• I've been in the area since June 29th
  • I'm a local fixer for American ABC News, not a reporter, more like a contractor
  • Been to the rescue camp site almost everyday

Ask away!

Edit: It's been great, I didn't know there's this much international attention (even though I'm working with an international media agency). I'll get some sleep in a bit, 3-4 hours of sleep daily is unhealthy af, so I'd like to get some shut eye now.

I'll check back to see if there are unique and interesting questions and answer them :)

And please check ABC, especially Good Morning America and Worlds News Tonight! I'm doing this without their knowledge but I'd like to support them anyway, they have been very nice with me, and we are now the biggest and nicest media crew in the area.

Edit 2: redditors are magnificent sleuths. I got contacted asking about my personal info on my personal channels. I'll just say what I'm comfortable with: 28 yo., used to run a project management team in an American-owned company, made $55k last year working three jobs, want a full time job somewhere in the solar system, preferably with the MCRN; bachelor in telecoms engineering at 19yo, masters in management at 21yo. Plays PUBG (#regionlockchina) and Overwatch (hail papajeff), has a $4,000 gaming PC and PS4 and a Mavic Air those haven't been touched in a while, have a Nin Switch with me at the mudland but hasn't been turned on since I got here. I do some photography, instagram: @modernthan.

Now it's bed time for real, 3am4am local now. Thank you reddit, and I'll be back to answer some questions soon!

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dtej702038 karma

Do you think they will make it out?

Gihrenia3051 karma

Yes. I'm rather hopeful. It hasn't rained heavily for a couple of days, but just now it has started pouring though.

Superfluous_Thom1875 karma

Do you think the current diving method they've been trialing could work? Or do you feel in response to the death of a trained diver, more engineering focused methods might be deemed more promising?

Gihrenia3080 karma

Yes. I still trust that method, Plan A.

The diver who passed away was doing heavy labor (building the airtank ropeline) for hours before he passed out.

Engineering focused method could work awesomely or not at all, time is of the essence here.

RenzelTheDamned1373 karma

What's the general attitude towards the coach? Props to him for keeping them alive for so long. I really hope he isn't blamed.

Gihrenia2341 karma

He wouldn't get any flak from the mainstream public, the fringes are attacking him.

IMHO I think it's a dumb thing to do getting into that cave near the rainy season but I also understand that shit happens. Mad props to him for keeping them alive.

Nutcup1295 karma

This guy is going to have to live with this on his conscience for the rest of his life. I wonder if the people criticizing him have ever made one mistake in their life. Some men would crumble down there after that fateful decision, a decision they made that impacts the children around him.

Based on the photos and interviews I’ve seen, this guy is a champ. I implore anyone without kids to go handle 11-12 of them in a high stress situation. Subtract: food, drinking water, bed, bathroom, etc — and imagine all of that on top of the guilt in your head that you caused this.

This guy will need some mental help when he gets out. People will only focus on the kids and he’ll be an afterthought at first. Mr. Fixer - as somebody who has endured the trauma of guilt and mental health and is trying to help those around him, please fix this coach up with a therapist and support group. I’ll start a fundraiser if needed. And thank you for doing what you’re doing. I’m in the Midwest and have a 10 year old daughter. I hope if something ever happened to her that she has helpers like you around.

Gihrenia866 karma

The Department of Mental Health is prepped and ready for this.

TheWarriorOwl433 karma

Further up they were saying how no one not even the parents blame him.

Gihrenia815 karma

Right, this is not the first time for this team (not the exact same kids) to do this excursion. The cave is a tourist spot.

walterblanco11346 karma

What is a "fixer"?

InTheWhaleRoom1960 karma


Gihrenia1650 karma

That's a really nice way of putting it, thank you!

boognish83871 karma

I was so confused why a hit man was involved with the rescue efforts.

Gihrenia352 karma

Klaus_Goldfish636 karma

You want to Film a story, an episode, maybe a movie. So you send your reporter, and associated nerds (audio tech, camera person, etc.).

But do they know the local language? How not to offend the wrong people? Where you can eat without getting the shits? Maybe even how to contact certain criminal or underworld elements? How is traffic in various places at various times? Which palms should you grease?

That's what a fixer is for, they fix things for you. A trusted local or long term expat, who knows their way around the place.

Gihrenia416 karma

Yeah and try to get connected with other locals, whomever they maybe. So for me I've been trying to get contacts to do interviews.

cqm207 karma

Someone with a particular set of skills

Gihrenia303 karma

...skills I have acquired over a very long career.

We'll I've been translating for a majority of my life, so there's that. I also am contract with "a major SVOD provider".

ba bum

KingKonchu1334 karma

How desperate is the situation in terms of water? Is it possible that the water level will rise faster than the pumping and suffocate the platform which the boys are on?

Gihrenia1680 karma

Unless there's some freakish storm, it won't get too bad, but weather up here could get unpredictable.

Suffocation like that unlikely, they will have to sqeeze in and share 10 sq.m. space though.

mikeadocious963 karma

How are the parents holding up? I imagine they were so ecstatic when they were found. Now that they still haven’t been rescued it must be just devastating, especially with the rain coming.

Gihrenia1156 karma

They were cheering from the family's tent and building in the camp when the boys were found.

Morale should be good but don't quote me on it, they have been communicating through written letters and there are footage of the boys. Check

nypvtt792 karma

CNN is reporting rescuers are posting warning signs right now indicating they intend to use explosives. Any idea what that's about?

Gihrenia1843 karma

It's more like "No smoking, oxygen compressing area, explosive", at least that's the one I saw.

nypvtt610 karma

Ohhhh, the news here is making it sound as if they were going to start blasting holes in the hillside. But your explanation makes perfect sense. Thanks!

Gihrenia787 karma

They have been drilling 100+ chutes and dugged 18 holes in the hillside btw. Explosion unlikely imo.

Scrogger19176 karma

Are there air chutes drilled that actually go into the cave?

Gihrenia440 karma

No. They are expecting 600m into that chamber. So far the deepest chute they dug was 400m. The governor put it as "shooting at a green target taped to a green tree".

ablack82731 karma

I’m following you on Twitter, thanks for everything you’re doing!

I’m sure it’s crazy on the ground, have Elon’s ideas been taken seriously? Or are there too many factors at play that the bag idea wouldn’t work?

Gihrenia1018 karma

Afaik, they will gladly take the Powerwalls.

The rest, not sure, it depends on the folks doing the rescuing.

Personally I think the tube and the bag ideas are too complicated to pull off.

Thai mainstream folks are really thankful and wowed by the ideas and the help though.

ablack82271 karma

That makes sense! Doesn’t seem like there are any good options. Hopefully they can figure something out soon. God speed.

Gihrenia718 karma

I have to rephrase, the cave is way too complex. Elon is aware of the cave's conditions though as he has talked to divers (per his tweets).

Imo, the "pumping water out and drilling the cave to make wider paths then float/dive the kids out", aka Plan A is the best bet.

Cobek205 karma

If they can pump enough water out to drill in the array of narrow spots in the complex system of tunnels, couldn't they walk the kids out at that point? That plan seems unlikely to me.

Gihrenia454 karma

Pump as much as possible, there are different bodies of water. Ideally they would walk the kids out, but realistically it would be more like just enough so it doesn't cover their heads.

Elehhhhna257 karma

Yes, and float them out in buoyancy vests. Good idea.

Thank you for doing all you're doing.

Gihrenia187 karma

My pleasure!

catdogecat657 karma

Do you think there is an issue of "too many cooks in the kitchen" from all the different experts coming in?

Gihrenia744 karma

Not really now, they vet experts and personnel quite extensively at the camp. At first it was chaotic though.

jbh1126628 karma

How did you get connected with ABC?

Gihrenia1294 karma

My good friend is a fixer for NYT, and I was laid off from my full time job a week before the incident, so she referred me because I'm considered quite... nifty and nimble.

International agencies maintain a list of fixers in various locations.

theburmesenomad601 karma

Any words about finding a way in from the Burmese side? Some Burmese citizens from Tachileik (across Mae Sai) reported that there is a team looking at the connections to the cave from the Burmese side. The cave seems to be just a few kilometers away from Thai-Burma border. We don't have the tech or expertise but it would be great if we could be of some help. Just wanted to let you know that we Burmese are following the news closely and praying for the safe return of the boys. Thanks for doing what you're doing!

Gihrenia441 karma

They are really far away, like 10km or something.

OhRiLee572 karma

Is there any possibility of an easier escape route by going deeper into the cave system and coming out elsewhere?

And what’s the general feelings towards the coach up there for bringing them in there in the first place?

I live in Thailand and have a family here and I don’t think many Thais are being critical of the coach for his poor judgement. I saw the familys’ note saying they didn’t blame him but what about the rescuers and the team up there?

Master_GaryQ493 karma

I've only been a farang tourist a few times but my impression is Thai people are a lot more fatalistic than Australia, for instance

Where we might have a Lookout point heavily fenced off and signposted for danger, the Thai will have a sign saying 'Danger, but if you want to see for yourself, don't blame us'

Gihrenia203 karma

It won't say exactly that but that's the mindset yeah. You are warned and it will be on you.

IzttzI296 karma

My Thai wife and all her Thai friends are very critical of the coach and even more so with the death of a worker :/

I'm not that critical, he's young, it wasn't July yet, shit happens.

Gihrenia501 karma

Personal thought: the guy is only 25. Shit happens. He kept the boys alive.

Gihrenia127 karma

It's a dumb decision but shit happens. I hope and don't think the coach will get flaks from this. He kept the boys alive afterall.

theunmentionable556 karma

Generally.. how's the mood over there?

Gihrenia997 karma

Cautiously optimistic.

WobblyGobbledygook503 karma

How are these boys being fed? Are they getting any medical treatment & how?

Gihrenia1348 karma

Thai military has a Superman inside with them. Dr.Park, he's trained with Airborne, Seals, Rangers, Commando. He deployed with MNF-I in 2004. He leads the medical efforts and all. The latest update is he's happy with their health and will start them on more diving lessons

They have been getting US MREs snacks and high protein and energy food. Nothing that would fill their tummies but will at least give them the nutrition they need to get stronger.

For minor wounds, they are getting frogmen gel.

prankerbankr413 karma

What specifically did you do regarding "helped Tesla out last night"?

Gihrenia832 karma

I went up to the camp, made the folks in charge aware of Tesla's upcoming presence. Relayed some basic technical information to Tesla's folks and the Provincial Electricity Authority in Thailand (folks running the generator trucks, I woke them at 3am).

I got them patched in with the State Department (US Embassy Bangkok) and eventually the US military attache in Banngkok. The Embassy had a crash course from me regarding what Powerwalls are.

Now I'm out of the Tesla scene.

blue_mut411 karma

What are the odds of them bringing the kids out in the next week? P.S I followed you on twitter P.P.S thanks for doing this

Gihrenia458 karma

Can't say, I'm optimistic.

Thank you, and it's my pleasure!

epoxy_proxy356 karma

Why is pumping the water out not a full solution? What is preventing that solution from scaling? In other words, if they need a thousand times the drainage why can't they get a thousand more pumps working on it?

Gihrenia639 karma

Multiple bodies of water, really narrow path deep down into the cave.

Pumping capacity is not a big problem, they have got people from the biggest Thai oil company on the piping and pumping. Getting the pipes/hose in is the main issue.

eric-neg284 karma

Do fixers get paid an hourly wage or a flat fee? Can you get a bonus or tip if you land an awesome interview or inside information somehow? Also, is the wage based on the local economy or the US economy? (If that makes sense... not sure what a “living” wage is in Thailand compared to the US but I would imagine it is less. Hopefully that isn’t an offensive thing to say.)

Gihrenia573 karma

Flat daily fee. I'm currently some kind of a nerd god in Thailand right now, so I hope more doors will open up, I'm "officially" unemployed at the moment.

Local economy wage. I'm paid generously enough for a local, but it's 3-4 hours of sleep daily.

ObserverPro184 karma

You’ve got great insight and you’re not only fluent but eloquent in your speech. I’m a filmmaker who used to live in Thailand and I’m bookmarking this post in case I need to go back so I can hire you.

Gihrenia153 karma

Neat! Do ping, even if it's a chit chat dinner, I'm interested in learning filmmaking!

ShadyValeClara29 karma

Nerd god!! Tell us more!! are you the Will Wheaton of Thailand?

Gihrenia39 karma

Ha, no, I grew up watching TNG and loathed his character before I did rewatches as an adult.

I have a similar beard pattern though. Love him.

null-void-284 karma

Did you meet the hero who lost his life during the dive?

Gihrenia343 karma

No. I met his colleagues though.

DogHouseTenant83281 karma

Is there any need for heavy equipment? Or larger pumps?

Gihrenia550 karma

Think we are good with pumps, not sure. Czech government is sending in more gigantic pumps.

Captain_Peelz265 karma

How often are you out in the field working? I imagine that the amount of people makes it so individual shifts are shorter, but I don’t know

Gihrenia395 karma

Our team is huge. I'm the head fixer/coordinator on the local side. I'd et 3-4 hours of sleep if I'm lucky. Sometimes I'd be at the camp, otherwise at our hotel coordinating drivers and fixers.

killervirus123263 karma

Where is the best place to follow everything that's going on in Thai ? Any good sites you reckon

Gihrenia430 karma

In Thai, the language? Follow @MThai and @ThaiPBS (there's @ThaiPBSEnglish) on twitter.

If you meant Thailand, the country. Follow AP, NYT, BBC, NHK.

And of course, please give some love to ABC News!

IntellegentWittyName191 karma

Thank you for doing what you are doing. What do you think the cost of the whole operation will be?

Gihrenia145 karma

Somewhere in the USD billions.

BobIoblaw57 karma

Appreciate this input and it sounds like great efforts are being put forth to save human lives. I’m very skeptical of “billions” USD. Last Mars Rover (Curiosity) cost $2.5b USD. I’ve worked on a multi-billion-dollar project ($3.2b over 5 years) and it would be nearly impossible to both procure and spend that amount of funding in this amount of time (survivors found 5 days ago).

I’m only pointing this out because there are some comments that imply that human life may not be worth this much (“billions of dollars”). This rescue operation is certainly pricey, but I do not think the total price will be absurdly high where we question the worth of saving human lives. It’s great to see these countries and people from all over the world come together to support the greater good. I applaud the OP for taking his precious few hours a day to conduct an AMA. Keep up the good work.

Gihrenia98 karma

Yeah I may have put a number too large there. But it's something... bigly.

oscillation1102 karma

This is a great question that I’ve also been wondering about. The amount of resources dedicated to this operation is obviously gigantic. When the operation is complete, I’m imagining that it will be nearly impossible to give it a valuation that is close to accurate.

Gihrenia288 karma

We are not exactly a poor country (poor per capita, but middle class in total, the inequality is large here), and I'm sure the population of Thailand will be more than glad to use their tax money to get the boys out.

CB_puglover173 karma

Hi! Thank you so much for helping those boys/coach. My question is, the Dover who died setting up the lines, could it have been avoided? Did he run out of oxygen knowing that he was going to cut it close/run out and perhaps thought he could work through it? I'm trying to understand because if he was doing heavy labor like you said, shouldn't he have been more prepared? Not blaming anyone at all, I'm just curious in the details of why he died and how it could have or not been prevented. Again, thank you for doing this ama. Thoughts??

Gihrenia280 karma

I'll just put it like this -- they signed up for it.

Edit: I don't want to go too deep into this out of respect. He's 38, ex-Seal, doing airport patrols. Everybody wanted to pitch in and he has the right qualifications. It's tragic though :(

Crimson_panties170 karma

What was the biggest concern about the kids who were in the cave? ~~ What I mean, was there any concern about serious injuries, death, starvation, or just general fear of being trapped?

Gihrenia263 karma

O2 level and CO2 level.

jfgjfgjfgjfg138 karma

ABC as in Australia or America?

Gihrenia349 karma

America. Every time I had to introduce myself here I have to say "Mickey Mouse". We don't have ABC here on TV but we dig everything Disney's. People only know CNN and BBC here.

gassmano138 karma

Is this cave a commonly explored tourist spot?

Gihrenia267 karma

Not fully explored, too deep and dangerous. But it is a tourist spot, a minor national park.

ryzvonusef119 karma

Hey there, thanks for the AMA!

Can you please tell us about the location and the people there? What's the local infra like, are there proper roads airports etc nearby to allow access for for heavy equipment?

r2d519887 karma

I'm not related to any of this, but I recall in another AMA that there were no roads suitable for bringing heavy equipment to drill down from the surface

Gihrenia136 karma

The road up to the camp is a dirt/muddy road, not too shabby, I meant there are plenty of trucks at the camp. Inside the cave is more difficult.

HolyDrac65 karma

If I recall from Elons tweets, he mentioned airdropping batteries and drills. That might be the most viable option if the roads aren't suitable

Gihrenia112 karma

There a field that the military and the police have been parking and flying their helicopters in an out of nearby. They could also clear some space at the camp for helicopters, one of the transportation plans is to airlift the boys from the camp.

Roygbiv85644 karma

Pretty certain it's in the middle of the jungle

Gihrenia96 karma

Not that far deep though, but yeah, it's in a jungle.

snt271117 karma

How does situation compare to that of the Chilean miners? Have they sent any mining experts used during that rescue? If not it is worth a shot to ask if they can

Gihrenia192 karma

From the governor himself. Chilean miner they had to drill 1000m but they have the exact location. Here it's 600m of drilling but unsure of the location in relation to the chamber the boy are in. I think they have coordination going.

rabbitdog1114 karma

This sounds like a stupid question but where do the boys toilet?

Gihrenia209 karma

Plenty of water in front of them, soo.... I guess there? No much food so I'm guessing mostly no. 1s.

Gihrenia113 karma

Governor press confirmed they are starting the mission to bring the kids out now. 4 first.

ryanjkontos111 karma

This whole situation is horrifying and I haven't stopped thinking about it for days, refreshing the news hourly. I wish more people really understood how bad the situation is. There's a lot of people that feel like this is almost over, but really other than supplies, and an Oxygen line (I think, conflicting sources) It doesn't feel like they are much closer to a rescue than they were they day after they were found.

I really really hope Elon Musk helps save the day. Some of his ideas seem a bit out there, but I'm rooting for him. What have his people been doing over there so far?

Do you think diving them out is a realistic option? I really don't see it. What do you think the plan is right now? What would you like to see happen? I have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen soon. No one wants to do anything because every option is dangerous, and it's going to get to the point where they have to rush it. I hope I'm wrong, but I think the water levels and air are going to become bigger issues, and no one is prepared to evacuate them.

Gihrenia165 karma

Two big concerns at the moment:

  • Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels
  • The weather (monsoon season is coming)

Elon's batteries will sure help. Personally I wanna see some Boring Co's drills and maybe when everything is over, the flamethrower. SpaceX might have awesome ideas, who knows.

Check the governor's press briefing from today (July 7th), they will do something if they think the trend is dangerous. But they want to do their safest plan and that takes time.

One of the worst things to happen would be extreme raining.

jorgp211 karma

What happened?

threestardot26 karma

A youth soccer team and their coach went exploring in a cave. While they were there it rained and they became trapped while also forcing them deeper into the cave system. Their location was unknown for ~9 days and the rescue efforts have stalled a bit due to the dangers of extracting them.

Gihrenia59 karma

To add to this, the cave is insanely long and not fully explored. They found the kids like 2.9 miles into it.

The hill is called "Sleeping Lady" as it resembles a lady laid down, her hair stretches out to Myanmar. The kids went around the Lady's Neck.

I translated the army's map, they found the kids 400 meters beyond Pattaya beach at "Lady's Cleavage".

Mind you the army's map is 2D, the actual cave involves a lot of 3D movements.

2009_G8GXP_for_sale109 karma

What's the food situation like there? Are there vendors? I've been curious about that since there are so many people for support

Gihrenia215 karma

No commercial vendors. Awesome donated food and drinks up at the rescue camp. There's even an espresso machine up there.

schafs97 karma

What is the plans to get them out exactly? I know the children dont know how to swim. Are they stringing in a guide rope?

Gihrenia207 karma

Yeah, pump out enough water then stick them in life vests and float them out, that's Plan A.

GleepGloopGlop86 karma

Do the children have any blankets? Or padding to sleep/sit/rest on? The spot just looks so uncomfortable. I am glad the DRs are staying in now, because it must be hard for the Coach to try to take care of the boys mentally, and take care of himself. He must feel really guilty. He was all they have to guide them through the 9 days they were lost and stuck.

Gihrenia114 karma

Yeap, mylar blankets:

He should be proud of himself for keeping the boys alive that long.

Potatochak84 karma

I'm getting rather anxious, is the engineering team there yet? I also saw the tweet from James Yenbamroong that 10 powerwalls will be arriving in Chiang Rai at 7am this Sunday.

Gihrenia157 karma

Tesla engineers are in Bangkok now. SpaceX also sent a guy ahead.

Powerwalls look really intuitive and there are plenty of smart folks at the camp.

rac3r580 karma

Found an image of the cave How did they know to look inside the cave?

Gihrenia75 karma

Pattaya beach is the last well known place, but locals have explored further in.

Gihrenia77 karma

It's 9am local, all press has just got kicked out from the camp. Rumor mill says they might get one kid out at 1pm. Follow @thanr

Murphysburger61 karma

So, regarding the boys entering the cave. It appears from the various Maps I've looked at there are several places where only a man can squeeze through, and not have his scuba gear on his back. Does that mean when the boys crawled in they were going, single file, through these tight skinny areas?

Gihrenia66 karma

Yep, that's why tandem diving is not a very viable idea unless they can expand the passage ways.

ThatHockeyGuy4458 karma

Did you know the Navy SEAL? And are there American Special Operations soldiers there helping too?

Gihrenia102 karma

I have contact with the Thai Navy Seal, nothing too big.

Afaik Americans sent a lot of personnel, the quiet professionals were the first to get there.

sarcasticfkr50 karma

What all equipments have Tesla's team brought in?

Gihrenia89 karma

I could only say Powerwalls for certain. Unsure about anything else, Elon is quite public about it, check his twitter feed for updates :)

FL_RM_Grl43 karma

Were there any signs posted outside the cave warning people not to enter due to flooding?

Tikkaritsa96 karma

There are warning signs about the flooding season, July-November

They went in on June 23rd

edit: don't downvote him, I wrote "23th" eariler

Gihrenia47 karma


Raspberries-Are-Evil34 karma

This might be dumb, but is there a reason you are not able to simply drill a hole down to them or blast an opening?

Gihrenia121 karma

  • They don't have the exact location inside relative to outside. The hill is yuuuuge. It will take time, they poked 100+ holes in the mountain already.
  • Blasting is a bad idea imo, what if the chamber they are in collapses

eastwardarts33 karma

Thank you for the AMA. Two questions:

Is there any way concerned citizens of the world can help this operation, with donations or in any other way?

Is there any way for concerned citizens of the world to communicate to the kids how much we care about them and are rooting for them?

Gihrenia26 karma

If you could, order a lot of Wellington Boots / Wellies and send them up to:

Pongpha Subdistrict Administration Organization

Tambon Pong Pha, Amphoe Mae Sai,

Chiang Rai


That's the main donation center. They will not take cash donation though.

Go comment on for morale support :)

Arrogus33 karma

I see from your choice of beverage that you are a man of culture. What is the beer selection like in Thailand?

Gihrenia120 karma

Awesome, I co-founded this online beer delivery company:

I'm usually a single malt guy though, Lagavulin 16 is my favorite.

ThaAccountant30 karma

While heading towards the entrance - how long would the kids have to stay submerged at its longest?

Are we talking minutes or hours?

Gihrenia58 karma

3 hours by experienced divers to the 3rd chamber, it's tough.

lurkerbutposter26 karma

Is there a possibility of sedating the children? It seems like they could be fitted with equipment and put under and more or less carried by the dive teams. Sure it's not an ideal solution but neither is a truly panicked teenager endangering not just their lives but the rescuers and fellow kids...all in all this is a scary situation.

Gihrenia24 karma

Don't think so (guessing), too dangerous, can't monitor their health effectively if they are KO'ed.

iamjuls16 karma

Please elaborate on how you helped Tesla / Musk?

Gihrenia22 karma

He asked me a technical question and I went up to the camp to find out. Got them hooked up with the right folks (State Dept. and Thai govt.)

yaannooz15 karma

Where are they pooping and how do they clean themselves after? Are they in danger from exposure to feces and inability to properly cleanse?

Gihrenia31 karma

They have a Seal Medical Doctor (Dr.Pak, look him up, he's like Superman) taking care of them. When they come out they will be in a sterile environment for a while.

xenofan29315 karma

Anny idea how they got that far into the cave, including past the narrow passageways? Were they already at the part they are at now or were they pushed back there by the water?

Gihrenia24 karma

Yeah every time it rained they had to go further in, but now it's kinda stable.

elijknyg9 karma

I don’t have a great imagination, is there some animation of illustration of what the the situation is? Like where the team is stuck and what the route is to get out

Gihrenia7 karma

BBC has a good map, but you'll have to do some googling.

drewbopalous-18 karma

Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that some guy inexplicably had a bunch of boys 6 miles deep in a cave? Has there been any explanation as to why they went down there in the first place?

Gihrenia2 karma

It's an adventure and team building type of thing, they packed a bunch of snacks. Not the first time they went in there. It's usually a tourist spot, minor national park.

i01001001-25 karma

Are you aware that Bert Kreisher will actually shed tears if they don't make it out alive?

Gihrenia18 karma

We all would. Hopefully we won't.

unicorneddonkeys-28 karma

What's your favorite Taiwanese meal?

Gihrenia19 karma

Taiwanese? Of course their rice with marinated pork thing. Stinky tofu too stinky.

ReverendBass-93 karma


Gihrenia18 karma

From this thread

Google "Thai Cave"

ablack823 karma

Tesla is delivering batteries.

Edit: I know what is going on, I thought at first he was just asking about Tesla. I made a quick response just saying that they were delivering batteries to make it simple.

Gihrenia7 karma

Powerwalls will be brought in. US govt and Thai govt are handling the logistics afaik.