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How often to people fart? It happened to me once, and I was mortified. I was trying to roll over so she could do my behind, and it just came out. She wasn't like, near it at all. But it was audible. I feel like it must happen because you are naked and moving around and there's nowhere for it to go, but I felt SO EMBARASSED and SO AWKWARD.

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Can you explain why a social media presence negates that they have a pimp? I would think a pimp could just as easily tell someone they need to have twitter because it gets more clients?

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Is there a difference between the quality of medical care for Cubans compared to tourists? If so, what kind of differences?

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Um, can I get an ELI5 of this?

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After a couple minutes of floating to get over cold shock, would it then be okay to try and swim for it? Unless I had reason to believe that someone knew I fell in and was coming to get me, I would think my only option would be to swim to land (unless I’m in the middle of the Atlantic or something). I imagine swimming would warm you up a bit from the physical activity? But then I imagine there is a balance between warming up from the swimming to expending all your energy. Is it better to try to non stop swim or to take breaks?