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"...Late last year Congress passed the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act with overwhelming bipartisan support..."

This statement seems really fantastic on the surface; what is your perspective on how lawmakers will truly take this once they realize that evidence-based approaches do not allow for the reactionary or lobbied approaches that they are currently accustomed to?

I absolutely love your effort and it saddens me that more emphasis isn't put on this across our Western society. I believe that this is probably the most important issue facing the West right now. Thank you for your efforts.

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I have a Yellow Lab mix (aka "Meth Lab") named Bea Arthur that enjoys supervising the evisceration of stoats and weasels - you are gonna love her.

Please contact my office for a viewing.

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Just because you can't write doesn't mean that you can't speak. ;)

Seriously, I'd argue that the majority of folks that play music have little to no comprehension of how to read musical notation.

Nice job on doing it just to get at your SO. I used to "serenade" my old GF with a hot lil ditty comprised of staccato diminished fifths and the refrain of "Beef Jer-ky", so I can share in your glee.


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So pleased to hear that you enjoy both the wisdom and the humour in Tolkien's work. Too many of us have the impression of archivists being "stuffy"; thank you for countering this.

Also: Bilbo's birthday speech makes for superior content in an exit note to coworkers. :D

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You are fortunate to be acquainted with so many musicians that "make money"! ;P

I've been playing in bands for three decades and my experience appears to have been very different from yours. Professionals that I've encountered can typically read, or at least understand the theory; amateurs...not so much at all. It's pretty damned frustrating when the folks you are trying to jam with can't keep up with even the basic stuff.

I agree that it's shameful for people to boast about their lack of ability to read music. It's like bragging about not being able to do mathematics or read their own language. Gross!