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2009_G8GXP_for_sale109 karma

What's the food situation like there? Are there vendors? I've been curious about that since there are so many people for support

2009_G8GXP_for_sale60 karma

Do you save copies of the original or edited photos on your servers? Why or why not? (Pending the first answer)

2009_G8GXP_for_sale12 karma

What are the kids asking Santa to bring them? I'm out of touch with the world and have 6 nieces/nephews that I have to shop for

2009_G8GXP_for_sale12 karma

No, I'm not real fond of conversing with the parents. They suck. I'm just wondering what the most popular toys are for this year. So far I've only heard about the L.o.l dolls (for girls).

2009_G8GXP_for_sale4 karma

All-seasons at the very least. Then you'll have some comfort and keep the noise down. My snow/ice tires get so loud and annoying. I can't wait to get them back into storage