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How often to people fart? It happened to me once, and I was mortified. I was trying to roll over so she could do my behind, and it just came out. She wasn't like, near it at all. But it was audible. I feel like it must happen because you are naked and moving around and there's nowhere for it to go, but I felt SO EMBARASSED and SO AWKWARD.

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Can you explain why a social media presence negates that they have a pimp? I would think a pimp could just as easily tell someone they need to have twitter because it gets more clients?

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Is there a difference between the quality of medical care for Cubans compared to tourists? If so, what kind of differences?

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Also, I like to point out that many universal healthcare systems in the world are actually multi-payer and have plenty of private insurers (Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, to name a few), but ALL of their insurers are required to be non-profit. We talked a lot about potentially going single payer in the US, but I would say probably are (edit: our) biggest problem isn’t number of payers or who the payers are (government or private), but that we still have for-profit health insurance. I would imagine having some for-profit and some non-profit actually diminishes a bit of the power of a non-profit because they have to compete with the for-profit insurers to stay open for business. Regardless of what healthcare system the US one day decides to adopt, the for-profit insurance industry will have to be one of the main things to go. Of course, lobbying makes that very, very hard.

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Um, can I get an ELI5 of this?