Cuba is listed as an “Internet Enemy” by Reporters Without Borders. Internet access costs CUC $1/hour while the average state salary is $20/month. I know that this is kinda a repost but i must try if the mods think that hi post shouldn't e here i will stop trying i promise.

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euphoric_planet2729 karma

What is something you were surprised existed because you found it on the internet?

Saickyo3767 karma

4can and reddit

euphoric_planet591 karma

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. Could I ask what specifically about them was so surprising? Or was it just the fact that they exist at all that was surprising?

Another Q: what would you like to do once you graduate?

Saickyo1201 karma

The internet has always fascinated eseclly his capcity to create hiveminds and his is very present both in reddit and 4chan. Recently i had been researching about he culural wars alt right vs PC culture and is fascinating even if it is one of the worst thngs that ever hppened to he nternt.Well when finish my career i want to gin a medical mition to another country.

euphoric_planet338 karma

Haha very true on tue hive mind. I think one of the best (and worst) things about the Internet is how easy it is to find people with the same interests/thoughts as you. Great because you get to share with other people and bad because it can be really easy to get stuck in a bubble where you don’t hear different ideas.

Good luck on your medical studies and thanks again for taking the time to answer :)

Saickyo351 karma

thanks to you to fella

milknap2537 karma

How are you personally able to access internet? Do you have a salary that lets you afford the expense or have you found ways to avoid the cost?

Saickyo4946 karma

I am stuyingmedicine and in our uni is free it has a lot of problems: is very slow (downoadin 1gb takes 3h), it has a lot of censrship and we can nly have acccess from 7:00pm to 7:00 am but hey is FREE.

milknap1558 karma

That’s amazing but also kind of sucks, wow! What sort of things are censored there?

Saickyo2791 karma

PORN, and some websites that he goverment does not like, a hew weeks ago the admins of the uni blocked 4chan i still can acces to 4chan with he hyper expensive internett but not in my uni and that sucs but is not a surprise that they id tha taking in consideration the content of that web.

milknap722 karma

Do you feel like the restricted access to internet interferes with your studies in any ways? Or do you primarily use it for fun?

Saickyo1284 karma

Well i am studying medicine having a beter acces to internet coul improve my stuys by i dont think that it will do such a big diference we have enough books here but there are some subjects besides medicine that are more affected y the low acces to nternet. For example we have a very poor understanding of what the intrnt i and can do most o the people only use facebok nd dont ave a idea tat somehing like reddit or 4chan exist. also if you are nterested in a more niche subject like videogames you are screwed because you probably are gong to have more problems earnng the subject and you will face a uge poblm gettng the tools to work with videogames.

TheUnEven182 karma

Do you have access to Wikipedia? That's been an essential part of my studies. Just being able to look something up quick and get a grasp of it so that you can continue with the studies.

Saickyo364 karma

yes i had acces to the wiki befoe i get internet thanks to a portable version that circulateshere

Jinrou7199 karma

portable wikipedia version? I had no idea these existed, they sound like a great idea, but i wonder how big the file size is, and how comprehensive the portable wiki version is compared to the real one. I'll try look to see if I can find where to download something like this later.

Saickyo319 karma


Saickyo62 karma

Well i am studying medicine having a beter acces to internet coul improve my stuys by i dont think that it will do such a big diference we have enough books here but there are some subjects besides medicine that are more affected y the low acces to nternet. For example we have a very poor understanding of what the intrnt i and can do most o the people only use facebok nd dont ave a idea tat somehing like reddit or 4chan exist. also if you are nterested in a more niche subject like videogames you are screwed because you probably are gong to have more problems earnng the subject and you will face a uge poblm gettng the tools to work with videogames.

Saickyo38 karma

Well i am studying medicine having a beter acces to internet coul improve my stuys by i dont think that it will do such a big diference we have enough books here but there are some subjects besides medicine that are more affected y the low acces to nternet. For example we have a very poor understanding of what the intrnt i and can do most o the people only use facebok nd dont ave a idea tat somehing like reddit or 4chan exist. also if you are nterested in a more niche subject like videogames you are screwed because you probably are gong to have more problems earnng the subject and you will face a uge poblm gettng the tools to work with videogames.

sense_make6 karma

Not even by VPN?

Many university networks even in the west will block things like torrents over the university network. Using a VPN allowed me to circumvent all the restrictions, otherwise I would have gone crazy staying on campus.

Saickyo7 karma

Yes VPN works well here.

celerym653 karma

Today I learnt Cuba has better Internet than Australia

Saickyo531 karma

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wait are you serious? We are the second country with worst internet accest the first i Nrth korea.

KurtLance14 karma

Dear Jesus, let your example shine like a guiding beacon in our fight to defend net neutrality and defeating the demon lord Ajit Pai. Amen.

Saickyo24 karma

Amen too i think:/

WiseWordsFromBrett2408 karma

What is something interesting that a friend or family member has asked you to look up for them?

Saickyo4440 karma

IDK most of my friends just say dude download porn, and the ones that have a better taste are here in my uni so they can acces the internt and dont need to ask me nything.

Tarakristewa276 karma

Aha this is so funny. They could ask you to download music, movies...Nah they ask for porn 😂

TrekkiMonstr116 karma

Well for music or movies there's the weekly paquete. /u/Saickyo, is this correct? Also, is it known in Cuba who creates it? And do you use it, or is the internet enough?

Saickyo100 karma

I hav o use this nternet is fine for social netwroks but i cant downad many hngs the internet is made by the people with the est internet acces in cuba.

Chip_Clydesdale57 karma

I think I would want try to find a way to download Wikipedia. I'd have a lot of information with that. The compressed version is 14 gigs so it could fit on a thumb drive.

Saickyo110 karma

We have that version here the people from he paquete already did that.

JTC801913 karma

Could you get in trouble by the government for using Reddit? If so, what would the punishment be?

Saickyo1904 karma

Maybe if i start to say bullshit about here i could get my account susended or get in a big problem but the addmins here are to talzy so i dont think that will be a problems ive had cats like this before but i nevr did this on reddit.

HursHH1383 karma

Have you watched porn yet?

Saickyo2032 karma

Offcourse, they cant censor all the porn in the internet and you still can cheat the censrship using a vpn besides there are a very high amount of porn circulating here in Cuba anyways.

RADNyetheAverageGuy2392 karma

This just in, Jesus watches porn. Everyone, turn in your Bibles.

Saickyo447 karma


Saickyo1271 karma

holy shit before this post my karma was at 600 now it is at 9000 jesus christ.

kitikitish887 karma

What's for dinner?

Saickyo1770 karma

Ham sandwiches i am n a mdicine uni and i dont know how to cook.

Goodbyetobyseeya923 karma

You should make a Cuban sandwich.

Saickyo557 karma

I did one the lst week for my breakfast.

NixSiren847 karma

What do you do with your internet access since so few people have it? Do you find ways to make it helpful or accessible to more than just yourself? How do you see internet access in Cuba helping Cuban society? Thanks for taking the time to answer questions!

Saickyo1783 karma

Well i want to say that i try to use to imove my life and the lifes of oher people and in some way i do it i use it to learn new things, downod books and meet people from other countrys i hink that i cant do in any other way but i sometimes use it to more questionable things..... i shitost a lot.

KP_Wrath1395 karma

i shitost a lot

Don't we all?

Saickyo802 karma


Tanative77778 karma

Do you ever use the advantage of having internet to pick up hot babes?

Saickyo1644 karma

i tried but guess i to akward to have any success :(

Da_Yuu694 karma

What do you think of your country?

Saickyo1362 karma

IT SUCKS..ell thats not true it has a couple of good thing, is avery peaceful here withouth many violent crimes bt the life can be really hard sometimes.

Da_Yuu486 karma

How educated is the average person?

Saickyo1365 karma

Yikes this is a tracky one, wel i can say withouth lying that we dont have any anaphabets here. Te education is free but is a bit deficient in some areas and we are a island that des nt have many contact with the exterior world so knoweledge regarding the internet or high advance in tecnology are a bit lacking. I very dificult to me to find someone o have a minngful chat bout Blade Runer or a Ghbli movie.

jesuslovesme2372 karma

Sorry, what do you mean by "anaphabets"?

Saickyo541 karma

People who dont know how to read. Sorry i think i made a mistranslation.

Samesh559 karma

Hola Jesus! I'm Cuban and I really miss home. I haven't been there since 2006, would you tell me how things have changed since I last visited? Feel free to respond in Spanish if that would be more comfortable for you :)

Saickyo683 karma

Changed? hahahaha... sorry for hat well emh..... we have a new prresident nd his last name is not Castro, the internet is gettting sligthly better, we had a ver bad plain accident recently the US oened their embassy here and hen they drop it for some fucking cigada noisesyeph that willl be a goood sumary of our current situation.

Samesh271 karma

The last time I was in La Habana, there was no internet at all so that's something haha! Are people still marching in front of the embassy now that it's empty?

Saickyo261 karma

IDK im not rom La Habana.

Barzano57 karma

Where are you from?

Saickyo87 karma

From Sancis Spiritus

Artemis913446 karma

Have you heard about the mysterious sonic attacks on US and Canadian diplomats while in Cuba?

Saickyo782 karma

Yes it was a big news the oicial report her was that the misterious noise where in fact cicadas yes fuckig cicadas. The journalist sai that all was an excuse of the americans to abandon the embassy.

KP_Wrath541 karma

I always felt like cicadas were the enemy, thanks for helping confirm it.

Saickyo600 karma

I always felt like cicadas were the enemy

Ok that is a very funy choosing of words. you are welcme.

KP_Wrath272 karma

Dude, I live in the south eastern US. They get so loud around this time of year that they can be disorienting.

Saickyo294 karma

Still sonic atacks really who would that and why that doesnt make any sense.

comicsansisunderused338 karma

What do you think is the most important thing the world can learn from Cuba? What should Cuba learn from the world?

Saickyo653 karma

Well ehere practically there are not racism it was in part due to the high levels Crossbreeding but still is a good thing, and we dnt have many violen crimes because gufires are heavly prohibited and we can learn a t from we had been withouth many comunication with exterior worl after all we are a in island that use to think that we are always right or mabe tha we are the nly one rights because Cuba is still comunist in a capitalit world but we are very wrong many times.

chip_idiot335 karma


Saickyo1241 karma

Sup son you are going to dien in 45 years no hard feelings.

Artemis913326 karma

Is there much religion in Cuba?

Saickyo416 karma

There are some after the triumph of the revolution religion was heavily resticted but it never disapear completely andtoday those restrictions have disapear today is something pretty comon.

sgtpandybear312 karma

What's the music scene like there? I'm obsessed with music so I'm very interested in what is popular there at this moment.

Saickyo653 karma

It sucks poele here only like regaetton and believe we have the worst regaetton o the world.

gamerholic362 karma

Sorry to tell you but reggaeton has taken over Latino music, it's fucking everywhere. So if you ever get out of Cuba don't get your hopes up lol

Saickyo429 karma

our regaeton s especially bad trust me

Cabresto305 karma

Hey man, how do Cubans feel about Mexico?

Saickyo625 karma

We like mexicans we eel that we are brother cultures.

FranchiseSports284 karma

what field of medicine are you in?

Saickyo527 karma

Emh... just medicine i guess? I a in second year now so i haent chose a speciality yet.

FranchiseSports192 karma

thanks for taking time to respond!

Saickyo351 karma

it was a pleasure

Nocturnalshadow284 karma

Is your keyboard broken?

(There’s a joke about broken English there, but I’m legitimately curious why you are missing random letters of words in your typing)

Saickyo688 karma

i type to fast sorry i have brain damage

Nocturnalshadow142 karma

Wow I wasn’t actually expecting a response lol. Cool. Well not the brain damage - that sucks - but nice you are taking the time to answer questions. Now I want to think of a real one...

Do Cubans have any general knowledge or interest in cryptocurrencies? There are some companies working on technology for things like a free decentralized internet that might make things better there.

Saickyo149 karma

Nope sorry for the sort answer.


Do you still use the paquete?

Saickyo252 karma

LOL yes i do hw did you know are you cuban?

Funkyduffy199 karma

There are articles out here on the internet talking about the Paquete and how most of Cuba gets its digital media without actual internet access.

Saickyo198 karma

Yes those articles are true.

flash246202 karma

Do you ever wish you could live in the U.S. or any other country? Or do you want to stay in Cuba?

Saickyo347 karma

pretty much always

Hello_3495 karma

What do people say about the us naval base gtmo?

Saickyo212 karma

Since the relattionshionshi with US started again they had ecoming very pissy about ti subject and cmn they are right that base is ilegal.

Hello_3481 karma

Would you say anything to someone that works on that base, if yes what would you tell them?

Saickyo483 karma

Plase stop toturing muslim there.

Artemis913197 karma

How does the general Cuban public feel about the end of the Castro regime and the new president?

Saickyo335 karma

We are pretty indeferent nohing hs changed yet but at least i hope that the things can get bettr now.

flyinpanda185 karma

How well known is Yoel Romero?

Saickyo347 karma


flyinpanda88 karma

He's a UFC fighter.

In wrestling he won an Olympic silver medal (Sydney 2000) and a world championship.

Saickyo244 karma

Sorry im not a sporty guy.

jack10303158 karma

Are you not afraid of the government reading this post and finding out that you are bypassing their censors, especially because they would know exactly who are?

Or are the cyber police in Cuba not aware of reddit?

Saickyo281 karma

Nah i have done things like this befoe and nothing happened looks like the cyber police is pretty lazey o hey just cant scan all the internet but i acually can et in a big trouble if they find this post.

Upuaut81145 karma

Which is your favorite Ghibli movie? I saw you had mentioned that in an earlier comment.

P.S. Mine is Castle in the Sky.

Saickyo233 karma

Oldstyle guy here? Mine is Nausica readed the manga oo and love it.

LazzzyButtons139 karma

How do I walk on water? How did you feed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fish? What’s it like to be crucified? How exactly... are the end of days going to happen? /s

Just kidding... my real question is... what cities, landmarks, etc... should an American finally see while visiting your country now that we can?

Saickyo71 karma

Ciys? Well you can miss La Habana also dk Baracoa, and Santiago de Cuba.

Nebula95136 karma

What do you think about memes?

Saickyo428 karma

I shitpost a lot what do you think?

alyssaarden121 karma


Saickyo372 karma

It must be free since all our health care is free but i think is only avaible to people with big scars and trasgenders.

CanuckianOz283 karma

Do they provide gender reassignment surgery there? Are transgenders treated ok?

Saickyo448 karma

yes and yes

strikerax9666 karma

How is the acceptance towards transgender/LGBT people in Cuba? I know your mentioned the low rates of racism but what about sexual minorities?

Saickyo134 karma

so so most people dont like them but there are not any law against them oand tey dont fase to many violent crimes

lifeisrecursive112 karma

  • What do you think of your healthcare system vs other countries' healthcare systems?
  • Have you ever felt fear of speaking in dissenting opinion openly?
  • How have you felt about censorship? Do you think that all information should be freely available or is it okay to censor certain things from the general population?

Saickyo239 karma

-Well is FREE and pretty good i ave o admit. -No i didnt but i should. -Offcourse it should be freely available what hapened to the free speech.

waynearick2105 karma

Do you like living in a communist country? What do you think of trump? Would you prefer to live somewhere else than Cuba?

Saickyo493 karma

-Is not that bad at leas we dont have economic crisis -Yikes whenever i think my president sucks i just remember Trump and stop thinking that -I wanted to be Japanese desune.

toosanghiforthis434 karma

Gets internet

Watches Anime

Wants to be Japanese

Checks out my man

Saickyo421 karma

i know a weeb s not what you expect from a cuban

ReyxDD97 karma

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. (It's an anime fan joke)

Saickyo168 karma

Please im a weeb toothe original meme have a guy with noding his his eyes closed anme was a mistake

strikerax9638 karma

What do you admire about Japanese culture?

Saickyo297 karma

Im just a weeb thats it.

stevemunoz11791 karma

Where did you learn how to speak English?

Saickyo186 karma

At school and watching movies.

spooklordpoo88 karma

Is there any risk of doing this ama?

Saickyo219 karma


Windforce65 karma

Wait, you guys have no 4G on mobile phones?

There's no mobile internet at all? I can't even imagine how to use my phone without the internet. There's basically no point getting a smart phone if there's no cellular internet imo.

Saickyo148 karma

Imagine now that the cost for a phone call is fucking expensivwhen someone here calls you and sudnenly hangs that means i only have money o call you for 10 sec lease come here to talk ace to face.

paralyyzed53 karma

Is it true that cab drivers in cuba make more than doctors?

Saickyo140 karma


changeiscool48 karma

Have you ever played Bollywood music in the university internet room?

Saickyo203 karma

No, no and no. Why did ou ask that? I hate ndians movie those movies are crazy.

strikerax9624 karma

Ok, how about girly kpop music? That's always fun

Saickyo29 karma

idk dont hear kpop.

meowgrrr42 karma

Is there a difference between the quality of medical care for Cubans compared to tourists? If so, what kind of differences?

Saickyo84 karma

No there are not an diferences at all.

nerdymixture36 karma

How easy is it to travel/move outside of cuba?

Saickyo97 karma

Ridicuosly hard getting a visa is really dificult and the tickets are too expensive.

roshanpr30 karma

Can you use TOR or a VPN to bypass the censorship?

Saickyo30 karma


suckswallow29 karma

Did you know Mark Cuban is not from Cuba?

Saickyo43 karma

Npe im lost.

Artemis91328 karma

Is there a big difference between the areas that tourists are allowed to go and the rest of Cuba?

Saickyo144 karma

Ah huge one if you get lost you are going to see such beautiful things a as street withouth paviment, houss falling down and all

SweetLenore26 karma

What are your views on Che Guevara (if you have any)?

Saickyo98 karma

the history books here says that he was the second coming of chrst but i dont know him thatwell all i know od him istha he com from argentin was comunist and figthed i the revolution ive hear peope saying sme really awful things about him but toda is very dificult to know what was true

general46523 karma

Do you ever hope to one day be able to leave Cuba? Is this even a possibility for you to one day be able to leave if you wanted to?

Saickyo55 karma

well if a finish my medicine career i could do a medical mision in another country.

Artemis91311 karma

Do you think Fidelito killed himself?

Saickyo78 karma

Nah that oldman was to much.He survived 600 atempts of homicide do u think that after all that he as going to comit suicide.

Artemis91312 karma

I meant Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart. I didn't know people tried to murder him. I thought it was a strange coincidence that he committed suicide when they were trying to decide on a new president.

Saickyo21 karma

Yes Fidel, people tried to kill him a lot. He didnt comite suicide well thats theoficial report but i trust in it for once Fidel was not the president since a time ago the esponsabilty was pased to his brother Raul.

Artemis91311 karma

Fidel's oldest son was said to have committed suicide in February.

Saickyo24 karma

I havent heard anything lke that im going to gogle it but it sounds fake.

Saickyo45 karma

oly shit it was true they didnt say that n the news bulletins thats werd i find it in a local news webpage.

TheAwfulWaffle10178 karma

Qué bolá esere. I'm the son of a Cuban refugee who wants to visit Cuba. What are your recommendations on where I should go? Also do you guys listen to Pitbull and other modern artists like we do here in Miami?

Saickyo34 karma

Sorry i dont like Pitbull about the places you can go Varadero beach is a great place also anywhere in La Habana: the capitol, the malecon, Lenin's park

connorp048 karma

Do people there think you're actually Jesus?

Saickyo66 karma

People sometimes make fun of mmy name bt no, im not Jess Christ i Jesus Garcia.

PSteak12 karma

Brother from another Father.

Saickyo22 karma

More like hemano de otro fulano.

RazgovorUgodni6 karma

Many of those comments are asking you about propaganda and censorship. Do you think that capitalist countries also have propaganda and censorship, just that they are putting out differently? Westerners often think that they are the only ones free and free-minded. What do you think about that?

Saickyo11 karma

Well what do you think the US made a lot odf anticomuinst propaganda during the coldwar.

toan556 karma

What is the best cigar?

Saickyo15 karma

Anyone we mke great cigars... m sorry i dont smoke:(

gogogadgetgrimace6 karma

Do you know of anyone by the name Ordonez? My grandma and grandpa we're Fermine & Armanda but she went by the name Tete. My mother's name is Herlinda.

Saickyo37 karma

I dont think so dude is a small island but we still have 8 million of habitants.

NihiloZero6 karma

Is your identity verified? I ask because there are many people who would have an interest in posing as a Cuban and talking about how horrible Cuba is (in various ways, subtly and less so). If your identify for this AMA isn't verified, why should we believe what you say and why should the mods make an exception for you?

Saickyo8 karma

Yes i verified sent my id to h mods it put a ling at the title bu forgot to censor my id so i erased besides all this atention make me nervous. Vamos qe si soy cuban creeme.

Throwaway1Il3 karma

I was in cuba 2 years ago and we were able to rent a chinese car. I was wondering if it is possible (in theory) for cuban citizens to buy an imported car or does having the money for a car most of the time already mean that you have the special privilege of buying certain items like cars?

Saickyo6 karma

cmon we are notNort Korea yes is posible but phew peope have the money to do tha most of te cars are very old most o them ae usians ladas ore chevrlets we re famous for ou old cars.

grey_mouser2 karma

Hi Jesus. Are the reports of your resurrection true? Also, can you turn water into wine?

Saickyo9 karma

Yes you got me and yes i can do that but why waste water turning it into wie when yu can turn it into beer btw you have a brain tumor sorry is in my father's great plan no hard feelings :)

TraviZ061 karma

Is their prostitution? If I visited, how easily could I find a female companion for the night and how much would it be?

Saickyo4 karma

Yes is legal but still exist howeasy well i lost my virginity for a cigar box she wasnt a prostitute but you get the idea girls here are very horny you cant get laid if you have at least 30 dolllars give on guirl 500 and she wll e yours for all the week.

TraviZ064 karma

Oh heck yes I know where my next vacation is

Saickyo5 karma

im glad to hear that.

piscli1 karma

Do you wish to leave Cuba once you finish your degree? What percentage of people would leave the country if they’d have the means?

Saickyo6 karma

Yes i nt to travel o othher coutrys, phew people can travel to another countrys because the visa is hard o get and the lain tickets are too expensive but fotunately enough if i finish my medicin career i culd travel to some county to do a slidarity mision.

Iwinyoul0se1 karma

Buenas noches hermano, como funciona el ejercito? Todo el mundo tiene que ir?

Saickyo1 karma

Bueno todo el mundo menos las mujeres ylos enfermos cronicos , el servicio dura slo un año pero igual es un incordio, hace poco habia na ley que t permitia esquivar el ervicio militar si obtenias una bca e medicina pero este mismo año la retiraron.

streetsworth1 karma

My and my SO have plans of going to Havana next month for our anniversary, anything that we should know before we go? Tips and advice you suggest we should know?

Saickyo6 karma

IDK we have good food, god beache and good bitches so if SO means boyfriend or someting keep an eye on him if not and you or he are maes enjoy them.

SinusMonstrum1 karma

Do you regret using your rare privilege to visit reddit?

Saickyo11 karma

Nope, nope at all.

piscli1 karma

Can you describe how dissatisfied is Cuban people about their life? I heard that most people live in bad conditions but they just think it’s normal for everyone around the world.

Saickyo2 karma

"I heard that most people live in bad conditions but they just think it’s normal for everyone around the world." Prtty acurrate descriptio a better one will be most people live in bad conditions but they just think it could be worst so most eople just dont give a uck at let the things stay as they are.

CanthinkofOneBud1 karma

Why are there only a few with internet access in Cuba?

Saickyo1 karma

Well everyone have acces but it cost 1 dollar per hour i am one of the lucky ones with free acces.

Marzipanschoko-6 karma

Why are you lying? EVERYONE in Cuba has Internet aces, it just cost a lot for Cubans, although you see a lot of people in the WiFi parks. And it is not restricted from 7 am to 7 pm, when I visited a friend there I went there at 8 pm.

The internet is not heavily restricted, a lot of people i know, use Facebook and I chat with two of them trough Facebook messenger. I discuss politics with one of them, how the burocrats are traitors to the revolution and what not, although in German.

Saickyo25 karma

Shit you are rue i thing i made mistake with the title.Yes every citizen have acces to internet but it cost to much and nobody is wiling to do a ama here when i said i had internet acces from 7:00pm to 7:00 ami mean that ihave free acces in my uni from fro 7:00 am to 7:00pm you should read this post a bit more but i till apologize for the misunderstanding.