Kevin Bacon is on the sploosh end.

captainhenrymorgan279 karma

I'm not sure if you're aware of the fixation this website has with your show, but there are tons of people who write hilarious fan fiction about Archer online. Have you ever read any of it?

ambercnash591 karma

I haven't and I must! I've definitely seen some sweet 34's.

Stolenusername267 karma

Hey Amber.

Do you have any awkward situations where someone quotes your characters lines when they see you in public? If so, what was the best/worst time?

ambercnash528 karma

Not really, most people don't know what I look like so I don't get a ton of that and if someone ever does they are always super cool and I'm so excited that they know who I am and then we usually hug about it.

TheRoyalTenenThom265 karma

What must someone do to be labeled a "triflin' ass bitch?"

ambercnash491 karma

One must make friends with an established triflin ass bitch, gain her trust then bone her boyfriend.

FireworkGrenadier217 karma

You are easily my favorite Archer character! Thanks for being amazing!

Question: Do you ever look at anything in the script and think "What the fuck?" but then break down laughing.

(Example: "You could drown a toddler in my panties right now")

ambercnash390 karma

For sure, the masturbate til my fingers bleed line was a great example of that and then I'm like "I get to say this on TV"!

pibby_201 karma

Can Pam help raise Lana's baby? That'd be hilarious... especially with Pam's obvious crush on Lana. Breast feeding time would be a treat!

ambercnash273 karma

I'll suggest this as a spin off to Adam Reed!

bamface193 karma

Who do you think is better, fat Pam or cocaine Pam?

ambercnash500 karma

I love them both the same but fat Pam is where it's at even cocaine Pam has fat Pam inside her.

I_love_pearljam184 karma

If you got arrested what would it most likely be for?

ambercnash375 karma

Check fraud. Shh please don't tell anyone that.

fucktard_172 karma

Which character from Archer (not including yours) would you most want to hang out/get drunk with if they existed in real life?

ambercnash439 karma

Ray Gillette for sure! I think he and I would be bffs.

BudMelba163 karma

Do you find yourself worried about getting ants in your real life?

ambercnash281 karma

Always, there are lots of bugs in the South and my kitchen is fully of sticky shit that ants love.

Tapdance_Epidemic153 karma

If you were to put together a dream team of voice actors to work with on one project who would they be and why??

ambercnash465 karma

This is gonna sound cheesy but I've gotta say I think it's already there and it's our cast. But we'd work on an Archer movie and all get to be in the studio together.

pibby_137 karma

Any idea why Pam got deported from Jamaica?

ambercnash216 karma

I don't think anyone knows.

pibby_131 karma

Pam is such a sexual woman; did you get to have a say in that, or was it all Adam?

ambercnash243 karma

It was all Adam and I like it.

TheDonegalSon127 karma

Who designed the "Pam" graffiti tag that pops up all over the Archer universe? It's one of my favorite running jokes and I can only hope that there's a least one somewhere in the sound studio where you record.

ambercnash341 karma

There isn't one in the studio, what are we thinking! I'm not sure which one of the animators created the tag. I just bought a bunch of stickers of the tag because I'm going to Europe on tour for a month and I'm gonna put them everywhere.

thebiglibrarian117 karma

Hi, what would you say is your favorite book and why?


ambercnash292 karma

Ohh good question, I've gotta say I think it is Middlesex. It spans so much time and is so beautifully written.

quaint28116 karma

As you voiced both, are you more like Frisky Dingo's Valerie or Archer's Pam?

ambercnash195 karma

Probably hmmm, Pam, because Val was a little too into murdering.

packofcards112 karma

Are you currently in the Dangerzone?

ambercnash227 karma

I am always in the Dangerzone, this one is that I need to pee but I'm sitting on an area rug so if worst comes to worst I could get it cleaned.

TomRalphio104 karma

Amber, I’m a desirable, full-bodied man, but nobody will have sex with me. What should I do?

ambercnash184 karma

Just be yourself, the right one will come along and if not try being very promiscuous it works for Pam.

Velorium_Camper95 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA Amber. You're one of my favorite voice actresses. What's the hardest part about voice acting? Also could you tell my friend /u/TheWritingWriterIV to shut his dick holster. Thanks.

ambercnash238 karma

Thanks! The hardest part about voice acting, is not having to memorize the scripts and just reading them into a microphone, not brushing my hair or teeth before a session and it only taking about 30 minutes once every 2 weeks. So basically it's the best.

Fatmonkey8495 karma

How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

ambercnash165 karma

I'm guessing 7.

pibby_85 karma

Or pool balls.

ambercnash254 karma

Barely one :(

Thestigsfatcousin89 karma

Is H. Jon Benjamin a nice guy? Have you ever really interacted much?

ambercnash175 karma

He is a super nice guy, he is a real smart ass but so much fun to hang out with, it's like having a big brother giving you shit all the time. I see him when we do events and Archer Live and stuff like that. I think he is great.

jakery4385 karma

Do you think Pam's being a fan favorite has accelerated her personal growth as a fighter/badass instead of a gossipy HR clerk?

ambercnash106 karma

I do think so, I don't know for sure but it makes sense. I'm so lucky that people love Pam as much as I do and we get to see her spread her wings.

Frejaa82 karma

Do the voice actors working on Archer have anything in common with their characters that you’ve noticed?

ambercnash252 karma

Sure, for one Jon Benjamin is a total smart ass and Lucky is creepy.

Nicksaurus82 karma

You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose?

ambercnash435 karma

Probably Radiohead's The Bends

I'm old

resjudicata265 karma

Which Archer episode has been your favorite?

ambercnash167 karma

I loved the pope episode.

itsanerika64 karma

Hi Amber! Pam is my absolute favorite character on the show. I actually got the chance to meet you and Lucky at GMX: you played "Celebrity D&D" at one of the panels with my partner (you totally won by the way).

Do you have any advice for aspiring voice actors/actresses who do not live in L.A.?

ambercnash151 karma

Yes, my advice is you don't need to live in L.A. live where you want and a place that makes you happy and is cheap. The great thing about voice work is you can do it anywhere and just send auditions through email and there are studios everywhere to record in. Do stuff for free until you get a lot under your belt.

pibby_59 karma

Archer Live is such a treat for us fans, what's it like for the cast when you all get together? Don't you typically record alone/separately?

ambercnash107 karma

It's a huge treat for us as well. Getting to do so many last year we really got close, we genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other and have so much fun. We always have a big nice dinner after the show and get hammered.

Frejaa54 karma

You have worked with improv, and I am wondering, how much of Archer is improv, if any?

ambercnash96 karma

Very little, we just don't need to because the scripts are so funny. But I do think Adam likes working with improvisers, Lucky Yates is one too. We have fun and sometimes come up with stuff with Adam while we are recording.

mlkelty45 karma

So, how much cocaine do you use in real life?

ambercnash169 karma

None anymore because apparently it's bad for you and makes you talk about yourself too much, so...

theangrierunicorn43 karma

Thanks for taking time to do an AMA! Who were your influences going into acting? What advice would you give creative people?

ambercnash85 karma

Carol Burnette, Lily Tomlin, Tim Curry, Gilda Radner, Gene Wilder. Just keep doing what you do best and sharing your gift, you will find your audience.

bimjob38 karma

Okay, here's an actual question this time. Do you call people 'dicknuts' outside of the workplace?

ambercnash141 karma

I don' t but I should. Let's try it out...Hey bimjob stop being a dicknuts. FUN!

mtiswack27 karma

HOLY SHIT SNACKS! Hey Amber I love how Pam has developed from the HR person at ISIS to a coked out drug dealer. Do you have any say in how your character is developed?

ambercnash75 karma

I did mention to Adam that because Pam is addicted to coke she should probably get skinny and he went for it.

pearlbullets26 karma

What is your go-to dance move when attending weddings?

ambercnash74 karma

I like the art of tiny dancing, it's a special skill and also shoulder dancing. I'm also not afraid to motor booty and drop it like it's hot.

outcastspice26 karma

Hi Amber, I love Pam and your work so much, thanks for doing this AMA! What do you think about Thin Pam?

ambercnash91 karma

I think it makes her boobs look amazing. I am personally a small boobed lady so it's fun to have a giant boobed character to play.

musicmerchkid22 karma

Also, a real question. How much taller are you then Jon Benjamin.

ambercnash57 karma

Umm, like 2 feet I think.

beccabek20 karma

Amber!!! I'm am insanely jealous of your job!!! When did you start voice acting? What is your favourite thing about in contrast to regular ole acting?

ambercnash39 karma

Voice acting is a lot less stressful and time consuming but I really love acting with all my parts. I love theatre and playing characters and making people laugh. I'd love to do more on camera work. That is my next frontier! To the moon!

Esmereldista19 karma

Hi Amber! I've really enjoyed Archer and Pam makes me laugh every time! What level of involvement do you have in Pam's character?

ambercnash78 karma

Not a lot when it comes to scripts, but I do write all the tweets for Pam @pamsgossiptrain so I get some stuff in there. Like she is in a jug band, has a cat named Mr. Meepers and is a bouncer at a strip club called Crammers.

Lord_Disagree19 karma

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

ambercnash58 karma

Veggie samosas, they are my favorite food!

ThePinkPokemon13 karma

Hi Amber, I have a question about the production side of Archer. Do you guys record your voices before or after the animation is done? I've heard that it can be done either way, just wondering how you guys do it for Archer :P

ambercnash23 karma

Great question, we record our audio tracks before and they animate around that.

Alyoop811 karma

Which of Pam's phrases is your favorite?

ambercnash45 karma

I do love Holy Shitsnacks or as Jessica Walter once said to me in person Holy Shitcakes.

MBS_theBau59 karma

Holy shitsnacks! Pam is doing an AMA! I've always loved Archer and I'm looking forward to the new episode tonight. What is your favorite part about your character?

ambercnash20 karma

I like that she is such a smartass and one of my favorite things to do is laugh through shitty lines that she is delivering to someone.

Murica-WeThePeople5 karma

How much cocaine will your character eat on the show?

Also do you personally like the new direction archer is going in? Or do you prefer the Isis days?

ambercnash8 karma

She will eat all of the cocaine! And yes, I love it.

TravisRichey5 karma

My boyfriend and I have not stopped saying "Shut your dick holster!" since we watched Season 4. Do you contribute any of your own lines? Is there any improv on the show?

ambercnash5 karma

There is some improv but not a lot. Adam writes such funny scripts we just don't need to.

livinforthecity5 karma

What book would you like to see adapted into a movie, and are there any specific actors you'd like to see in it (yourself included)?

ambercnash19 karma

I don't understand why Wicked isn't a movie yet, the book not the stage version. I'd love to be in that!

Hiicantpk4 karma

Do you like how Pam (as a character) has progressed from the beginnings of the series to now? If not, what would you change?

ambercnash10 karma

I do I love it, I wouldn't change a think. I think that I am so lucky that she is who she is today. I really get to say some of the funniest lines in the show.

snitchesgetblintzes4 karma

Thank you for kicking ass and creating such a funny and bad ass character!

How did you get started in voice acting? How did the role/opportunity for Pam come up?

How much of Pam is all your creation as opposed to the writers? Thanks again!

ambercnash6 karma

I got started through doing improv and looking for work as an actor anywhere. I got a job doing voice work for a radio station and then got some commercials then I did Frisky Dingo with Matt and Adam and when Archer came along I didn't even audition, they just asked me if I wanted to do it! Pam is all Adam but I'd like to think that he saw my potential with the character and was like alright let's blow this character out.

Savi0rself3 karma

Thanks so much for doing the AMA! A few questions! 1. Are there any funny stories involving the cast that aren't work related? 2. How often do people come up to you and quote the show? 3. Favorite scene from the series so far?

ambercnash7 karma

When we were in Austin for Archer live, we were at a restaurant and the waitress said to Judy, "you look familiar" and Judy said "well that is because I'm a famous Hollywood actress" It was so hilarious and so Judy. People don't quote the show to me too often maybe once a month if that. My favorite episode this season at least Southbound and down.

wabysaby3 karma

Thanks for doing this you are amazing on that show. Questions: Do you ever use Pam sayings in real life/what? What is the funniest thing Pam has ever said?

ambercnash4 karma

My favorite, is when addressing Cheryl she simply said..."Hey there bird bones"

RainFallsDontTouchIt3 karma

i actually just started Archer on Netflix and I like it a lot. i don't really have a question, but that i really love Pam so far

Actually I thought of a question. who would you say your dream animated movie cast would be. (like who would you want to work with in a movie. Ex: /u/TheRealTaraStrong )

ambercnash6 karma

Pam loves you so far too.

caalroWORK3 karma

I have the seasons on DVD, but have not started watching them. They stare at me daily.

Why I should start Archer before The League, House of Cards, etc.

ambercnash4 karma

I can't tell you to watch it before House of Cards because I think that show is one of the best things ever made, so after that you'll need a little break and some comedy and Archer will make you laugh that is for sure.

masteractor2 karma

Will there be a record album with Pam next season? Would love to hear Pam's takes on classic songs. Maybe an Archer album?

ambercnash2 karma

That would be a disaster unless we find someone to sing for me because I have a horrifying singing voice.

rikycf2 karma

Amber! You're excellent in Archer, loved it all since the first season!

Anyway, how much can you relate to Pam? What's the biggest feature you'd say you share with her?

Keep up the amazing work! :D sploosh!

ambercnash5 karma

We definitely share a love of obscure and awesome curse words and insults. I always wish I was a little more like Pam.

The_One_WhoKnocks1 karma

Hi Amber! I just wanted to say that Archer is one of the funniest things I've watched and makes me laugh every time and Pam is just brilliant! What do you think of the direction Season 5 is taking seeing as it's really quite different from the rest of the seasons?

ambercnash2 karma

I love it. I really do think that it's fun and super funny. I wasn't sure when I first heard about it but then I started getting the scripts and I could tell that Adam was having a blast writing them. I know some people don't like it but I feel like if a show is going to be good, you have to take risks, especially if it's been around a while and if you take risks not everyone is gonna love all of it.

poopotomus1 karma

You're wonderful. What's your favorite band?

ambercnash5 karma

Oh, you know it's an older one but it's probably Built to Spill. But I also love Radiohead, Band of Horses and Modest Mouse just to name a few.

FalconPunch431 karma

Hi Amber! I've heard you all record your lines separately. But I'm curious, why is that?

ambercnash2 karma

We do and that is because we all live in different places and technology makes that possible. Lucky, Adam and I live in Atlanta where the show is made and we record here, Jon and Jessica are in NY and everyone else is in LA.

R0cker1311 karma

How would you handle some of the scenarios in archer? would you do it like Pam or someone else?

ambercnash2 karma

I wish that I'd do it like Pam but I don't think I could physically pull it off, I'm not nearly as awesome and deadly. So I'd probably do it more like Cyril.