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It's a matter of life an death. You need to tell someone how to fly a helicopter in 100 words or less. They are 20 miles off shore and their radio/phone/communication network is about to disconnect. What do you tell them in order that they might figure things out and safely land the helicopter?

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Buying an ama isn't going to give them immunity from Woody Harrelson type fuckups and being called out on bullshit.

That's what the new-and-improved mods are for --- keeping shitty celebrities safe from the scrutiny of the unwashed masses.

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Actually, prostitutes aren't necessarily, at all, seeking pleasure. Rather, they are seeking money or are being compelled to prostitute themselves for other reasons.

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What do you think about people who openly boast (or lead people to believe) that they are currently involved in the mafia?

Stupid? Full of shit? Undercover agents? Some combination? Or what?