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Hi there. I work in decontaminating and detecting biological weapons. Here's a tip:

Wash your hands (put a NEW glove on the hand that had the intact glove) for about two minutes. Follow those hand washing guides that popped up everywhere during the swine flu scare, you know, the ones with the fingernail thing and all that. Then either use an alcoholic disinfectant EXACTLY as it says on the package, or keep your hands wet with 3% hydrogen peroxide or everclear+a bit of soap for one minute.

Finally, if you see ANY kind of wound, including ones that have scabbed over, on the contaminated hand, it's doctor time. Seriously.

Post-exposure prophylaxis can prevent pretty much any disease these days if done right (and fast). Usually it's a bunch of antiretrovirals and 2x200mg/d for six days doxycycline.

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I like Javascript

It's only fitting that shitty things should be coded in a shitty language <3

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Sometimes Europe is nice.

Further example: No more cellphone roaming fees in Europe come July 1st. Not for calls, not for data, not for SMS/MMS.

Fug yea.

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You want to Film a story, an episode, maybe a movie. So you send your reporter, and associated nerds (audio tech, camera person, etc.).

But do they know the local language? How not to offend the wrong people? Where you can eat without getting the shits? Maybe even how to contact certain criminal or underworld elements? How is traffic in various places at various times? Which palms should you grease?

That's what a fixer is for, they fix things for you. A trusted local or long term expat, who knows their way around the place.

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Sadly, any sufficient proof would identify me. Our field is small.

Edit: Mod verification is also not an option, because reasons.