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What's the music scene like there? I'm obsessed with music so I'm very interested in what is popular there at this moment.

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This actually sounds like a cool idea.

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I am intending on hiking from Kentucky to Iowa, then to California in the spring to see family I haven't seen in over a decade. Any advice you can give?

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I'm looking to kill a years worth of time, if not longer.

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I'm still looking into the route to get there. This is something I've been thinking about in the past couple weeks and I cannot seem to get the idea out of my head. I have been walking 10-15 miles a day, and been sticking to a diet of things I could take with me on my hike.

In the past 3 months I had to break up with my husband due to him abusing me, and then a month later my best friend died from brain cancer. Family seems to be the only thing I've got left and I hardly know anyone in my family because I haven't seen anyone since I was a kid. I figured what better way to get there than to walk this country and try to find the beauty in things. I also want to meet other musicians on the road, learn from them, and busk around where I can.

Any advice on what I should be doing for training and diet?