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Shouldn't you still go to college and studying something that interests you? You can afford it...

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Jew here. Are we cool bro?

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Instant boner killer.

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Why can't you folks get your rules straight? I fly every week for work, and I swear every time its some different bs. I fly with a guitar because I am a Musician. I have had guys ask me to remove the strings because they could "be a weapon." Please. I could stab you in the face with my pen or strangle you with a belt. Then I have to argue and I've been threatened with being arrest for not complying... So again, why can't there be standards? And if there are, why can't you guys follow them?

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You party platform calls for the removal of public schools, the EPA, privatization of all the commons (roads, bridges, parks etc.) How does this not lead to a handful of billionaires owning everything and able to pollute wherever they see fit as long as they 'own' the land? Why do you believe for profit entities will be better at education when 200 years of public schools have done a great job when they are funded correctly?