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You’ve got great insight and you’re not only fluent but eloquent in your speech. I’m a filmmaker who used to live in Thailand and I’m bookmarking this post in case I need to go back so I can hire you.

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Thanks for coming by YIFY. I got a lot of Reddit hate for requesting this AMA. I've downloaded a lot of your titles. If you could, please answer the 5 questions I asked in my AMA request.

  1. What is the motivation behind uploading so many torrents?
  2. How large is your team?
  3. How organized are you?
  4. Is there money to be made uploading torrents?
  5. How do you protect yourself from lawsuits and the government?

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Thanks Blake! I hope to continue when I have the time. Just finished listening to your first episode. Really enjoyed it! I hope you have the opportunity to continue the complete story. You've found yourself a listener.

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I'm listening now. I started a podcast series earlier this year, the first episode was also a true crime story. Unfortunately I had to put the show on hiatus because I moved to the other side of the world. It's a lot of work, but I love the medium!

What other forms of journalism have you done? Do you have any examples of your other work?

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Sounds just like the killers.